Steele’s adjusted starters

One thing I appreciate about Phil Steele’s blog is the way he uses it to update information in the magazine that’s become stale due to events after publication.  So in that light, here’s his chart of teams which have lost starters since May.  There are four SEC schools on the list:  Georgia, LSU, Mississippi and Tennessee.


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  1. The Lone Stranger

    Yeah … ol’ Phil, the consummate number cruncher and distiller of factoids — just recieved my annual complimentary “Power Sweep” he generally sends around to entice the bettor community. I’ve yet to humour him for a season’s worth of handicapping, but it’s a new year … I like Ohio U. on through the year (w/ a probable SU upset over the radioactive PSU) with some selected Dawgs picks sprinkled in at opportune times.
    Reading His Bible, it’s interesting that UGa have been a Home Dog just four times over the past 15 years & twice it’s been vs. the Cocks.
    Dawgs rub out Spurrier this season with an aerial barrage.