A word is worth a thousand pictures.

Behold, the listed two-deep at quarterback on Florida’s depth chart:

QB 6 Jeff Driskel 6-4 237 So
              OR 12 Jacoby Brissett 6-4 229 So

Yep, that’s how you build a successful SEC offense these days.


UPDATE:  Jeebus, this actually gets dumber as they go along.

Per the Gainesville Sun and other outlets, Muschamp outlined a plan in which one quarterback would play the first quarter, the other would play the second quarter, and which quarterback (or quarterbacks) would play the third and fourth quarters would be decided by the Gator staff at halftime.

If that doesn’t sound indecisive enough, there’s also this: Muschamp said that he and first-year offensive coordinator Brent Pease haven’t even decided which quarterback would get the first-quarter assignment.

And you wonder why coaches from Boise State don’t do as well once they leave.


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63 responses to “A word is worth a thousand pictures.

  1. Spike

    Atta boy, Boom!

  2. HobnailedBoots

    I keep laughing at all these people trying to be unconventional and pick Florida to win the East. Serious question -when was the last time a team that had not decided on it’s quarterback by the time the season arrived won their division in this conference?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Had Newton cleared the financial hurdles at the Au clearinghouse by the first week of September? Can’t quite recall.

    • reipar

      LSU last year maybe?

      • Merk

        They were decided, but the starter got suspended for several games. Big diff having a starter and having them suspended vs not having a starter. Also the 2 QBs had diff styles, pocket passer vs mobile QB. I am not sure Fla has that much of a diff in play style for either QB. Also do not forget that they have a new OC, thus a new playbook/style of play.

        • Terry

          To be fair, the UF qbs (just like the LSU qbs) have very different styles. I believe Driskel was the top rated dual threat qb in his recruiting cycle and brought in by Meyer, whereas Brissett, who is pretty immobile, was a highly regarded drop back passer.

  3. The Lone Stranger

    Umm, maybe they can just snap it directly to Gilleslee and see what happens. I have the distinct sense that these QBs of theirs are a little slow on the uptake and it will hadcuff the Offense generally. Smells like napalm in the morning!

    • Merk

      Why do you think Charlie dipped out after one round. He knew what they had left and it was not going to be easy. Thus he said skrew it and headed out to run another program into the ground because he has Superbowl rings.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Probably very true — I just checked my handy ball schedule and guess what happens to Kansas on Dec. 1: a trip to WVU. While virtually everyone else has adjourned before bowls, KU gets to tangle with the Mounties after a full season of fine-tuning that blistering Offense! Being in Morgantown is bad enough on its own merits but what happened to Clemp-son may be a sweet dream compared to the Jayhawks fate.

  4. The Lone Stranger

    *Derp* “handcuff”

  5. paul

    Uncle Vern, can you say “or?”

  6. If indeed FU has a problem, UGA just hope it stays till the end of October and gets solved by their cock game.

  7. Ed Kilgore

    I dunno, I think the remarkably widespread contempt for the Gators’ prospects may be going a bit too far. Yes, the “Meyer’s Mess” meme helps explain last year, and yes, they have some serious offensive problems. But they’ve also got vast talent (probably the main reason Steele had them winning the East), a HC who is a proven defensive wizard (and who’s in his second year), and significantly lowered expectations. Weis left because he was offered a head coaching job, and won’t be missed at all.

    I’ll be happy to mock the Gators if they are as bad as most of you assume they will be, but would prefer to hold off for a few weeks.

    • Ed, I don’t think Florida is going to be bad, both for the reasons you mention and also for the ones I list in my SEC preview, but I think on offense the Gators are a step behind UGA and USC in the East this season, because they’re on their third OC in three years and have issues at the skill positions.

      • AusDawg85

        Well Boom has clearly brought Mac’s QB management style with him from Texas, so he’s got that working for him. And a guy from Boise no less, too!

    • Dog in Fla

      Ed, I don’t think one can ever go wrong by having remarkably widespread contempt for the Gators regardless of whether they’re good, bad or, like last season, indifferent. For example, the thing I can’t figure out is the exact location where their HC proved himself to be a defensive wizard. I blame Bobo for torching him at Auburn. Granted, and Heaven forbid, if their HC gets a case of the second year charm, it will be bad down here but it was bad down here for a couple of decades already.

