Did somebody say Vince Dooley never had any overrated teams?

Georgia teams that don’t live up to the preseason hype – that’s a common complaint about Richt, I seem to recall a recent GTP comment that such things never happened under Dooley.

Au contraire, my friend.


Georgia’s highest preseason football rankings in program history:


No. 1 // 2008 // 10-3 // (No. 13)

No. 3 // 2004 // 10-2 // (No. 7)

No. 6 // 2012 // ?? // ??

No. 6 // 1967 // 7-4 // (Unranked)

No. 7 // 1982 // 11-1 // (No. 4)

No. 8 // 1969 // 5-5-1 // (Unranked)

Going from top ten to unranked is about as overrated as you can get.  Even Richt has managed to avoid that fate so far.


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6 responses to “Did somebody say Vince Dooley never had any overrated teams?

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Here comes the “yeah, but” I assume you expected….how do they stack up in unranked to number, by God, one years?

    I blame the internet.

  2. ChicagoDawg

    Damn it, those pesky facts again.

  3. LRGK9

    Dorothy, pay no attention to those men behind (the internet) curtain…

  4. Macallanlover

    Underrated/overrated is tough to take seriously since pre-season polls are garbage but it is the only way to determine success or failure of how a team performs versus what is expected. The longest compilation of all CFB teams I have seen dates back to 1989 and shows UGA to be pretty neutral. Not surprisingly it shows Notre Dame as the biggest failure against pre-season ratings, who woulda thunk that?