Observations from the 35, Buffalo-Georgia edition

Well, yesterday’s game may go down as the least satisfying 22-point win of the Richt era.  I don’t approve of fans booing college players, but I have to admit I didn’t cringe like I usually do when the boos rang out during the course of that horrid 5:30 stretch that ended the first half.  I know it was hot as Hades (I was even more uncomfortable than I felt at the 2010 Arkansas game), I know the opponent was a MAC squad coming off a 3-9 season, I know about the suspensions and the injuries and I know the game plan was as vanilla as you could possibly expect with this coaching staff… but, still, that hardly justifies the complete lack of interest the team showed then.  I’d describe their effort as mailing it in, but that would be an insult to mail carriers everywhere.  It might be more accurate to call it a postal strike.

That all being said, it’s worth saying this:  these Dawgs are a talented bunch.  A C-minus effort still got them a win by more than three touchdowns.  And while the game was closer at times than it ever should have been, there really never was a point when the outcome was in question.  I don’t think you can say as much for your Florida Gators this morning.

Now, on to what I saw.

  • The opponent.  Give Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn a lot of credit.  His team’s effort was better than Georgia’s.  His preparation was faultless.  He knew what kind of game plan to expect and did a good job of gearing towards it.  On offense, the Bulls were able to move the ball as long as they were able to stay out of second-and-long and third-and-long situations.  They ran the ball effectively and their quarterback took advantage of man coverage to bust a few scrambles.  On defense, they clearly confused the offensive line with some fronts and sets.  They also gambled on deep coverage – and got away with that for a while until Murray’s accuracy improved.  They didn’t have the talent to win, but they had the effort to avoid embarrassment.
  • Special teams.  I said before the season that if Georgia was able to elevate its special teams play from awful to merely competent, it would be a big key to improving the team’s chances this season.  Yesterday gave me a lot of hope that Georgia can do that.  Special teams were solid across the board.  Morgan showed some jitters with his first extra point and field goal attempts, but finished 6-6 on his PATs and hit his other field goal try nicely.  Kickoffs were as drama-free as I could have asked (boy, do I like the new kickoff rules).  Barber showed a powerful leg and got terrific hang time – and, no, the 30-yard return was not the result of him out-kicking his coverage.  They’ve added a new wrinkle with Erickson’s pooch punts and all landed inside the 15.  Swann had a nice punt return.  And all of that’s before I even get to the story of the game…
  • Todd Gurley.  Yeah, it was a mighty damned impressive debut.  Three TDs, 100 yards rushing and a 100-yard kickoff return will do that for a true freshman.  Buffalo had enough of him, too, as witnessed by the Bulls kicking away from him as the game progressed.  The only troublesome notes sounded were from him cramping up a little (although he came back to knock out that 55-yard TD run) and his pass protection, which, to be honest, left something to be desired, as he whiffed on a guy who sacked Murray.  If he’s not anointed the starter for a while, that’ll be why.
  • Running backs.  The rest of the group weren’t bad.  Marshall is quick and looks like he has good vision.  He should have caught Wooten’s pass on the trick play, though.  Malcome ran hard before he got hurt and he and Samuel clearly know what they’re doing in pass protection better than the rookies do, which is no surprise.  Run blocking from the fullbacks was acceptable – and, man, does Quayvon Hicks look like an impressive physical specimen.
  • Offensive line.  I ain’t buying the post-game happy talk, at least not entirely.  These guys were coddled by the coaches’ game plan.  Georgia played a ton of I-formation, max-protect.  Lynch didn’t have a pass thrown to him that I can remember because he stayed in to block.  Still, pass protection broke down enough to see Murray sacked several times.  Run blocking was more workmanlike than dominant.  I’m not convinced Gates is any more a true left tackle than Glenn was, but as I’m also not convinced that Theus is ready to handle pass protecting Murray’s blind side, that’s where Gates will stay for a while.  I will say that I thought the unit as a whole looked more cohesive as a group than I expected, so they may very well grow into the job as the season progresses.  Overall assessment:  work in progress.
  • Receivers.  No Brown, no Mitchell, but I thought this group looked pretty good.  It was good to see Wooten return to action with, among other things, a beautiful catch on Murray’s best-thrown ball of the day for a long TD.  King had a pretty good day and if his quarterback had been on earlier, it would have been bigger.
  • Aaron Murray.  He didn’t come close to his preseason 70% completion goal and most of the fault for that lies on him.  He had no touch on the deep ball early in the game and thus wasn’t able to cash in on what Buffalo was offering him from its defensive sets.  He got caught a couple of times waiting for a receiver to come open.  He also locked on to a target now and then, most notably when he missed seeing a wide open Michael Bennett on a go route that the Bulls completely failed to cover.  And he missed Samuel on the game’s one 344-Fullback call, damn it.  On the plus side, he did manage to get untracked as things progressed.  As I mentioned, that TD pass to Wooten was a gorgeous throw.  And, notably, Murray didn’t turn the ball over, even when the game was at its sloppiest moments.
  • Mike Bobo.  Hey, he wasn’t bad.  He wasn’t going to show much (although Georgia ran the toss a lot more than I expected, especially with Gurley) and it was clear he has concerns about his offensive line.  But he still got close to 500 yards of offense without a turnover.  I’ll take that.
  • Defensive line.  I expected domination, to be honest, and I got less than that.  Maybe it was the heat.  They had some good moments, but not as many as I was counting on seeing.  It looks like I’ll still keep hoping that Cornelius Washington turns into a monster, because it hasn’t happened yet.  Saw some good stuff out of Jordan Jenkins, though, when he lined up on the line.
  • Jarvis Jones.  I expected domination, to be honest, and I got that.  Even if Buffalo seemed to spend the entire first half on offense locating Jones and running every play away from his side.
  • Linebackers.  Ugh.  They played much of the game as if they had somewhere else to be.  Herrera was okay, but Robinson and Gilliard looked slow  Ogletree can’t get back soon enough.
  • Secondary.  They were fine in pass coverage, but much of that was due to Buffalo posing little deep threat.  Run support wasn’t anything special, except when Shawn Williams was involved, of course.
  • Todd Grantham.  If anything, he showed fewer cards than Bobo did.  But I doubt he was expecting the lack of effort he got from his troops in the first half.  He did get their attention at halftime, though, as the Bulls punted on their first five possessions of the second half.  If it’s any consolation, he’s probably more upset by the defense’s play than I am.