    • D.N. Nation

      “a HC who is a proven defensive wizard”

      Will Muschamp-involved defenses against Georgia:

      2004- 45 points allowed
      2006- 37 points allowed
      2007- 45 points allowed
      2011- 24 points allowed (improvement!)

  8. Cojones

    I think it’s a trick so that you can never figure out the spread. Nor the points.

  9. JAX

    Florida returns 10 defensive starters from a D that was ranked top 10 nationally. Now these guys are set for year 2 under the Muschamp system and while I don’t expect much from their offense, they won’t have to score much given the D’s strength. That said, they could look as inept on O as any team in recent memory. The complete antithesis of Meyer, Tebow, and Harvin (and Mullen).

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      And a great defense that has to run back on the field after only four plays and do that over and over is probably going to be pretty ragged by the fourth quarter.

  10. Mike

    I fear this will not end well.

      • Mike

        Well, if Muschamp turns out to be the next coming of Ron Zook, then this might hasten his departure and the hiring of a competent coach, much like the hiring of Meyer.

        • Dog in Fla

          Yes but won’t Bernie Machen be gone by then?

          • Macallanlover

            Yes, other than hating to have to listen to the prick because Florida get slots of media attention, I wouldn’t care if they brought him back, or replaced him with someone just like him. Let Muschump flop and replace him with Meyer, that would be a lot better than Peterson come in and work with Florida recruits. Many of the current problems in UFs offense are due to Meyer. Take away a once in a generation athlete like Tebow and Meyer was pretty average. (We wouldn’t have gotten Murray had Meyer not been the head coach, and other conventional QBs had to avoid UF as well.)

            I do think Boom has a similar problem to SOD at TN when it comes to the fanbase. He will be on a short lease if things don’t show improvement quickly. FSU could cut into the recruiting ground with a big year in 2012. I will believe it when I see Jimbo actually deliver to expectations; he may be a better fit at Clem’s Son if he keeps losing that game or two every year they should never struggle with.

            • Dog in Fla

              “Take away a once in a generation athlete like Tebow and Meyer was pretty average.”

              Don’t forget the gusty play of Percy Harvey

              Odds are that someday someone who was an assistant with Nick may actually deliver to expectations and stop disappointing athletic directors. With any kind of luck at all, that person will be McElwain at Colorado State, not Jimbo, SOD or Boom

              • Macallanlover

                Percy was very talented but the defense had a lot of distraction just keeping their eye on what TT was going to do. A runner of Tebow’s his ability, who could also pass, kept LBs, and DBs in positions that opened holes for PH.

                • Cojones

                  And don’t forget Psyactric Fason.

                  DIF, that was a depth statement of head coach knowledge. And I think you are correct.

                  • Mike

                    Fason left before Meyer coached a down for Florida.

                    • Cojones

                      Just liked the sound of his name, Mike. Not sure I came close to spelling it correctly. There is gallows humor in his name because he pretty much did a good job on us when he played. I’ve just always wondered where and under what conditions he was named.

            • adam

              As weak as FSU’s schedule is this year, I’d be surprised if they don’t win a whole bunch of games and lose in the BCS championship game or the Orange Bowl. They may have another epic collapse at some point in the season.

              I like FSU, but they are overrated and are facing a really, really easy schedule. I’m shocked that ESPN hasn’t picked up on that. I guess they’re too busy talking about how easy our schedule is. At least for us to go undefeated, we’d have to beat Bama or LSU. For FSU to go undefeated, they have to beat VA Tech and maybe Clemson? I mean… A 1-loss season with their schedule only tells you that they’re better than Florida. Doesn’t mean they’re the best team in the country.

              • Macallanlover

                Phile Steele didn’t miss that, he has FSU and Oklahoma in the BCS finale. I still think Jimbo will stink it up in some game and miss the opportunity but agree that 11-1 or 10-2 is very doable for the Seminoles. I just don;t see a 1 loss ACC tram getting beyond the empty seats of the Orange Bowl.

                • Cojones

                  I would agree with you , but no one has figured out yet how ole’ Jimbo stunk up the joint last year, least of all ESPN or the alums. I haven’t seen their schedule, but I’m hoping they get their yearly dose of the Wake Forest Deacons. That’s some fiery dudes who don’t lay down for the likes of Jimbo.

                  • adam

                    Look it up. It’s reallllllllly weak. But we get airtime about our schedule for some reason and they don’t.

