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You want that Dawg porn. You NEED that Dawg porn.

Okay, here you go.

Linebacker Christian Robinson’s enthusiastic account of a play in a recent practice probably will heighten Georgia fans’ anticipation of freshman tailback Keith Marshall’s debut Saturday.

“Keith put a move on somebody the other day that I hadn’t seen in a while,” Robinson said Tuesday. “He shook two people, and they both fell down. That’s pretty special to me because I haven’t seen somebody just blatantly fall down because someone did a move on them.

“Literally, he was untouched. He was running in the middle of the field and made two guys fall and then outran somebody to the pylon. That type of talent, I haven’t seen that in a while. … I’d like to see that in a real game. I think that’d get people excited.”

Robinson said the last Georgia player with “that type of juking ability” was probably wide receiver A.J. Green.

You should probably take a cold shower now.



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System? We ain’t got no system.

If they’re looking for a catchy name for the Gator offense, “flying by the seat of their pants” should do nicely.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease says he’s not sure the team’s two-quarterback system is sustainable beyond Saturday’s game against Bowling Green, meaning the Gators likely will choose between Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel before traveling to Texas A&M for the Southeastern Conference opener.

Pease says, ”It depends how they play, I guess, and what they create.”

Sounds like a plan, man.

You know, at this point I’m really curious about how Pease’s job interview with Muschamp went.  They had to talk about the quarterback situation, which was a mess last year.  What did Pease tell him he’d do about it?  Somehow I doubt he promised things would unfold like this.


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“If football games were 15 minutes long, Georgia would have been the best team in the country.”

That’s how Paul Myerberg’s preview of his #6 team starts out.  It’s generally favorable, which you might expect with any team rated that highly.  In fact, in some places, like his praise of Aaron Murray, it’s more than you might expect.  However, he’s got the potential Achilles heel of this Georgia team nailed:  “You hate to say it, but seeing that Georgia is ready to roll at every other position, this offensive line might end up being the difference between a B.C.S. bowl and the Outback Bowl.”

Lots of good stuff there, so read it.


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Ah, but the brownies! That’s where I had them.

Bacarri Rambo’s high school coach is sticking with his story about what happened on his former player’s spring break.


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Opening day depth chart

Weiszer has the details.

If you’ve been following fall camp, there aren’t too many shockers there.  Mitchell beating Swann out to be named a starter at cornerback is a little surprise, maybe.

Three true freshman are listed as starters – Theus and the two special teamers.  And there are several others scattered across the two/three-deep roster.  I don’t see Georgia redshirting a lot of players from this year’s class.


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Being responsible: a first look at Georgia’s opener

Hey, a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do.

I’m outsourcing the details on Buffalo to Paul Myerberg, who ranks the Bulls at #110.  In a nutshell, Georgia’s first 2012 opponent is a MAC squad coming off a 3-9 season (one of those nine losses being a 31-point blowout to Tennessee).

Buffalo does have some experience and a talented running back in Branden Oliver.  As the passing attack sounds less than impressive, expect the Bulls to rely heavily on Oliver.  It’ll be up to Jenkins and Geathers to control the line of scrimmage so that Buffalo’s running game never gets untracked.

Oliver is not the only Bulls player of note.  They’ve also got a very good linebacker:

… Any discussion of Buffalo’s defense must devote extensive space to junior outside linebacker Khalil Mack, a reigning first-team all-MAC pick and, as he heads into his third season, a borderline all-American candidate.

Mack is, in short, a menace. He has 35.0 tackles for loss over his first two years, 20.5 a season ago, not to mention another litany of impressive defensive statistics: 21 quarterback hurries, 7 forced fumbles and 12 pass breakups, for starters. The word gets tossed around — in this space as well — but Mack is a true game-changer, a rush end who can sack the quarterback, run in space and make the one play that can turn a game around. He’s a special player.

That’s impressive.  It would be even more so if Mack were suiting up this Saturday.  Unfortunately for Buffalo, he’s not, due to a one-game suspension for the dreaded “violation of team rules”.  You have to think that’s probably not going to help the Bulls’ chances.

The most interesting note I found in the Myerberg piece is that Buffalo runs some version of the 3-4 on defense.  I assume that means Georgia’s offense will find some familiar looks from preseason practice when it lines up against the Bulls.

On paper, this obviously shouldn’t be a close game (the spread at the Fabris Invitational is 37.5).  The question would seem to be how seriously the Dawgs approach it.


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Coaches to NCAA: help us to help you.

You just have to chuckle at reasoning like this.

Currently, only head coaches or assistant coaches can participate in the selection and evaluation of recruits. The NCAA Rules Working Group has proposed that this rule be eliminated, allowing staff members now known as directors of operations or directors of player personnel to watch film of a prospect or to contact a prospect’s coach or guardian…

Some coaches interviewed for this story said that, should the current rule be eliminated, teams could form a staff position designed solely for the purpose of overseeing day-to-day recruiting operations, just as general managers in professional sports handle the evaluation and acquisition of talent.

Virginia Tech football Coach Frank Beamer, for one, said he thinks the rule change would allow the NCAA to spend more time worrying about serious infractions. It would also allow his assistants to spend more time on game preparation and player management.

“Rather than trying to say, ‘Who made the call? Was it this guy, or was it that guy?’ I think we’re getting into the more serious stuff that really does make a difference,” Beamer said. “Keeping that under control really makes it a level playing field.”

Well, except for Nick Saban.  He’s too busy calculating how many more analysts he’ll need to add to the Alabama staff to keep ahead of everyone else when the rules change.


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Tuesday morning buffet

It’s getting closer.  Here are a few tidbits to keep your appetites whetted:

  • The SEC, trying to fashion an in-stadium experience that TV viewers can be proud of.
  • Your NCAA dollars at work.  Since Legends and Leaders are already taken, can I suggest renaming the two parts of Division I as “Mo’ Money” and “Less Money”?
  • While we’re on the subject of money, it looks like the cash cow that is the Tennessee athletics department is running on fumes.  It may not be fair, but another mediocre year in football likely means SOD is out the door.  UT simply can’t afford the status quo.
  • Justin Smith Morrill, the unsung father of American college football.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback is resurrected.  That’s a good thing.
  • Here’s a look at how every school in the AP Top 25 got its nickname.
  • You can find a summary of the SEC quarterback situations here.
  • Non-football related, but here’s a Freedom of Information Act request we can all support.
  • Bruce Feldman takes a look at a very cool new website, XandOLabs.com.
  • Even when it doesn’t involve playing in Jacksonville, Mark Richt keeps tabs on the weather.


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