Archie Manning blames Mike Bobo.

The nerve.

The Manning trio was impressed with Murray’s quarterback skills. “He really threw the ball well,” Archie continued. “You can tell he has been well coached. He also has excellent communication skills, which are very important for a quarterback.”  [Emphasis added.]



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    Seriously, I hope Aaron has a monster year on the scoreboard. He seem to embody what it means to be a student-athlete. GATA, AM!


  2. Couple these remarks with a great year in ’12, and I fear AM will be a sweet memory in ’13. If he bolts, I’ll blame Archie.


    • stoopnagle

      I think his size and arm strength will keep him here in ’13. And I’m happy about it.


      • Hackerdog

        Exactly. 6’1″ quarterbacks aren’t drafted in early rounds. Hell, Kellen Moore wasn’t drafted at all.


        • Macallanlover

          That seems to be a big mistake to me, he is so smart, disciplined and accurate. Watched Chase Daniel run that NO offense the other night and he looked very effective with the short passing offense. (yeah, I don’t watch the NFL unless it rains, or the CFB season is over, but I steal a few minutes in pre-season just because I cannot wait until Labor day weekend for the main event.


    • The Tick

      I’ve long believed he will stay … it’s a cultural thang, doncha know


  3. lrgk9

    Let’s hope we have that problem !


  4. BOBO is no doubt a good QB coach, but it is his OC role which makes the QB look like a BBQ at the end.


  5. JT

    yep, Bobo sux, he only scored the 2nd most points angainst USCe last year second to Ark. The problem is not Bobo, in that offense you have to be able to run the ball, if not your a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.


    • Dawgsense

      Yep, when you can’t run in a pro style offense, it makes things very difficult on the OC.


      • I was in the Arena once and caught a little red football from C&S Bank

        Running stats are further diminished on 1st & Bomb and 3rd & Carlton.


  6. William

    Thanks JT, that was funny, I don’t care who you are!


  7. Todd

    When does a good OC realize the running game is not there and start to change what he does? Bobo can call a good game, but the trouble comes when he tries something different and it doesn’t work. Prepare for mass conservative calling there after. Hence, the bomb and then 3rd and Carlton. Mainly it is the rest of the game. If he gets neutered early, hang it up. I still say 3 TEs would have been a tremendous wrinkle to last year’s offense.
    Hell, I always thought Peyton Manning had happy feet too. He has always had the luxury of a good OLine. I wonder if they had Clowney or Ingram blitzing at the Manning camp? No doubt he can make the throws, but can he do it under pressure without shitting his pants. That is the million dollar question.