Sure, it’s a win.  By better than three touchdowns.  But with a little tightening of the screws, it should have been by nearly twice that.  And if there’s something to worry about, it’s the lack of focus, something we were assured all through the preseason was not a problem.  What bothers you – and what better bother Mark Richt this week – is that the natural reaction will be that it will self-correct due to the step up in class with this week’s opponent.  Sorry, but after what I saw yesterday, I wouldn’t take anything about this team’s mindset as an automatic. Does this team have the talent to beat Missouri?  Absolutely.  But it’s not going to happen with another C-minus effort.


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  1. TX DAWG

    I’m surprised we don’t have better options at center and free safety…If we can’t find an upgrade over Norman for Saturday (Corey Moore?) we may be in for a long night.

    • TCD

      Agreed. I actually spent a good amount of time watching Norman and came away with the same thought. He was overmatched.

      • RP

        Overmatched against Buffalo? Damn.

        • Bevo

          Can’t play safety ’till you know the defense cold. That’s where it stands.

          • baddawg

            I get that and all, but physically he hurts us. He can’t get off blocks. And in the open field yesterday, the best hit I saw all day was him getting laid out…. on the flip side if Mitchell can come back I wouldn’t be upset seeing Damian swann play fs… he’s fast and lays the hammer.

  2. Derek

    My take is almost exactly the same but I’m a lot more cynical about our o-line. 64 and 61 are simply not sec caliber players. I saw a buffalo dt split a double team by them and sack Murray. Totally unacceptable and probably not fixable.

