Mike Bobo is ready for somebody else to take the blame.

Things are buttah this year.

“I actually think we’re ahead of last year in preparation,” Bobo said Friday. “I’ve mentioned it a few times. I feel like everybody is on the same page, a lot less missed assignments. I feel good.”

Less missed assignments?

“Just experience, number one, experience at the quarterback position,” Bobo said. “Guys have been able to get us in the right play, which cuts down on missed assignments for offensive linemen. When you get in the right play, you don’t have to practice against so many different looks and how to block every look. You’re only going to block certain looks, because you’re not going to run them against the bad looks.”

That makes sense, to be fair.  Last year, the offense spent August installing a new no-huddle attack.  As we saw against Boise State, the kinks were far from worked out when the season started.  So things should be smoother with a year under the offense’s belt.  Whether that translates into a more effective running game and less turnovers from Murray remains to be seen.


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34 responses to “Mike Bobo is ready for somebody else to take the blame.

  1. mg4life0331

    Mark RIcht has lost control blaming Bobo.

    Am I doing it right?

  2. The Lone Stranger

    Mark Richt has lost control of blaming Bobo, and meanwhile Saban reassures to simply sign more and your worries will be over.

  3. Bobo will wear the crown forever for the good or bad. LOL

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    More Kool-Aid.

  5. Will Trane

    “Guys get us in the right play.” Quarterback experience. Is he talking about all the QBs? Murray has been the QB for past two seasons. Rest has only practices and scrimmages. Plus how much experience does this line have going into the season. I’ll have a comfort zone after they face South Carolina’s defense in a few weeks. After that game I think we will see how good the coaching has been on the O-line, QBs, and RBs. Pass on the TEs and WRs.
    O-line is the issue for me. What is the drop off from 1s to 2s. But I am ready to see them play. Think it will be fun.

  6. Cojones

    Things are better because we have a lot less missed assignments? Why is that? Bobo is tolerating less as more and thinks we’re too dumb to see it? I want the missed assignment levels returned to last year’s levels at least or there is going to be hell to pay. I thought the missed assignments level was just about right last year and said so. Bobo is not going to call those same plays consistently like he did last year? I’m talking about the one the players couldn’t run correctly even though they were the same ol’, same ol’. He is going to stop his consistency plays in favor of less missed assignments?

    Not on my watch. Just for that I’m not going to watch this year. If he keeps changing, how am I going to get back into coaching? Poor Buck. If he and his friend couldn’t get into Bobo’s job after last year, how will they ever drive him away with their mouths this year? Some fair weather fans will end up back on Bobo’s bandwagon cheering for an experienced SEC O coach when they should be busy undermining. All the rest of you fans should join me in not watching and enjoying UGA Football this year due to: 1.) Bobo’s inability to be consistently running bad plays adjudged after the fact and 2.) teaching his O to give us less missed assignments. I’m not going to stand for this. Yall hear?

  7. I never cease to be amazed at how much a group of fans can squeeze out of a coach’s post-practice comments.

  8. awreed

    You can’t blame it on quarterback experience if the quarterback isn’t the one calling the plays in no huddle. Is BoBo admitting that he was calling the wrong plays last year?

    • D.N. Nation

      “Is BoBo admitting that he was calling the wrong plays last year?”

      Wrong enough to win 10 games.

      • adam

        Just wondering… What was our national rank in total D? Scoring D? What about total and scoring O? Not SEC rankings, either. Nationally.

        My problems with Bobo as OC are well-documented (or at least we’ve been in some long arguments several times) on this site. I do hope there are fewer assignments and better execution this year, though. I want the offense to be good. I just am worried that we won’t have a year without the offenses’s weird disappearing act until we have top notch players in every single position on offense.

    • dawgfan17

      I believe that would mean he is allowing audibles. Not every play called by the OC is ran. Often times they even call two plays and allow the qb to read the defense and call the one that has a greater chance of success.

    • Cojones

      He’s letting Murray call the bad plays sometimes this year. That makes it a shared nonresponsibility.

  9. Tyler

    Here’s a little fun conspiracy mongering.

    Did anyone see the new hype up commercial espn did this weekend for the new season?

    Interesting to note: the first team they showed was Georgia tech.

    They also showed most of the Sec, including USC and vandy. Right before USC was Michigan state.

    Conspicuously absent was uga. Considering we’re in the top ten, and a nationally viable brand, you’d think we’d be included.

    It seems like a subtle dig. Like espns already planning their excuse for why uga CAN’T go to the bcs national title game.

