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It gives me great pleasure to type this.

I’m heading out the door, on my way to Athens.

I guess instead of keeping an eye on Malcolm Mitchell’s path to becoming the next Champ, I’ll have to settle for gauging the team’s secondary depth.

I’ll try to post during the game, if the broadband gods allow.  Otherwise, consider this our game day thread.

Oh, and good luck to Hoppy on his mission in Great Falls.



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C’mon, Corch.

This is just all made up and flagellant.

“The days of anybody really just rolling over someone is more and more difficult than it ever has been,” said Urban Meyer, who makes his debut as Ohio State’s 24th head coach today against Miami (Ohio). “Because there is parity in college football.”

Right.  That’s why there’s exactly one team in the preseason top 25 that isn’t in a major conference.  And that team lost last night to a Big Ten school.


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What I learned last night.

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday… real world interfered.  However, I was able to collapse into a comfy chair and watch a bunch of football last night.  What did I see?

  • This year’s Boise State ain’t the one we’ve been used to lately.  (It was only Petersen’s seventh loss in seven seasons.)  And the Broncos are a BCS irrelevancy one week into the season.
  • Michigan State’s defense looks pretty stout again.
  • Think Stanford misses a few players on offense?  It struggled to put away a San Jose State team it beat by 54 points last season.
  • That Cordarrelle Patterson… he looks like a pretty good player.
  • David Amerson said he just didn’t play well.  No kidding, man.  In his defense, none of his defensive mates did either.
  • Tennessee’s going to be a fun team to watch.   The Vols are capable of doing some things well.  But they also look like they’re going to be very hit or miss on defense.
  • Tyler Bray looks good when he’s not facing a pass rush.  But he still gets sloppy with his mechanics.  I saw a lot of ball slinging out there that a good SEC defense is going to eat up.


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