Mark Richt lost control of Da’Rick Rogers three years ago.

Now it’s SOD’s turn.

According to an official team statement, All-SEC wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers has been suspended indefinitely due to an undisclosed violation of team rules, and may not see the field again as a Volunteer.

My first thought on hearing the news was that Cordarrelle Patterson must be a decent player, because it’s not like Rogers’ behavior snuck up on anybody in Knoxville.

Last year, multiple sources told CBS colleague Bruce Feldman that there were several incidents in which Rogers crossed the line with Vol coaches and staff, including a “complete meltdown” during UT’s season-ending loss at Kentucky and another episode in the team weight room. The incidents were so troubling to some staffers that they felt head coach Derek Dooley was risking the locker room dynamic by allowing Rogers to remain in the program. Rumors of his pending dismissal, suspension or transfer have been too numerous to count.

And it’s not exactly over yet.

“Doesn’t expect” isn’t quite the same thing as hearing the news that Alabama State has enrolled a former SEC starter.


UPDATE:  As final words go, these are something else.

“We’ve got a mature group,” said quarterback Tyler Bray. “We’ll be fine.”



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61 responses to “Mark Richt lost control of Da’Rick Rogers three years ago.

  1. Merk

    I’m just glad someone on UGA defense was able to light his a** up last year.


  2. tbia

    But the SOB still caught the ball….which is why he got 286 chances, and will be in the NFL one year from today.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    What a fubar!
    Marlon Brown 5 star outta Memphis chooses Georgia over the Hillbillies. UT steals DuhRick and mocks the Dawgs. Who is laughing now? Their JUCO hasn’t played a snap in the SEC and their stud is coming off an ACL. UT goes 7-5. Georgia wins State Football Champs of Tennessee for the second year in a row. SOD requests tutoring session with CMR. Subject: How to pull the trigger on cutting a stud player that just won’t listen and move your team along.” DVD soon.


  4. SlobberKnocker

    So how long until we see Bradley or Shultz write a column about the out of control UT program? (crickets)


  5. DariX is just keepin’ it reeuul!


  6. Debby Balcer

    I am so glad he jilted us. I am sure somehow it will be will be connected to us via Bradley or Schultz.


  7. JG Shellnutt

    Don’t forget about another fella that stole from our locker room, from potential future teammates. But I don’t hear as much about Tennessee’s program being out of control.


  8. Dnndawg

    I remember his senior year high school game against Dalton. I told my wife that I didn’t want him coming to Georgia. Took his helment off while scoring a touchdown along with several other antics.


    • Macallanlover

      I said the same thing to a UT friend who went down to the HS opener with me. He scored the 1st two times he touched the ball and promptly got 2 PF penalties for showboating. I told him I hope dhe never set foot on the UGA campus, we had enough problems. When he pulled his childish switch stunt, he called me and said he had a bad feeling about it. Of course he was involved in the cop stomp before school even started but SOD chose to ignore the warning sign and let him play. Good riddance, the guy will never achieve his potential at any level. Character issues are hard to hide when you are given high profile opportunities. Maybe he and Fairley can be cellmates one day.


  9. Debby Balcer

    SChultz is blaming Kiffen.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Looks like Dreck Rogers is gone.


  11. HobnailedBoots

    Impending Bradley headline: “Former UGA commit suspended indefinitely by team.”


  12. Spike

    “It is always Georgia…”. Any comment from his home boy Nash?


    • He’s busy getting ready for that D-3 powerhouse Hampden-Sydney, while his daddy stays pissed we offered Mason instead.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I feel sorry for Nash Nance. By now he and his father have figured out that he got used to get Da’Prick to sign with UT. I’m sure that they also know who did this to Nash–i.e.SOD. I have seen film of Nash Nance. He actually could have played at Vandy. Instead he signed with UT and rode the pines. He lost a Vanderbilt education and the chance to actually play there and for what? Good luck Nash on your new gig at Hampton-Sydney. And good luck with getting a job when you graduate. You’ll be in so much debt from paying the private school tuition at H-S that you won’t be able to afford grad school. Talk about screwing up.


