One sign that you may have quarterback issues

… is when you make noises like this:

Florida coach Will Muschamp said he might have an announcement on the Gators’ starting quarterback Monday.

It’s possible he’ll have to do it again the following Monday, and the Monday after that, and the Monday after that …

The competition between Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett is so close that even if Muschamp were to pick a winner and announce it at his weekly news conference on Monday, there’s no guarantee that player would be the starter for the following week. The competition could become a weekly thing that stretches the entire season.

Of course, maybe it’s just the case that both have been so good in the preseason… yeah, we could totally see that coming.


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18 responses to “One sign that you may have quarterback issues

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sure they’re a regular Wally Woodham and Jimmy Jordan. Look out Danny, your legacy is in danger.


  2. If you have two QB’s, you don’t have one. If both are that good, you pick one horse to ride, because you aren’t really all that concerned about alienating the other if you have a stud already. Since neither is a stud, you have to make them think the QB competition is still up for grabs weeks into the season so neither gets his panties in a wad and causes a disturbance on the team.

    Muschamp may have inherited some shoddy recruiting and a team full of prima donnas from Corch, but it appears he is running the Florida program into the ground… just like a good Georgia alum should. Long live the Muschamp.


    • Dog in Fla

      Thought he inherited a track team armed with semi-automatics. Notwithstanding the bad deal that he got from Irwin, Boomother***ker could be the Second Coming of OBC insofar as his care and treatment of quarterbacks is concerned so this will not be something new to Hogtown


    • The Lone Stranger

      And the Dawg Illuminati nods vigorously.


    • Cojones

      Trey, you consistently make too much sense out of logic. Good Dawg! Pat, pat.


  3. Spike

    Transfer time….


  4. fuelk2

    For a preview of UF’s offense this year, watch the Texas offense from last year. No settled QB, a new Boise State product at OC who employs a lot of motion, no playmakers at WR to speak of. Texas did have better RBs and faced defenses who weren’t really geared to stop what they were doing at times.

    So, in conclusion, I don’t expect much from the UF offense this year.


    • AusDawg85

      Great point. And where was Boom last before being called “home”?


    • Cojones

      It ain’t their O they are banking on. Haven’t you heard about their D yet? They don’t need no stinkin’ O this year.

      Methinks they’ve had their finger up their orifice so long as to get a pleasure from pulling it out just to smell it.


  5. Cosmic Dawg

    Man, reading stuff like this is so awesome…it’s like a big bowl of ice cream. Whatever happens, I’m pretty sure neither 46% comp QB will make such strides as to become a superstar this year.


  6. JAX

    Their D will be stellar, and could better if not for the loss of Ronald Powell. Watch the D keep them in games while the offense struggles to do anything. Then at some point the D, suffering from frustration, injuries, and excessive playing time, will just say F it and the whole season will go straight to hell. And it couldn’t happen to a more arrogant bunch of cocksuckers in this world.


  7. Mike

    I fear the Mighty Gators are headed toward a dreaded two QB year. Only one coach was able to be extremely successful with that issue, and he is no longer prowling the Gator sideline. We are going to find out a lot about Pease in the first three games.


    • Normaltown Mike

      “Only one coach was able to be extremely successful with that issue”

      You mean Ron Zook, right?

      Then one of these guys needs to be the back up QB AND punter AND Wide Receiver.


    • charlottedawg

      to be fair Urban beat us rotating Brantley, Reed, and Burton at QB in 2010