    If we can get past mizzou with all the injuries and suspensions, we’ll be pretty formidable against the rest our schedule. They are too talented to lose to anyone on the schedule save perhaps USC IF they are trying. However, the real prize is in Atlanta and I think our chances there are about the same as they were in 2011. Without a legit o-line that bama team would tear us a new one.

  3. 3rd Degree

    Gurley’s also has to hold onto the ball a little longer after crossing the goalline.

  4. Cosmic Dawg

    Excellent post, Senator – agree completely…with this many returning players (many even starters from last year and few true freshmen) none of the excuses hold up. Especially the heat – we live here, they’re from BUFFALO.

    The notion that the D is super talented for 30 minutes at a time is warranted at this point. The most frustrating thing was not margin of victory, which belonged to the Bulldogs, but the margin of effort, which mostly belonged to the Bulls.

    If I’m an AP voter, this squad quickly exits my top ten next week…I saw the same mildly unfocused, somewhat prepared, occassionally disinterested team from last year.

    Still happy to have these particular players and our coaches – do not have to contend for a NC for me to enjoy rooting for a perennial top 25 team, my alma mater, and a class program…but have already flushed the Kool-Aid from my system.

    • Boss Dawg

      I agree, excellent breakdown by the Senator and I agree with all his points. I tend to agree with what you have to say, however I think this team has the ingredients to go after the NC if they focus and play they’re assignments (and no further suspensions please)….a little luck here and there could lead to a decent opportunity to bring it ALL home.

      Of course, I’m talking my book a little here but +1700 is great value with the talent this team has.

    • HobnailedBoots

      Dude, calm down. If you were an AP voter looking to drop Georgia out of the top 10, you’d have to find some teams to put ahead of them, and in case you didn’t take a look at the weekend scoreboard, not many of the top teams were all that impressive against their cupcakes.

      It’s 1 week. If you’re jumping off the bandwagon already then you were just looking for an excuse.

      • Dawgfan Will

        This. I thought during the game that we didn’t look like a top 10 team either, but when I saw some other games, well, honestly, it looked like Alabama and everyone else.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          These games do not matter. Period. That’s why we spend all offseason complaining about them being home games.

          One team has scored more than 14 against Bama since the Cam Newton game. Georgia Southern. In T-town.

          The sky isn’t falling yet.

          By the way, a fan base that doesn’t sell out a home opener and leaves by the end of the 3Q doesn’t have the right to boo….

  5. SouthGa Dawg

    Would have thought the heat would have affected Buffalo more but both teams looked equally conditioned. That really bothers me. Gurley seems to have played himself into a starting position.

    • Merk

      Yea because it was 100 degrees and sunny every day we practiced in August…

    • Debby Balcer

      Buffalo has actually had higher temps and humidity than Athens this summer so the heat was not as big a factor for them and our August was cooler than normal.

      • gastr1

        Must have been those 14 days the temp in Buffalo this August failed to even reach 80. Man…sweltering.

        • Normaltown Mike


          I’ve been to Buffalo in the summer on 2 occasions and the most sweltering heat they get is about like the most pleasant Spring day we pray for.

        • Debby Balcer

          I have a friend in Syracuse NY who has complained about the heat all summer and their temps were higher than ours I just checked and Buffolo didn’t get quite as hot as Syracuse. Both are in hostage NY so I thought the temps would be the same usually their summers are really nice.

          • Debby Balcer

            Darn autocorrect upstate qnot hostage

            • gastr1

              Debby, this is nitpicking I know, but I checked the official temps record for August on weather.com.: Buffalo had no 100-degree days in August–only a few 90-degree ones– and 14 days where the temp did not even hit 80. Several more of those days, the temp stayed at 85 or below. I invite you to compare them yourself.

              It has not been hotter in Buffalo than Athens according to the actual temperatures, at least. Then again, the temp in Athens yesterday was only 91, according to the same database. Living where I do (far west of there), I’ve felt 100+ for weeks on end and oft times it’s no worse than 90 degrees in the super-humid southeast. If you want to say it felt hotter, I have no argument. But it wasn’t actually hotter.