  13. byuthomas

    And let’s not forget who got Da’Rick’s scholly: Ken Gates. I usually think lady luck doesn’t smile on the Dawgs, but she was looking out for us there, although it didn’t feel like it at the time.


  14. Dog in Fla

    During the stand-up portion of today’s press conference, SOD the Orange will crack wise and say he does not expect Da’Rick to play for Vols this season because of:

    (a.) a Prius;
    (b.) Germans;
    (d.) Bar Knoxville; or
    (d.) Improper Use of a Hose


  15. JAX

    Another thug bites the dust. He’ll be dead or in prison in 5 years.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Ok, I’m on board with the meme but do you really suspect this kid will be dead or in prison. THAT’S heavy. We don’t know what got him punted to the suspension list. Or maybe you do. I suspect it’s a AJ Greene style infraction and like the Senator hinted at…. he might be back. Hey Garcia had 5 chances. BY my count DuhRick has at least one more. SOD hasn’t shown any huevos per punting a malcontent . Why should that change.


      • Dog in Fla

        “dead or in prison.”

        JAX can see into the future. How? The “Thug-Love Magic 8-Ball” available only at fine shopping outlets in Duval County


      • JAX

        I think Garcia and AJ Greene are both in a different league that DaRick, but you’re correct, I’m just speculating. He could become the next Jerry Rice, but I doubt it.


  16. HVL Dawg

    another Greg Reid


  17. wnc dawg

    Jim Tressel knew to blame Bobo two Aprils ago.


  18. IveyLeaguer

    DaRick Rogers for Ken Gates was the best trade ever. Not that Gates is all-world or anything. But we’d be in a mess right now without him.


  19. Spike

    You guys better be careful about what you say about SOD. His mom might be listening.


  20. playoffs are bad

    I blame Dan Wetzel.


  21. What fresh hell is this?

    If stomping someone right into the ICU at Bar Knoxville doesn’t buy you a suspension I wonder what you have to do to get kicked off the team.


  22. fishook dawg

    I’m sure with all the strict displend that Da’Prick has received in the past from Dooley, that he will be back in time for the Florida game in week 3.


  23. fatman48

    That must have been some more serious violation that DuhRick commited, Hell there QB caused property damage by throwing beer bottles at a dumpster, which he didn’t hit (what a maron) and got squadouche. Where is the Justice? I ask you.


  24. AthensHomerDawg

    Da’Rick will suit up for the hedges.


  25. Sanford222view

    ESPN Radio reporting he got suspended for failing a drug test.


  26. shane#1

    I never like to see a kid in trouble even if he wears orange. UGA may be too harsh in their suspensions but maybe sitting out a few games early on would have gotten his attention. You can turn some kids around, some you cannot.


    • Maybe we shouldn’t be thinking of thugs as mere, unruly kids. The old saying that “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel” has a lot of truth to it. If SOD allows this one back on the field, he’s either desperate or dumb or probably both. Same for any team that picks him up….even in the pros.


  27. Cojones

    This just in: Vince Dooley says “DaRick’s departure was the best thing that could ever happen to Tennessee.”.

    In qualifying his remarks, Dooley explained that the dissention that could be caused would be the worst thing that could happen to the team.


    • Cojones

      By the way, I wasn’t pickin’ the channel in the bar, but the Crier was exhorting his tOSU troops the other day and he made reference to players disrespecting their Coach or staff in a way that brought Crowell’s face to view during the SECCG. Am I that paranoid about that bastard Crier still disrespecting our Coach through the media? Nah. He wouldn’t do anything that low. Would he?


  28. The Lone Stranger

    Those Alabama State coaches probably already had old Da’Rick on speed dial, and he is now steaming his way toward Montgomery.


  29. Rebar

    Bejebus! NOW Dooley suspends Da’rick? After loseing damn near all of your assistant coaches last year mainly because of Da’Rick, now you’ve had enough? Dooley needs to get out of coaching.