Five words of snark

So, what do you think is meant by this header?


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11 responses to “Five words of snark

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t know Senator. What do you think it means? Hmmmm?


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    What does the headline mean? That there is at least one newspaper in the world that like accurate headlines?


  3. LRGK9

    Winning opens wallets…

    Interesting tidbit on the Columbia west school:
    “In comparison, Missouri’s Memorial Stadium was, on average, 87.5 percent full last season, which would have put the school ahead of only Vanderbilt. Now, that figure is expected to rise significantly this season, Missouri’s first in the SEC, because the school has sold out of season tickets (roughly 46,500 of them) for the first time in history.”


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    SC has to expand to build a trophy case for all their pre-season championships and moral victories.


  5. Mudcat's Impala....

    OT but… If you’ve been to Mizzou’s tigerboard they are pretty freakin’ arrogant & smarmy (think Vandy fan crossed with GT fan) & convinced they are gonna best UGA (which they well may do). I really hope we shut ’em down…


  6. 79Dawg

    Apparently the story was originally in the Kansas-City Star. There is a link in the ESPN SEC blog to the original, which story which says “Even less successful SEC teams have big stadiums…” Even better!


  7. Cojones

    The Championship tally was sad to me. In my ignorance, I couldn’t fathom what an equestrian “hunt seat” was , but saw they were Women’s champs three times at it. With the other two equestrian and outdoor track, that brought the Women’s totals to 6 out of 8 championships. Since the other two were in baseball, it leads me to ask: When did they start a championship for women in baseball?

    Do you mean to tell me that they had zero National Championships for any sport before 2002? Holy Smokes, they could have been tossing Zero Bars onto every SC school athletic field before then. Are they expanding to a ginormus stadium to have a larger “hunt seat” site? Jus askin’.


    • Governor Milledge

      It would probably be an equally exhaustive list in counting up the number of conference championships as a program… For instance, they have 4 Conference USA/Metro Conference titles in Men’s Soccer since 1978


  8. Hackerdog

    It looks to be a corollary to Mandel’s “Montana test.” As in, even people in Kansas City know about South Carolina’s lack of success.