              • Debby Balcer

                If you checked Syracuse they had temps in the high 90s which is what I was going off of I checked a Buffalo which is in a straight line further east was a lot cooler. Upstarted NY is usually very nice in the summer.

            • Russ

              Autocorrect is pretty smart. I’d feel like a hostage too, if I was anywhere in NY.

          • Charles

            This is absolutely right. This summer has brought the worst heat wave in a decade across the midwest and northeast. It’s been all over the news, for God’s sake.

  6. Macallanlover

    Like SC, Michigan, OU, and Arky, we don’t belong in the Top 10 at this point, and probably won’t deserve to be there all season. It was just game 1 but the OL, our worst fear, is as bad as last year. The pass defense was worse, I know there were players not on the field yesterday but our 2s and 3s cannot stand up to a team not in the best 100 D1 teams? And the running yardage we surrendered? The loose pass coverage and yardage up the middle wasn’t so much personnel as it was lack of discipline to maintain their lanes. Too many times we were either scattered loosely on the boundaries, or clumped together in a pile and couldn’t see the runner bounce the play or QB tuck it and run. I know we have a group that returned a lot of talent and experience but Mizzou is a sizable step up in passing and has a scrambling QB…which Buffalo didn’t…..until yesterday.

    I am not all doom and gloom about the season because there were bright spots, the RBs, receivers, and punter. With the schedule we have, we are still a contender for the East but are way behind LSU and Bama for any chance at the title. We brought the “field” back into the hunt, imo, and would lower my “most likely” numer of season wins from 10 down to nine. A win next week will be necessary for us to reach 10, and that game is now looking like a tossup.

    I was impressed with the lack of PF penalties against us, we didn’t have our usual late hits along the sidelines, nor did we have as much punk, trash talking. A welcome change. It seemed obvious that not having film on Buffalo’s new staff allowed us to focus exclusively on Mizzou. Combined with the reputed improvement we should expect in week 2 from Week 1, hope springs eternal. I did like seeing the trash talking from Mizzou players about how no one in the SEC would be unable to stop their offense, should inspire an extra intense effort in Columbia.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      “…we didn’t have our usual late hits along the sidelines, nor did we have as much punk, trash talking. A welcome change.”

      This is why I like our 2012 Bulldogs, regardless of how the season turns out. This *seems* to be the most respectable team of citizens that we’ve had in several years…more important to me than W’s and L’s.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Respectable behavior is “more important to me than W’s and L’s.” Are you kidding? Come on, you’re joking. Right?

    • Cojones

      Mac, you, the Senator and others have covered it all well. One point that I feel is overlooked: How well the Bulls prepared and played. They at least did us the favor of defining our weaknesses and provoked memorable thoughts of Appalachian St. App St’s QB (?) outdid himself that day. So did Buffalo’s QB (Zordich) yesterday. Better than our scout team, I’ll bet, in getting us ready for Mizzou.

      The Bull’s coach,Quinn, prepared for us with the idea of where we were missing starters and promptly attacked those positions. He has brought us to earth about our “two deep” D and to consider to that Grantham is human and makes mistakes like all coaches do. He especially prepared his QB as to what to recognize in order that he could run freely when coverage was Man. He prepared his RBs (especially Oliver) to not fall down on first contact, but rather to struggle until whistled as downed. They tackled like gangbusters. And they were still dissatisfied that they didn’t prevail; therefore, their coaches had them fully coached up to sincerely try to upset a #6 ranked SEC team.

      They deserve a tip of our UGA caps for preparing us for struggles and for having the Bulldog attitude that we should play with. Don’t paint our D as anything but challenged yesterday. Give that part of credit due the Bulls and consider we will be better for it.

      • Russ

        Great post, Cojones.

      • shane#1

        I agree with your post oh Great Balls of fire( cue DIF). I haven’t seen enough credit give to the Bulls. I know they had nothing to lose and they could play loose, but is one thing to tell your team they have nothing to lose but to have them come into a hostile stadium against a better team and play that way is damn good coaching. The Bulls gave nothing away and their QB was as cool as a cucumber facing the nation’s sack leader and big #6. My idea for next Saturday would be to rush my olbs wide to cut off the corners, have everybody else stay at home to cut off the running lanes except one spy on the QB, and play a 2 deep zone. I want to make Franklin beat us with the pass. A well designed blitz every now and then is a good thing but no more gaping holes over the middle. Then, RTDB!

