Ah, but the brownies! That’s where I had them.

Bacarri Rambo’s high school coach is sticking with his story about what happened on his former player’s spring break.


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12 responses to “Ah, but the brownies! That’s where I had them.

  1. paul

    They don’t make them like Bogie anymore. Too bad.


  2. Dawgy45

    I have repeatedly sworn off anything from AJC, but there’s the link, I clicked it and damn if I didn’t go down and start reading comments. Why can I not stop myself???


  3. Debby Balcer

    I try not to read their comments because there are so many haters there. I do think Thomas Brown and his many aliases are banned from there now he has migrated to ESPN.


  4. AlphaDawg

    Correct me if i’m wrong. I thought his first suspension was for being in a car with someone that was pulled over and MJ was found. The driver then admitted it was his and Rambo was released/no charges filed. Rambo told Richt about the incident, Rambo was tested and passed the test, but was suspended for being in a drug related incident? Thats why we didn’t know he was suspended for Boise because it wasn’t a school policy he broke. So technically he has only failed one drug test? Am I wrong?


    • Dawgsense

      I hope you are correct, but does anybody know the actual wording of the policy?


      • Queeg

        Actual wording of the policy not so much but here’s how I think the defense could go:

        They laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with geometric logic, that a duplicate recipe to the brownie mix did exist! Somewhere between Dothan and Panama City. And I’d have produced that recipe if they hadn’t pulled me out of action! I know now they were only trying to raise revenue by traffic citations…..(realizes he has been ranting, babbling) Naturally, I can only cover these things from memory if I’ve left anything out, why, just ask me specific questions and I’ll be glad to answer them…one-by-one…


        • Vinny

          And testimony from an expert witness…

          Joe Pesci as defense lawyer: “Now Ms. Vito…how could you possibly tell all that from a photo?”

          “Well, look at the brownie crumbs from the scene. No way does a brownie laced with marijuana leave those types of crumbs. In Panama City only two brownie recipes had those types of ingredients. One was with marijuana…and no way could anyone confuse those brownie crumbs with marijuana…and the other was with mint green tea leaves. Same color, same taste, same type of reaction in your urine.”

          Prosecutor to his expert witness at table: “That true?” “Yeah…”

          Pesci: “Thank you, Ms Vito. Thank you. You’ve been a lovely witness”


    • Per Rambo’s high school coach, Alan Ingram

      “Ingram said Rambo ran afoul of Georgia’s drug policy last year on a trip home when he was stopped for speeding and one of his passengers had a marijuana joint [in her purse]. Rambo wasn’t charged, but informed coach Mark Richt about the incident and was suspended a game.”


      • adam

        So suspend Rambo for 1 game tops. Sounds fair to me.


        • Hackerdog

          After seeing AJ Green’s case up close, I think Rambo should be suspended 4 games just for being stupid. Somebody sitting next to you has drugs and you bring it up to your coach? Seriously?


  5. Cojones

    “It was the strawberries. They were disappearing along with the chocolate mix and the jar of green herbs to be served only with the Captain’s desert. That was his undoing”, he stated matter of factly as he rotated the steel cojones that clicked emphatically with each stabbing accusation.