You asked… I’ll answer (without blaming Bobo).

Okay, so Tyler wasn’t directing this question at anybody in particular…

Someone tell me why we need to be worried about the receivers. I want more than “Bobo will screw this up” or “We don’t use receivers well” or “START HUDSON MASON.”

but I thought I’d give it a brief shot.

Here’s the thing:  in terms of catch rate, Aaron Murray is losing his two best targets from 2011.  Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t other talented receivers on the roster, but when your quarterback is shooting for a 70% completion rate, losing the most sure-handed options in the receiving corps sure doesn’t make things easier.  Will somebody or three step up?  We all hope so.


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  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I blame Bobo….(sorry)

  2. Castleberry

    I’m wondering if the misspelling of Hutson was meant as a slight to anyone who would ask the question. I would ask over there, but they don’t get too many comments these days.

    • Because the good folks don’t bother to comment……

    • And it was intentional…..

      • Castleberry

        Thanks. I wasn’t worried about the position group because there were others I was more concerned about.

        • No doubt. I just had an interesting conversation with someone who I consider a fairly knowledgeable and reasonable fan. He was beside himself about the receiver situation. Just couldn’t grasp it, especially since OL depth and RB experience/consistency is a much bigger concern.

          • Raleigh St. Clair

            I think the main concern is the seeming lack of explosiveness of offense, from either wide receiver or running back.

            You can see it maybe at RB with the young guys, but there is no one among the wide receivers who seems like a the home run or playmaker sort.

            The group seems like a collection of “solid” players, but no one to scheme against on defense.

            I’m worried about the offense as a whole.

            • Rob

              Scott-Wesley is home run threat, king deep threat, marlon brown physical mismatch, Bennett sure handed possession receiver… All of these create a heck of a WR crew and a lot of problems for opposing Ds….also I’m wondering why everyone is so worried about explosiveness and home run potential. Look at patriots they just are solid everywhere and are always around and even more closely related are all the Dooley teams where a great defense and a power offense featuring a 5 yard a carry pound you into ground RB(vintage Boo and Samuel) led to dominant teams.

            • IveyLeaguer

              I think you’re seeing it right. Our WR corps is not going to scare ANYBODY, I mean we have to get real. Add Mitchell, and it certainly helps, but even then it not going to make opponents sweat. TE .. well Lynch, hopefully, will be solid, but that’s about all we got.

              Our real offensive threat comes from the RB position, and not from Malcome and certainly not Samuel. The only real offensive threats we have are the two freshmen TB’s.

              Now this freshman duo could very well be something special. If they are the bombs I think they are, they’ll open up things for the WR’s, making their jobs a lot easier, assuming they are solid in what they are doing.

              So our offense has potential, and we can be hopeful the OL will be adequate enough to allow these things to happen. And we have to hope our coaching doesn’t hold us back in any way, because like or not, that remains an unknown entity.

              Add in the fact that we haven’t had any out-of-the-box success with this OC, and there’s plenty to worry about in September, in terms of offense.

  3. AusDawg85

    Because they still haven’t sold their Outback Bowl jerseys?

    • Gravidy

      Don’t be so sure. If they did, the NCAA wouldn’t tell us about it until noon on September 1st.

  4. Derek

    I’d be more worried about the fact that we may only be 2 deep on the o-line. I don’t mean 2 units either. I mean 2 legit, experienced offensive lineman. I’m not sold on Lee or Andrews and Theus hasn’t taken an sec snap. After those guys we have a guy that could not hold off a freshman. After watts apparently we just stick our heads between our knees and kiss our asses goodbye.

    Anyway, of the places to worry about I’d say OL then special teams, then db’s, then rb’s. In any event the reciever position is way down the list of concerns.

    • I don’t think that’s the question being posed. I don’t think receiver is as big a worry as OL or special teams either. I’m just pointing out that there’s something there to worry about, if you’re inclined to give your inner Munson a little workout.

      • Derek

        There’s always something to worry about if your a Georgia fan. The last time I knew I had nothing to worry about I was at the superdome. Mark may is an idiot.

  5. King Jericho

    I think saying we’re “losing” Malcolm Mitchell might be a little much. It’s really just a short-term loan unless I missed something. And we should have a better idea of how needed he is on offense well before we play a defense I’m actually concerned of us scoring points on.

    • He’s no longer a full-time offensive player. And if I’m reading the Grantham smoke signals correctly, I think there’s going to be a helluva fight before he’s one again.

      • Cojones

        And why would that be if the coaches didn’t think the WR group isn’t strong enough? I agree with you that Grantham is going to try to keep him, but it certainly wouldn’t happen if there was a bigger concern among coaches about the WR position.

        Is everyone trying hard to ignore Tavarres’s last game against a good team? Ignoring Marlon Brown, Wooten, Bennett and company is foolish. Creating a problem where perfection doesn’t exist is rampant again. Try assessing all college WR corps negatively and see what you come up with.

  6. Senator, this was exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. I keep trying to get my head around the decision to put MM on the defense. I don’t think it is merely need; rather it is a belief he can be more productive as a CB who steps in Boykin style and brings something new to the offense…if he will be utilized that way.

    Either that or Grantham is a much better salesman than Bobo.

    • MGW

      If Michael Bennett had one more target last year (had 49; took 50 to be eligible), he’d have ranked 6th overall on that list with 65.3%; right behind Orson Charles.

      Well, 66% and still 6th if he caught it, 64% and still only 10th behind Emory Blake if he didn’t.

      • Bennett’s not the one I worry about. In fact, I expect his numbers to jump this season.

        King is the one who really needs to step it up. He was Murray’s #1 target by a wide margin and his catch rate was mediocre.

        • MGW

          Yep. Not what I was expecting to see from King on that list. He’s always seemed more dependable than that to me.