  7. Slaw Dawg

    Nice analysis, as always. Besides Gurley, I think the best news for UGA from this past week’s games is that the putative pre-season competitors for the SEC East (UF and So Car) looked no more impressive than did our Dawgs. But UT, Mo and Vandy are going to bring it. It’s going to be a tough, tough SEC gauntlet, and the team that struggled for 30 minutes with the Bulls will not make it to Atlanta for the honor of being dismantled by Alabama. No way we get there if that O Line doesn’t grow up fast.

    Of course, 2 years ago, we roared to a convincing victory over UL Lafayette that left many of us feeling pretty good, only to drop 4 straight. Last year, we showed up no better prepared than this year, and, following one more loss, reeled off 10 straight wins. I think I’d rather have an angry Grantham chewing out asses for a week than a more sanguine Grantham just worrying about opposing O schemes.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Your point about the win over ULL four years ago is why I’m trying (TRYING) to keep things in perspective. It was the equivalent of an NFL preseason game, but after seeing what Missouri did yesterday to their opponent, man, our guys better bring it next week.

      • adam

        Buffalo would’ve destroyed SE Louisiana.

        • gastr1

          +1. SE La. has won 8 games since 2003–as an FCS team! You would be hard-pressed to find a weaker team to play in the top two tiers of college football; they compare to the likes of Savannah State, who has won four or five games in FCS in the last eight years or something, and Okie State beat them 84-0 yesterday. Mizzou and Okie State have no business playing these teams (and vice versa).

          Buffalo is vastly superior to SE La and would beat them by 35-40 points, easily.

          • adam

            I’m not sure SE Louisiana even got to practice this week. Many Louisiana schools rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled games this week. SELA is in Hammond, LA and they got hit by a hurricane is week. I doubt they could afford to go to Mizzou a few days early and practice there. They likely didn’t practice. Anyway, I don’t think much of what Mizzou did to them. Buffalo is in the MAC and has an all-new staff. We had no idea what to expect. Jeff Quinn isn’t a bad offensive coach either. Our game and Mizzou’s are apples and oranges.

            • gastr1

              In the end I think results versus these lower-tier teams are largely useless. Even for ourselves, you have to assume we’ll step it up next week even with the suspensions and injuries.

  8. Keese

    Man are we in trouble on the offensive line. They were getting pushed by buffalo.

    Told you guys Gurley was the real deal

    • Macallanlover

      He was excellent, great blend of power with a burst. In no way taking anything away from his glorious start, Marshall was an instant on one play, and a slight trip on another from having us all talking about the Dynamic Duo today. I am a little giddy about thinking of the two of them for three years+ roatating in and out of our backfield. Damn, now let’s get some big uglies to help protect them. (Speaking of protection, I am amazed that CMR didn’t jerk Gurley for whiffing on the block when AM was sacked. In the past, that would have been automatic. To his credit, it wasn’t missing his assignment just terrible technique.)

  9. shane#1

    Gurley will have to do a better job of blocking, can’t let your QB get hit like that. Hats off to their QB. He did a great job of reading the blitz in man coverage and knowing where the running lane would be. Better put a spy on Franklin next week and maybe dust off the cover 2. IMO they need to stay in the power I more. The whole O looks more comfortable in the power I and Murray is much more accurate out of that formation. This is nothing new. Plenty of good rbs and FBs. I like the way that walk on FB plays. I want to see a lot of the power I against MO. Not many Big 12 teams use that formation. I am a glass half full guy so here are the bright spots to me. Star of the game would be Gurley with honorable mention to Mike Bennett, Jarvis Jones, Swan, King, and Wooten. Bobo needs to run some plays early to calm Murray down. Murray gets too amped up and it doesn’t look like he is going to outgrow it.