            • Mike

              You mean if a coach recruits and sings superior athletes he might be successful? My God, what an epiphany! Someone tell Muschamp, stat! Was Vince Dooley and average coach without Walker? Is Richt a average coach without Donnan’s recruits, or Stafford/Knowshown?

              Meyer has won big at every stop. Yes, he did indeed leave Florida in bad shape. But to pretend he is not a good coach is to have your head up your Bulldog derriere. Besides, Meyer was Georgia’s Daddy. You should not speak ill of your Daddy.

              If Florida’s current coach, or next coach, gives the Mighty Gators EXACTLY what Meyer did for the six years he was there, the good, the bad, the champagne and the bitter brew, sign me up now

            • Right, because lots of coaches take Bowling Green to undefeated seasons.

  11. Dog in Fla

    Noah Brindise thinks instead of alternating them by quarters, Muschamp and Pease should alternate them every play:

    “Spurrier stuck with his two-headed quarterback Thursday, alternating Johnson and Brindise every play before Johnson left with a shoulder sprain late in the third quarter. There is an old football adage about platooning quarterbacks: A coach using two quarterbacks doesn’t have one good one.”


    • Mike

      I know Noah Brindise. He is a friend of mine. But Noah, Will Muschamp is no Stephen Orr Spurrier.

      • Cojones

        Damn, Mike. Hate to see you down like this. I have O negative blood that I’m glad to donate to any first/second stringer QBs. Let me know a couple of weeks ahead, OK? About mid Oct would be fine for me. The harvest will be done by then.

        • Mike

          Careful what you wish for, my good friend. Even with the win last year, I predict that coming into the week of the game, Richt and company will be so tight, they will squeak when they walk.

          • Cojones

            Like to lay a side bet on that game, would you? You probably are right about the team being uptight, but for the SC game, not FU.

            Squeak and squeel have the same connotation. You aren’t getting off onto those pig trails again are you? I don’t have to remind you of those beastiality laws in Fl, do I?

            • Mike

              Sure I will make a bet, as long as the stakes include adult beverages. I park in Lot Z, right near the Good Senator.

    • The counter to that adage: Michigan rotated Tom Brady and Drew Henson in 1999 because they had two excellent QBs. Brady started the first quarter (which is why the line about how he didn’t start his senior year at Michigan is BS; he started every game in his last two seasons), Henson played the second, and then the best player would play in the second half. That was usually Brady, but Henson started the third quarter against Syracuse (an ugly win against a mediocre team) and Michigan State (a bad loss where Brady rallied the team in the fourth quarter, but mainly because Michigan’s coaches stopped with their stupidly conservative game plan).

      Michigan finished #4 in the nation that year and won the Orange Bowl, so the idea that you can’t have a QB rotation is BS. It makes perfect sense if you have two roughly equivalent guys and you want them competing with one another for playing time. That rationale works at every other position, so why wouldn’t it work at QB? That was Spurrier’s point and he was dead-on with it. The problem that Florida has is that their QBs might not be that good, they are learning a new offense, and they haven’t had good WRs or RBs in a while.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Oh sure, I can see it now — a Brissett/Driskel combo leads UF to a stirring Top 5 finish that ends in Sugar Bowl glory! Right; that and a $3 bill will get you exclusive access to the Boom Muschamp Inner Circle of Bulging-Eyed Crazy.

  12. Chuck

    They are playing by Pop Warner rules and making sure they get their minimal plays.

  13. Merk

    Bama did this for their QBs a couple of seasons ago. Of course when you have a 1st round draft pick at RB, you do not even really need a QB.

    I guess if they are still having QB issues next year, then they can swap to the triple option. At least that is what I hear geniuses do.

  14. 81Dog

    I dont know if anyone else remembers this, but Muschamp’s plan sounds pretty similar to what Coach Dooley did in 1976 with Ray Goff and Matt Robinson. That worked out well enough that UGA 1. smashed Alabama 21-0, 2. beat a highly ranked Gator team in Jacksonville by 14 after being down by 14 at the half, 3. took care of AU and Tech on the way to an SEC title and a Sugar Bowl appearance (Ok. The Sugar Bowl, that one didnt end so well).

    It’s a different world now, I guess, but nothing is really new under the sun. Here’s hoping UF is a miserable failure, but the plan isnt per se impossible.

  15. By Georgia We Did It

    Brissett and Driskel; Driskel and Brissett….in it together. How? Why?

  16. Cojones

    Briskett and Drizzle. Sounds like a great cookout at the WLOCP for this year.