Why do the heathen rage?

Admittedly, I’ve been a little slack taking you guys through the fever swamps of opposing schools’ message boards lately, but I’ve got a couple of threads you may find amusing.

First from Vanderbilt’s Scout board, someone asks the musical question “Why do we hate UGA so much right now?”.  Honestly, I’m still trying to get over the concept of why they hate Georgia at all, but I digress.  Winning comment:  “Franklin stood up to them and they were offended. Add on the fact that he’s African American, and you’ve got a lot of hidden racism bubbling to the surface, although the largely white fan base would never admit it.”  Unlike, say, Vandy’s largely white fan base…

Okay, if that was surprising, there’s nothing like going home to Stingtalk, where you can always count on whatever amount of logic twisting is necessary to show that anything that happens in Athens is good for Georgia Tech.  So you can imagine the wisdom spewed forth over twelve pages in response to this:  “Anyone else like that GA SOUTHERN plays UGA the week before us?”.  The gist of why it’s good, I gather, is because it will give Paul Johnson a look at how Grantham defends the triple option.  It’s not until the seventh page of the thread that someone points out Johnson’s seen how Grantham defends the triple option twice already.

You gotta love ’em.


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51 responses to “Why do the heathen rage?

  1. fetch

    I particularly like how they think our team is full of ‘thugs’, yet our fans are ‘racist’ because their coach is black.


  2. fetch

    Does anyone else feel like Stingtalk would blow up if GSU does better against us than GT does? 🙂


  3. Irishdawg

    Oh, kiss my taint, Vandy fans, with your racial outrage bullshit. Georgia fans don’t care one whit that Franklin’s black, they care that he’s a cheap shot teaching asshole. Half of UGA’s coaching staff is black for fuck’s sake.

    Please, Evil Richt, hang 60 points on both these teams this year, I’ll buy you a DOUBLE scoop ice cream at Hodgeson’s, I promise.


  4. Scott W.

    As if cut blocking is good behavior.


  5. MenloDawg

    James Franklin is an African-American?


  6. Sanford222view

    As a Vanderbilt graduate I can honestly say I have zero hate for UGA and plenty for the pathetic excuse of a fan base that supports the Commodores.


  7. I’ll mention GT has never (to my memory) played Georgia Southern.
    I would love to see how PJ would defend against the triple option with GT’s defense. I suspect that PJ would NOT like what he saw. You can bet he would be looking at the film of UGA/GT to learn something.


  8. Blinding Whiff

    Yeah, remember how we Georgia fans hated on Mississippi State during Sylvester Croom’s tenure, while at the same time were all snuggled up with our largely white buddies Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Tommy Tuberville and especially Steve Spurrier.


  9. Fuelk2

    I didn’t realize that Persia was in Africa. I suck at geography.

    Also, GT fans should see a silver lining to our playing Southern just before them. Their cut blocks injure defenders just like Tech’s. I dint much like playing both of them just before a potential SECC for that reason.


  10. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    It must be said though, there are too many Georgia message boards (most prominently UGASPORTS.com) where racist comments go unchecked by either moderators or other posters. While this isn’t the majority view, it doesn’t project the best image of us as fans.


    • Sadly, that isn’t confined to UGA fans so much as it is to idiotic racists. And, if I’ve learned anything in my life, it’s that idiotic racists aren’t one team’s cross to bare. We’ve all got our share of morons and racists.


    • gastr1

      Early Curly begs to differ. He ain’t never hated on nobody because of their four-legged ambulatory deviance.


  11. ctfain

    Wait, who’s black? James Franklin? I think if I gave a shit my mind would be blown.

    Overall, I say we might as well hate vandy. We hate pretty much everyone else.


  12. jaxdawg

    Vandy’s anger is just a reflection of their bitterness of having a pitiful football program combined with an education that offers much less value than that of UGA. I guess I’d be pissed knowing I spent $50,000 per year and still couldn’t get a job upon graduating.


  13. charlottedawg

    I guess the response to “why do we hate UGA so much is?” is “When did Vandy become the new Tech?”


  14. Rebar

    Isn’t it a little ironic for the Vandy crowd to call us thugs, but they never mention their lineman who threw the cheap shot that got everyones blood boiling; thought you had to be smart to go to Vandy, or maybe I don’t understand irony.