          • I remember a lot of games from last year when Murray and King didn’t seem to be on the same page. Even the bowl game, which I hope was King’s breakout moment, had a couple of whiffs (one of which led to a costly pick).

            Considering how long each has been in the program, it’s a little strange.

            • MGW

              I’m stuck on that 10+ list. It shows where each player ranks on his team in terms of number of targets. Very interesting to compare the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 guys to see a little about the teams’ depth.

              Also, that makes 42 King targets that fell incomplete or worse. That’s a whole lot of plays.

        • MGW

          Correction; it would have put Bennet just AHEAD of Emory Blake if he missed the 50th target.

          Also, Chris Conley at 16/26 put him at 61.50%. Very small sample size, but that would have also put him ahead of Emory Blake at 10 if he kept up that pace. Could be said of lots of guys on that 10 minimum list, but still, he was pretty dependable when given his chances.

          But still, King IS the go to guy, and that connection needs to improve.

      • MGW

        Didn’t mean to post that as a reply.

  7. I think we have a lot of potential at receiver. TK is a player and can stretch the field. MM will play more on offense after the return of Commings. Conley and Bennett proved their worth last year. Hopefully, Scott-Wesley can be a guy who can stretch the field. I’m more worried about replacing Charles and White to keep teams from playing two deep safeties in cover 2 on the outside.

  8. Rebar

    Oh, I don’t know? At the beginning of last year, no one knew what Mithcell and Bennet and Conley would do, and that worked out alright. I don’t think WR is anything to worry about.

    • TCD

      Agreed. Wide Receiver was supposed to be a huge weakness last year and it turned into a strength. I feel better about the players this year than I did before last season, regardless of Mitchell’s uncertain future on offense.

    • adam

      I think that’s because Tony Ball is really good.

      I’m not worried about the receivers.

  9. IveyLeaguer

    IMO, we have a chance to be good at receiver, but probably not great. That’s because we don’t have any great receivers. I suspect Conley has all-star potential. TK has a chance for a great year, if he can step it up to another level.
    But as a unit, I’d say we are about average to good, overall. With a chance to be a good receiving corps, good enough to reach our goals.

    • Jrod1229

      As Rebar said above.. how do you know we don’t? We didn’t know what we were getting in MM last year and now he’s all anyone can talk about.

      I’m throwing my weight behind Brown to finally have his breakout year. We’ll see. I bet they feed him the rock a ton in that first game though to get him some confidence.

      • IveyLeaguer

        Fair question … I don’t know, of course. Just trying to give an objective opinion, based on what we know at this point.

        Brown could indeed finally come out, Wooten could come out/stay healthy, Bennett could take it to the next level, and so on. It’s just that’s a lot of if’s. And it seems we need to play as least as well as we did last year just to get the job done.

        Looks like Brown will be getting balls, he led in catches today. So we’ll see what he does with them and how he handles it.

        • Dawgaholic

          We’re better at receiver than we were in 2005 or 2007. Yes, I realize Momass was on both those teams but we’ve got a better all around group now – and a better RB coach than in 05😉

  10. I really think TK will step it up this year, Marlon I’m not as confident about. Malcom Mitchell not being our star wide receiver is what scares me. He has a tremendous amount of skill. While I don’t doubt he’ll be great on defense, our defense is stout without him. I want him on the offensive side doing his best AJ Green impression. I’m also very concerned about not starting Gurley. Everyone says he’s amazing the team. All the stats say he’s dominating the scrimmages. So why is Boo named the starting RB? I really think TG is a game changer. His highlight

    • Sorry, damn touchhouse screen phone . His highlight tapes are amazing. But I’m sure the coaches see something we don’t. I just remember CMR saying how much he regrets underutilizing Moreno and could see that happening again. Enough of that. One more question, anyone know what’s going on with the guys over at Bubba-N-Earl? I love that blog but no new posts since May when they started the countdown. Anyways, Go Dawgs! If y’all are headed to the Mizzou game, let’s meet up for drinks!

      • mwo

        I know this is going to sound like a cliche, and I certainly don’t want to make any comparisons, but Herschel didn’t start either.

      • Jrod1229

        Gurley may be a gamechanger.. but I put less than no stock in scrimmage stats (especially against our scout team). To me it’s clear that this isn’t a situation of seniority or RS3 would be taking the snaps and thats not the case (love the guy, but isn’t cut out to be a full time RB). Boo showed he can handle the load and move the the chains in the SEC Championship game. I’m OK with him getting the nod. It won’t really matter anyways, they’re gonna use them all and get their feet wet early.

    • Rob

      If you look at the scrimmage stats it’s not that big of difference between gurley and boo and a lot of gurleys yards came on big runs that skews stats a little. UGA football is based on having a consistent back to lean on on first and second downs. We also need our best blocking on the field and that’s boo. Gurley and KM will get their carries but when it comes to starting that is earned by consistency and blocking and that’s what boo has done

  11. Cojones

    Jrod1229 and Rob get the Cojones Award for most rational fans.

  12. Excuse me for bringing this up, but unless the inclusion of Orsen Charles in the list of returning receivers was inserted to test your readers acumen, it is a glaring error. He will be playing in the NFL this year. His replacement is T. Lynch who has hardly put his hands on the ball in a game situation. Still, being a former Bulldog receiver, I like the heck out of our receiving corps. Conley & Bennet have very sure hands and can elevate to grab errant throws. The new addition, Justin Scott Wesley can really motor and will put pressure on any defense deep. TK and Marlon have the potential to be stars at the next level. I believe Marlon will have a monster year. Then there is MM who has an uncanny ability to find open space and do something with the ball once it in his hands, provided, of course, Grantham will let him play O for a few plays. Please, I doubt there is a better six rotation in the SEC and perhaps the nation.