The mascot formerly known as Russ

The coronation will take place before the FAU game.



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45 responses to “The mascot formerly known as Russ

  1. HahiraDawg

    Long live Russ!….er…UGAIX. Well deserved.


  2. BeardDawg

    Good job Russ. You earned it.


  3. HobnailedBoots

    Greg McGarity made and executive decision here, because last time Sonny Seiler was interviewed he said Russ couldn’t be Uga, and they were still looking for a replacement. Russ is a good dawg, glad McGarity decided to make it official.


  4. AlphaDawg

    And another Walk-on is awarded a Scholly. If Richt had recruited better we wouldn’t be in this situation.


  5. Women at the ANGC and an Uga with a brown ear……….so much for mysoginy and racism.


  6. IndyDawg

    Russ is battle tested and ready. Between this great news and all the dawg porn the good Senator’s posted lately I’m ready too! GO DAWGS!!! I think I need to ice myself down so I don’t peak too early.


  7. Mike, Not Gator Mike

    Atta Boy, Russ!!!


  8. Careful Brad

    The Jackie Robinson of Ugas


  9. X-Dawg

    ’bout damn time! GATA Russ/UGA IX!


  10. NateG

    Damn straight. He earned it.


  11. Gravidy


    Forgive me for hijacking the thread, but I have a question about the picks contest. I entered my picks last Monday (the 27th). The website accepted my picks, and I printed them out so I would have a paper copy. I even went back to the site on Tuesday to make sure my picks were recorded, and they were.

    Well, today I got an email telling me my picks were due. I went to the site, and my picks were gone, and the slate of games had changed slightly. The original slate included Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech. Today that game had been replaced by Washington State at BYU. I entered my picks again, so maybe I’m good.

    Have you or anyone else had this problem?


    • You’ve missed about three other e-mails.

      The pool had to be changed because La. Tech moved tonight’s game to 10/13 because of Isaac. I pulled that game and added tonight’s WSU-BYU matchup to replace it. The way the pool is structured, when you substitute a game, it wipes out all submitted picks. That meant everyone had to submit their picks again.

      So to answer your question, yes. 😉


      • Gravidy

        Well, I sure as Hell missed ’em. They never arrived in my inbox, and they aren’t in my junk folder either. Oh well, I’m glad I got it in time. I would have been really ticked next week otherwise. 🙂


    • timphd

      Due to Isaac the A&M La Tech game was postponed. Had to redo picks as a result. I got an email to that effect.


  12. Spike

    Did they have to include a quote from Adams? Sheesh.


  13. Macallanlover

    We are taking this danged diversity waaayyyy too far with this. I think it is time to put Sonny to pasture, or if this is the next generation’s screw-up, fire them. They have been dragging Geechee bulldogs all over the state screwing every white pooch they could find for years. Supposedly there is a “feeder” system of choices from Sea Island to Lafayette and we have stumbled over this for most of the last 3-4 years. Time for a changing of the guard, someone take Sonny for a drive, someone else take Mikey, and soon we will be alright again……so long as we leave Bobo as the OC.


  14. Gravidy

    Should we blame Bobo? Or has Richt lost control of the Seilers?


  15. AusDawg85

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, brown & white bulldogs are free at last!

    Kumbaya, Lord, Kumbaya…..


  16. Ace

    I know the popular opinion here is to blame Bobo and Richt for this but I choose to blame Adams and Wetzel. They both continue to completely ruin the university and college football.


  17. stoopnagle

    Nothing wrong with mixin’ in a little brown into the gameday.

    Long Live Russ. Long Live Uga IX.


  18. HVL Dawg

    Look at him. Russ doesn’t give a shit. He just takes what he wants.


  19. tbia

    How do we think this will effect the number of Montanans who can identify our mascot?


  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yes, there is a God. Finally a smart decision, a fan-approved decision, about anything.

    Now, Russ, buddy, if you could just work on that second-half defense a bit.


  21. BWD

    Well deserved, Russ. But how will his record work? Will we bifurcate his record into Russ v. Uga IX terms, or will status as Uga IX be retroactive?


  22. I demand Russ get an invitation to join Augusta National. I promise he won’t piss on the shrubs. I also demand there be a female Gator and a crossdressing Commodore at Vanderbilt. I’m not going to go so far as to demand a female Cock at SC though.


  23. Scott

    What a terrible play call by Vandy.on 3rd and goal. Took the wind out of their sails. SC scores 2 plays later.


  24. James Franklin doesn’t seem to know what to do with a gift. His playcalling after they passed midfield at the half was awful


  25. Scott

    Oh boy, Mike Leach is on TV. Senator, did you get the lube out? 🙂


  26. Cookie Monster

    So if Russ isn’t being named UGA IX till the FAU game, does that mean he won’t be in Columbia?