A gentle reminder

Just thought I’d mention that the pick ’em pool for the Fabris Invitational is open.  Two of this week’s games are on Thursday, so you have to make those two picks earlier.


UPDATE:  Just so you know, the pick ’em site sends out two reminders – one on Thursday, if there are any Thursday night games in the pool, and one on Friday.  So if you are the kind of person who needs that, don’t turn off your e-mail option.



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13 responses to “A gentle reminder

  1. AusDawg85

    Man those are big spreads for UGA and LSU….


  2. Senator, just to confirm (you’ve probably already explained this so bear with my ignorance), the tiebreaker is going to be a pure “best guess at game score” pick (i.e. we don’t need to consider the spread in that pick)?


  3. The other other Doug

    Made my picks. The tie breaker is the UGA/Buffalo game. I entered in the points for each team then saved. I then tried to print out my picks and the tie breaker game was listed as the Alabama game. Website glitch?


  4. Turd Ferguson

    Any chance you could add a link to the pool in the sidebar to the right? (Unless there’s already a link, and I’m just not seeing it …) Perhaps up near the “Quote of the Day” …?


  5. SouthGa Dawg

    Dang I can’t decide…Fabris Pool or Sack Schultz….Ha, just kidding…screw Schultz