    • Bobo needs to run some plays early to calm Murray down. Murray gets too amped up and it doesn’t look like he is going to outgrow it.

      That’s what all those receiver throws in the flat were for.

      • shane#1

        Oh come on Senator, I have to blame Bobo for something. I do like that little screen pass and Bennett blocking. Did he have a talk with Hines this summer?

        • Keese

          When CMR ran the show our offense was very very good at setting up and executing different screen pass plays. What the hell hapoened. Anytime we run them now they look sloppy and gets busted up every time.

          • DawgWalker07

            I seem to remember running them very effectively in 2007 and 2008 with Stafford, but then everyone figured out we ran a lot of screens and blew them up so we went away from them.

  10. lrgk9

    Boys, we all need to channel our inner Munson…

    It might be a looong night in Columbia. If Ogletree is out – its going be a cake walk for the ‘Tank’. I think I would seriously consider ‘Keying’ Williams on Franklin for the entire game.

    • CitadelDawg

      I guarantee, Franklin will get tee’d up on by S. Williams at some point next Saturday, unless of course he slides anytime he thinks he sees a 36. But I sure would like to have Ogletree back and set up as a spy on Franklin. Someone who’s at UGA needs to find Bauta and ask him how hard Ogletree’s been hitting him in practice. Might give away what we all want to know.

    • Texas Baller

      Who covers Green-Beckham??!!

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Let’s hope regression (progression?) to mean occurs next week for both Missouri and Georgia. Otherwise it may be a long, ugly night for the Dawgs.

  11. I want to know what Grantham said at halftime and bottle it because not only were the first five series of the second half punts I thought they were 3 and out.. The second half score was against players I truly had never heard of and I try to pay attention. Way to light the fire CTG.

  12. The other Doug

    I didn’t like watching Buffalo methodically drive the entire field. Our defense should be better than that.

    I also didn’t like seeing an amped up Murray. I was hoping he would mature some. Sigh.

    I see a healthy dose or Gurley and Co. wearing down the Mizzou D and the play action pass giving us some big gains. We just need the defense to show up.

  13. Biggus Rickus

    I don’t know if anyone else pointed it out, but in defense of the defensive line, they were held damn near every play. There is no excuse for the linebackers though (apart from Jones), as they were just plain shitty.

    • Cojones

      Agreed, especially one (in real time, not on replays) where the UGA D player was open to the QB and the back of his shirt was pointing at the attached Bulls’s hand. Saw others that were more subtle, but enough of them to account for some of the pokiness on our D from time to time. Also, I never saw Jarvis that he wasn’t double covered. Someone else had chances when that occurred.

      Why did some of our players cramp up (Herrera was one) while the Bulls haven’t practiced under these conditions and didn’t seem to tire fast or cramp up?

      • gastr1

        Because it was hotter in Buffalo than Athens all summer, per the experts upthread. Geez, Cojones, don’t you read the interwebs?

        • Dawgfan Will

          I actually agreed with you upthread, so here’s a rationalization to try on: they weren’t used to the heat, so they prepared better for it by hydrating, hydrating, hydrating. Our guys were more used to it and perhaps (foolishly) did not hydrate as much as they should have.

  14. CitadelDawg

    Great analysis. Arkansas 2010 was my definition of “Hot as Hades” at a football game, but I’m not surprised it was even more humid yesterday.

  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m trying to look at the team/game in comparison to the same point last year, rather than in comparison to expectations. I am mildly encouraged from that point of view. We certainly got out-hustled for a half, but I didn’t see any of the fundamental sloppiness that has plagued us since about 09.

    Once Coach Grantham said please and thank you, the defense was pretty lock down until scrub time. Once Aaron calmed down he was spot on.

    We cannot afford a half to get in tune next week, but getting college boys fired up is doable. A Mizzou player already provided some prime material.

    • DawgWalker07

      I’m glad we had a little bit of an opportunity to tune before next week. I’m confident that some of the issues we saw yesterday are going to get ironed out by next weekend. Of course, I couldn’t tell you WHICH issues will get ironed out, but I just know that some will.

