Coaches to NCAA: help us to help you.

You just have to chuckle at reasoning like this.

Currently, only head coaches or assistant coaches can participate in the selection and evaluation of recruits. The NCAA Rules Working Group has proposed that this rule be eliminated, allowing staff members now known as directors of operations or directors of player personnel to watch film of a prospect or to contact a prospect’s coach or guardian…

Some coaches interviewed for this story said that, should the current rule be eliminated, teams could form a staff position designed solely for the purpose of overseeing day-to-day recruiting operations, just as general managers in professional sports handle the evaluation and acquisition of talent.

Virginia Tech football Coach Frank Beamer, for one, said he thinks the rule change would allow the NCAA to spend more time worrying about serious infractions. It would also allow his assistants to spend more time on game preparation and player management.

“Rather than trying to say, ‘Who made the call? Was it this guy, or was it that guy?’ I think we’re getting into the more serious stuff that really does make a difference,” Beamer said. “Keeping that under control really makes it a level playing field.”

Well, except for Nick Saban.  He’s too busy calculating how many more analysts he’ll need to add to the Alabama staff to keep ahead of everyone else when the rules change.


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3 responses to “Coaches to NCAA: help us to help you.

  1. Governor Milledge

    Imagine being able to hire a recently retired Texas high school coach as the Southwest division head of recruiting? It could really open up some new areas of the country for us, and at the same time allow us to further cultivate recruiting relationships (ie a North Atlanta recruiting staff member).

    If the relationship building with recruits becomes more of a staff emphasis, I could see this slowing the meteoric rise in assistant coach salaries, as well as limit the opportunities for pure recruiters (Ed Orgeron) to ever get a shot at becoming a HC.

    However, it would only accelerate the division between schools into the “haves” and “have nots”, and as the article points out, possibly bring some of the AAU basketball culture into football


  2. Dog in Fla

    Today’s lab assignment for the Cray XE6 Raptor at the Saban House of Industrial Technology will be to calculate:

    (a.) how many analysts can fit on the head of a pin;
    (b.) does block scheduling really work;
    (c.) postage for a thank-you note to Mark Emmert;
    (d.) odds on Slive knowing what “welter-weight” means


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Saban’s already got half a dozen of those “directors” now, just off the books.