What I learned last night.

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday… real world interfered.  However, I was able to collapse into a comfy chair and watch a bunch of football last night.  What did I see?

  • This year’s Boise State ain’t the one we’ve been used to lately.  (It was only Petersen’s seventh loss in seven seasons.)  And the Broncos are a BCS irrelevancy one week into the season.
  • Michigan State’s defense looks pretty stout again.
  • Think Stanford misses a few players on offense?  It struggled to put away a San Jose State team it beat by 54 points last season.
  • That Cordarrelle Patterson… he looks like a pretty good player.
  • David Amerson said he just didn’t play well.  No kidding, man.  In his defense, none of his defensive mates did either.
  • Tennessee’s going to be a fun team to watch.   The Vols are capable of doing some things well.  But they also look like they’re going to be very hit or miss on defense.
  • Tyler Bray looks good when he’s not facing a pass rush.  But he still gets sloppy with his mechanics.  I saw a lot of ball slinging out there that a good SEC defense is going to eat up.


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16 responses to “What I learned last night.

  1. Senator, I mostly watched Boise last night and caught a little of Tennessee. Boise looks very average compared to the Broncos of the last couple of years. Sparty would have beaten them senseless without turnovers. I don’t know if the Vols are better or the Pack is just an ACC team, we’ll find in a couple of weeks when UF shows up. Stanford is probably returning to normal in the post-Luck era – bowl team but not a PAC-12 contender.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I get laughed at when I said the Vols made me nervous….dey got some playahs….and most worrisome of all….when’s the last time UT was really good without a fat guy on the sidelines? Is Sal Sunseri….wait now….The Return of the Great Pumpkin?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Nobody laughed Scorpio…..chuckled maybe. The Hillbillies beat the Bearcats last year. That team went on to win the Big East. Wolfpack is not going on to the ACC title. 6 or 7 wins. Just like UT. NCS looked unprepared and did not execute very well. UT took advantage. Congrats. I’ll worry when they do the same thing to an SEC team.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        One thing I noticed, fwiw, was SOD coaching his ass off…the first time I noticed Sunseri was from behind….I thought I was hallucinating.


      • WF dawg

        NCSU probably isn’t any good, but at least the game showed that our gameplan has to include stopping Cordarelle. He showed up ready to play. Wish we had landed him.


        • The Lone Stranger

          I reckon B.Smith has the wheels to handle Mr. Patterson. And isn’t the Dawgs’ DLine regarded somewhat more favorably than that of the Wolfpacker’s? It will be a different T.Bray when he has 700 lbs. of beef coming straight up the gut at him and Dawgs shot out of cannons twisting around from the outside.


  3. Macallanlover

    Tennessee is a better team than last year, a dangerous team that can score from anywhere, and quickly. Bray looked better last night than I have ever seen him but he was allowed to get comfortable, set and throw. Vols showed no running game so SEC teams should be able to bring the heat and make Bray fling it everywhere. TN pass defense has some gaps we can exploit but the pressure they brought saved them most of the game. NC State was weaker than I thought they would be so it is hard to tell how solid TN really was but the Voils are capable of winning some 8-9 games this year. They were much sharper than the SC team, and may give UF a game in two weeks.

    Boise isn’t close to the team they were last year but Peterson is just an outstanding coach. BSU returned only five starters from last year, fewest in D1, but they went on the road and pushed Michigan State who returned most of their defense. If it had not been for a beast named Bell, wow, Boise would have pulled the upset with no offensive TDs. They are so disciplined, rarely making a big mistake, taking a cheap shot, or acting like punks. They just play assignment football and execute well, unfortunately they get out athleted in a few games. I have never understood why some fans constantly attack them and put them down.


    • dawgfan17

      Agree with Macallan on Boise. I was actually impressed with them. They returned almost no one from last year and were able to go on the road against a top 15 team and only lost by 3. They certainly were not as good as they were last year but they also didn’t drop off as much as I thought they would.


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    I dislike Tyler Bray. Prof. Peterson would be my first choice if we ever lost CMR


  5. BenG

    I learned that Le’Veon Bell weighs 245 pounds!


  6. Derek

    Dallas Lee and David Andrews are not sec caliber football players.