  15. Mudcat's Impala....

    I liked the Poll over on stingtalk…

    Question… Most important to you in the upcoming season….
    beat uga… 62 votes… 72.09%
    win acc… 17 votes… 19.77%
    win bowl… 7 votes… 8.14%



  16. Ed Kilgore

    Don’t know how many readers understand the allusions in this post’s headline, referring to (1) the LONG paid-ad column that appeared weekly in the AJC back in the day (I remember it from the 60s, but don’t know when it finally expired) full of religious and political craziness, which in turn, I am sure, inspired (2) the Guadalcanal Diary song of that same name. Outstanding, Senator!


  17. hey ergo

    First, that Difference between the Vandy and GT boards is staggering. There are actually some reasonable, clear headed fans in that thread. That’s not something you could ever say about Stingtalk.

    Second… Coach Franklin is black?


  18. The Lone Stranger

    Do the Dawgs truly need another Rival to obsess over? It is getting exhausting what with the 4-5 regulars in the rotation, and now toss in Vandy. Plus, I suppose the Commodore fans actually believe that 2-6 in the conference confers some measure of braggadicio to them. Well, well … Sept. 22 will be very edgy by my lights.


  19. rugbydawg79

    I doubt if a majority of the Vandy fan base hates us-when you have fla,sc, and Tenn to hate on –and I did not know their coach was Black-and I do not care what color he is !


  20. Comin' Down The Track

    Name checking REM, Flannery O’Connor and King David all in one fell swoop… aaaaannnnnd blending both nerd fan bases into one still very undersized nerd fanbase. Nice one, Senator.


  21. Macallanlover

    I thought Vandy students/fans were supposed to be intelligent? Like other fools who see racists behind every tree when they don’t agree with them, they are clueless. Wonder if they think we hate our coaches (present and past), along with many of our players in Red and black, just because of their skin color? You might want to think before opening your ignorant mouths.

    You see, we don’t hate Franklin because of his skin pigmentation, nor where his ancestors come from, we just hate ass holes. Especially those who get out of line and try to discipline OUR players publicly when he has a thug punk on his own team taking cheap shots to the back of our lineman’s knees. Clean up your own house. CMR does just fine making sure the UGA players who get out of line are disciplined, he doesn’t need any help from a mouthy young coach who seems to have problems both winning and demonstrating class.


  22. Stoopnagle

    Never thought I’d see the day when Vanderbilt’s coach inspired stronger feelings than UT’s!


  23. Governor Milledge

    Even more interesting is only one poster replies to the note that Grantham has shown his hand on the TO before.

    The rest of the nerd hoard skips right over that and starts talking about GT potential yardage/points scored.


  24. WH

    The answer to the question is not that hard, Vandy fans…

    Why do you hate UGA so much now? Because you now have a coach who 1) knows how to recruit, 2) understands how crucial the state of Georgia is to his success, 3) knows he has to start beating the flagship program for visibility and as a recruiting tool in the state of Georgia, and 4) is willing to do what is necessary to win those games.

    The results of the above caused an altercation at the end of last years game, but that’s hardly why you hate UGA. You hate UGA because James Franklin knows UGA stands between him and success. Franklin NEEDS the win over UGA more now for his long-term success than any other. Does he want to be UTk? Sure. But when it comes to National Signing Day, James Franklin wants to be sitting in his war room with the knowledge that he beat UGA on the field that year so he can beat them on the fax machine when the LOIs roll in.

    You hate UGA because James Franklin HATES LOSING to UGA and he’s succeeded in transferring that hatred to you. See you in September.


  25. G Marmalarde

    Bring em’ on


  26. The genius that posits that UGA is like the Soviets in Cold War era clashes between the USA and Soviet subs by using the rational that “UGA’s color is red” gets my hat tip for craziest comment. I’m used to the charges of racism, which in many cases are true (of all football teams, lets not kid ourselves), but accusing us of being communists? Vandy’s nickname is the “Commies”. That guy has got some brass ones.


  27. dawgfan17

    Vandy has fans? Couldn’t tell it from watching their home games. Good for them.


  28. RocketDawg

    Ironically enough I used to attend Vandy games on a regular basis when I lived in NashVegas and the Vandy fans (both of them) were outnumbered by visiting fans every game. When they played UT in Nashville it was like when we play the Nerds in Atlanta, the whole stadium was Dreamsicle Urnge and White.


  29. Bulldog Joe

    “Unlike, say, Vandy’s largely white fan base…”

    I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the words “Vandy”, “large”, and “fan base” used in the same sentence.

    A milestone, of sorts.


    • Puffdawg

      I believe this is the first time I’ve seen the words “Vandy” , “large”, and “fan base” used in the same sentence.