The Montana Project, fifth update

While I appreciate the feedback I got in the last post, I think we’ve been a little ambitious in our reach.  Travis, who actually does this stuff for a living, reminded me that what we’re trying to do isn’t conducive to a man-on-the-street (more accurately, man in the bar) setting.  He’s right.  I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, though.  Per Hoppy,

Saturday Sept. 1st is the first UM Griz game. It starts at 1pm, just about the time the UGA game will be getting over. The bar will be packed with college football/Griz fans for the next three hours. It will be a somewhat older crowd (I predict as it has been in the past). Nonetheless, I think it will be easy to get 100 people in this one location. If I can, I would like to plant myself next to a door and grab people as they come through the door. If I can’t get the prime real estate by the door, I will circulate through the bar.

Let’s face it – people circulating in a Great Falls sports bar wearing UM colors are going to be (1) Montana residents and (2) college football fans.  So I think it’s safe to dispense with the formalities.  Here’s how Hoppy will be approaching this:

We are going to try to keep this as simple and as true to Mandel’s article as possible. That said, we want to keep the video clip in the two minute range. We’ll ask “control” questions, but I don’t think all 100 people will get the Michigan, Song Girls, coaches etc. treatment.  I am only going to use the helmet…No Uga picture.  I received the helmet today. Thanks Big Shock! If I wear it for more than ten seconds, the blood supply to my brain stops…It’s not quite my size.

We’ll get a handle on how many recognize the “G” and on how questionable the rest of Mandel’s assumptions are.  Should be a fun watch.



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9 responses to “The Montana Project, fifth update

  1. I think it will come down to recognizing it as UGA or a communist Green Bay Packers helmet. (As my dawg fan buddy from Minnesota has been accused of).


  2. The other Doug

    The K.I.S.S. method is always the best method.


  3. Chi-town Dawg

    I still think it would be very “enlightening” (Ok, down right hilraious) to do the Uga SI photo vs. Mandel recognition comparison at some point, but maybe that’s part of a second round of interviews depending upon how the first round goes.


    • What does that accomplish? Asking people whether they recognize a mascot whose name and school logo grace the cover of a major magazine, vs a photo of an online sports journalist? The results wouldn’t mean anything, and would only confirm what is obvious. It wouldn’t serve as a put-down for Mandel, since I’m sure he makes no claims nor has any expectation to be more recognizable than Uga.


  4. TomReagan

    In retrospect, I wish we had also sent along a Georgia Southern helmet. I bet at least 70% of Grizzly fans would recognize it, as well — and it’s nothing more than navy w/ numbers and a grey facemask.


  5. Dawgfan Will

    The thing that always struck me as idiotic about Mandel’s criteria to be a “king” of college football is that when I was a “casual” football fan (that is, I watched only Georgia games and did nothing to keep up with any teams during the week), I had no idea who any of his “kings” we’re except the ones that played Georgia, like Alabama and Tennessee. My wife is a casual fan, and she still can’t even tell who Georgia is playing unless I tell her or it happens to pop up on the TV. It’s an asinine way of defining something, and I’m not just saying that because my team was one left out of the kings. Hell, he might as well have said, “Because I said so.”


  6. Cojones

    Since everyone knows the close relationship of Fing Scooters to UGA players and, in their name, we are considering sending our newest dual model to Hoppy and his wife to ride while bar-hoppying with the G in Great Falls.

    Fing’s Longass Scooter is perfect for that couple that are mature enough to want their space. The Fing Longass lines are a subtle graceful nod to our Fing engineers who said they got the idea from a night game in Sanford Stadium. And The Varsity in Atlanta. After getting the model name down pat, the Fing engineers worked 5 more years to draw plans.

    Eventually, we got the Fing Longass Scooter into safety testing which was accomplished by letting Football Team members ride to the stadium to practice and then return. After losing two players and Fing Scooters, the Football coaching staff asked us to end the test. We still don’t know where the players and their Fing Scooters are located. And how the hell can you get lost in such a small distance?

    Please let us know whether this lovely Dawg couple of great spirit and fun would like to finish our safety testing in….. wait a minute!…Great Falls- a perfect testing ground. Depending on how high it is, it may become our low-energy testing site.


  7. Erin

    Check out the article in today’s (8/28) ABH about the hoop dogs in Europe this summer – they mentioned that folks across the sea recognized the Georgia logo.


  8. KennyP

    What ever happened with this? is there an update? ole Stewie seeems to be bashing us more and more in his mailbag…