    • adam

      I’ve seen us in a long hype spot for the start of football season. Within the last few weeks. I wondered if it was an SEC commercial at first because I saw us, Arkansas, Bama (like 3 times), LSU, Tennessee, and Florida. Then Clemson and Tech popped up and a few B1G teams. It was very SEC-heavy. We’re going to have to dominate every game this year to win over the media. They’re not in our corner. Don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but they don’t care much about us right now.

      • adam

        I did notice, though, that for Michigan State, LSU, Vandy, South Carolina, and even Florida they showed highlights against us from last year. They sure do like to show teams being successful against Georgia.

  10. Tyler

    Apologies for the double post. Typed on iPhone

  11. FortWorthDawg

    Guys. Please. Let’s not blast Bobo a new one before he hase a chance to coach one game yet. Less we forget he is still coaching teenagers that do make mistakes and tend to get into the wrong situations both on and off the field. I tend to take the coach’s comments at face value and enjoy the fact that we don’t have to prepare for a defence as complicated this year as Boise State. To know our hogs are prepared better mentally gives me some reassurance that we are taking care of business and doing the RIGHT things this Fall.

    Come on Guys, let’s keep things positive! This is GAME WEEK for godness sake. Let’s back our Dawgs! If that means I’m drinking the kool-aid then make mine red and black please!

  12. IveyLeaguer

    I too am bothered by Bobo’s comment that he’s apparently excited and feels good with less MA’s than last year. Why should we miss ANY assignments? Have offenses evolved to the point where MA’s are now expected?

    We know low expectations have been a big part of our problem the last 6 years. So what kind of expectation is that?

    Hopefully this is not what Bobo meant to say. We have to get out of the gate this year, for the first time with him as OC, if we’re going to be successful. We can’t continue to beat ourselves offensively, and MA’s are one way you beat yourself. We’ll see on September 8th.

    Also, I hope we’ve junked the Bobo no-huddle. It sucks. One of the things it does is give Bobo the check and takes it away from Murray. So maybe that’s a hint we’ve junked it, and gone back to the Richt system (which features a great no-huddle, BTW).

    If I can dream for a moment .. I’d love to see us feature the Power I in Columbia, with 2 WR’s, TE, FB. Mix it up, yeah, but just smash it down the field all night. With these backs, we’ll bust a couple. Something like 31-10. Just old-fashioned SEC football.

    Okay, it was just a dream.

    • Why should we miss ANY assignments?

      Because they’re human beings – young ones, at that – not robots.

      • Cojones

        Yeah, but Bobo’s going to pay for that! Do you hear me? He’s going to pay big for that. Now he’s lost the robots!

        • shane#1

          They are out to get us. We can’t have robots because we are not Tech. We are a freakin’ liberal arts school. We have lawyers, who don’t stand a chance against robots. I blame Bobo!

          • adam

            I’m studying robots (and lots of other AI stuff) at UGA right now. And I can honestly say that humans are much better at sports than robots are or will be for quite some time.

            Look up the Robot Olympics. They just happened. See how they compare with the real Olympics.

            Btw – I do get the joke. I just like robots.

      • IveyLeaguer

        True, but why should we be happy with them? There are places in the League where they aren’t tolerated very well, and IMO, shouldn’t be at Georgia, either. We know they’ll happen. One here and there anyway. But we don’t have to be happy with them.

        Other teams in our League get it done. Tell me this .. Is there any reason Georgia shouldn’t get it done?

        • The only thing I can tell that Bobo is happy about is improvement. As a coach, should he not be happy about that?

          I don’t know what you mean by “get it done”. No team executes every play flawlessly. And as this post shows, it doesn’t take much for things to blow up.

          • IveyLeaguer

            Shoot, I’m happy about the improvement, too. And I hope that’s what he meant, as I indicated already.

            By ‘get it done’, I mean come out the first two games and put an offense on the field that can be consistent enough to drive the ball, with very little misfiring and finding ways to beat itself.

        • reipar

          Surely you are kidding.

          No I am not and stop calling me Shirley.

    • reipar

      Surely you do not think even in the NFL 11 guys never miss an assignment on every play all game long (forgetting for a second he was talking about missed assignments in practice, which is where you are hopefully learning). I swear just this weekend I saw a NFL game where the tackle clearly expected the running back to chip and the running back went straight into a pattern. Result was sack. Now surely one of these pros missed an assignment. Yet I did not hear about either of them being waived….maybe because they are both likley starters as this was the start of the game.