“We’ll figure it out.”

The good news about Georgia’s kickoff coverage team?  Kirk Olivadotti isn’t a man who sounds like he’s in need of a challenge.

When Kirk Olivadotti found out about college football’s new touchback rules, he went to work. Should the fact a touchback will now be brought out five yards longer, to the 25-yard line, change his kickoff strategy?

Olivadotti , the assistant coach in charge of the Bulldogs’ kickoff coverage, came to a conclusion: No, not really.

The strategy is still going to be to try to boot the kickoff through the end zone, or at least far enough that there is no return.

“To me, a 75-yard drive or an 80-yard drive, that’s still a long way to go,” Olivadotti said.

The bad news?  They’ve still got to get it there and cover it.  That’s been a little spotty so far.

Part of the solution is putting more veterans and starters on kick coverage. Olivadotti said he had winnowed it down to 14 players for the unit, but he would like to expand that, in case of injuries or players not being available as the game goes on. He didn’t break down the veteran-to-freshman breakdown of the unit, but said there were “a couple freshman that will have a chance to be on it,” but may not open the season on the unit.

So far in the preseason, according to Olivadotti , the performance of the kick coverage unit has been “some good, some bad.”

Hoo, boy.


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12 responses to ““We’ll figure it out.”

  1. Dog in Fla

    “Part of the solution is putting more veterans and starters on kick coverage.”

    I wonder why no one (except for maybe Belin) ever thought of that as part of the solution for the first two Five Year Plans prior to Year Two of the Third Five Year Plan


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Veterans and starters on kick coverage is a great way to get veterans and starters injured. Just sayin.’


      • fuelk2

        Or worn out. Or to have a bunch of guys who aren’t really focused on this as a primary job. Preaching to the choir here, but Coach O talks about having 14 guys on this unit. If we were rolling with a full 85, we could have 14 scholarship guys who focus on kickoff coverage as their primary contribution to the team. Would be nice….


  2. DWH

    Can someone PLEASE ask Warren Belin what the hell he did and just replicate that? I can’t for the life of me figure out why this unit is so poor every year.


  3. Kick. The. Ball. Out. Of. The. Endzone. I know Morgan can do this, no problem.