Musical palate cleanser: Get me out of FLA.

Not that you should need any help, but here’s something to get you revved up to start the week – Wilco’s wonderfully Stonesy (wouldn’t you love to hear what Keef could do with that guitar break?) “Monday”.

As fictional band names go, the World Record Players is pretty fabulous.



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7 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: Get me out of FLA.

  1. Irwin R Fletcher!/roadcase/roadcase-wilco-2012-01-24-la-palladium

    No disrespect to the late Jay Bennett or any of the other members during the creation of Being There, but the current lineup is superior in terms of talent. You can listen to Nels’ take on Monday at the link above…highly recommend the whole show.


    • Nels may have better technical chops, but Wilco has gone downhill since he joined. He’s a jazz jamband snooze fest, if you ask me. That and Tweedy got sober.


  2. The Lone Stranger

    Ouch … if sides must be chosen, I’m sticking with Son Volt every time. Too many goofy pop vibes in there for this rustler.


  3. wnc dawg

    Agreed on the band name! And to follow it up with the line “Charlie fixin’ his van with a left arm tan” is pretty fabulous too.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “Get me out of FLA.”

    No shit. I thought the bad stuff happened yesterday.