  16. CitadelDawg

    Also, it seemed pretty clear that Jarvis stripped the Buffalo QB on that one play, and the refs just straight up missed it. Anyone else catch that, or have DVR and could confirm that it happened? I swore I saw him take the ball.

  17. Bubs

    Senator, I’m glad you didn’t cringe like usual when our fans started booing our guys. It was completely justified. If we, the fans, are going to devote our whole Saturday to getting out of bed and participating in the stadium with our football team, we should expect our team to do the same.

    Aside from a few guys, no one showed up to play. They thought Buffalo would tremble in the wake of their mighty #6 ranking and preseason accolades…but they did not.

    Some good things to take away from this are as follows:

    1.) How we respond to adversity. Granted, we were never down, but there were more than a few jittery/nervous Dawg fans at halftime (and I would be willing to bet a few players were feeling that way as well). If the D doesn’t make that goal line stand, it’s a 4 point game at haltime. The D stepped up at that point and after halftime did what we expected. Now, let’s try it for 4 quarters next week. No turnovers by the O even in their worst moments was also refreshing to see.

    2.) Buffalo moved the ball on a day in which the refs were extra blind. The D still gave up way too many yards, but there were some blatant holding penalties that were never called. 1 or 2 came on Buffalo scores, especially that first TD pass. Again, it is no excuse for how the D played, but it keeps things in perspective.

    3.) Special teams looked OK. That’s better than we could say last year, right? However, if it was not for Arty Lynch hurling himself at their returner, he may have scored a TD. Still, it’s a step up from last year when he DEFINITELY would have scored a TD on that return.

    4.) Freshmen. Gurley, Marshall, Theus, and Jordan Jenkins all stood out to me. For mostly 18 year old kids, they did a pretty damn good job in their first college football game.

    5.) The receivers impressed me, especially without Brown. Wooten is going to break a few big ones this year. I’m glad he is back. Bennett continues to be sure-handed and makes excellent blocks. King would have had a huge day if Murray hits him early, and still came away with 117 yards and a TD.

    This team is good and it could be great. I’ll reserve full judgment once I see how they play against Missouri.

    • Debby Balcer

      I cringed there us never an excuse for hoping your team. I was up at 5 am to be at the game and drove two hours to get there. Listen to the new video before the game starts about fans. It hurts us in recruiting when the fans turn on the players plus it is just plain old poor sportsmanship.

      • shane#1

        Agree, if you want to boo stick to the NFL, they are well paid for being booed. Fat, drunk, middle aged “fans” booing teenagers is beyond poor sportsmanship, it is gauche. Let the drunk frat boys be the jerks, adults should know better.

        • As drunk adult at “most” Georgia football games(it was too early and too hot yesterday) and a a former drunken frat boy I have never booed at our players …never have never will. The point shane#1 is get off the drunk frat boy image for two reasons (1) the idiot who sits near me that boos the most is a Dawg fan not an alumi and (2)those drunk frat boys are your Doctors and lawyers.

          • shane#1

            First, my apologies to drunken frat boys, I mean no insult to them. FWIW, my Doctor is a former drunken Sorority girl. My post went right over your head. Drunk adults don’t really bother me, unless they are sloppy and loudmouthed and use bad language in front of Ladies. In other words, act like drunk college kids, who’s behavior is no better than mine was at that age. Those Drs that you spoke of grew up, like I did.

          • gastr1

            Perhaps, but some of them are just drunken ex-frat boys.🙂

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Comparing a fan’s participation on game day to a players is really just asinine. Even if you are making minimum wage, the most you can claim is probably 20 to 40 hours (depending on family size) in “preparation” for game time. These guys put in countless hours of conditioning, practice, etc. into this every week.

              I tell you what…let’s go find your 18-22 year old daughter or son and get thousands to boo and ridicule them when they make a C on a test, miss a note at a recital, really screwup that oral report, or just mail in that research paper.

              People want these kids to be there for their entertainment. They aren’t. You are there for your entertainment; they are there because they earned it. Show some respect. The world has enough cruel consequences for failure without your piling on.

    • Castleberry

      You’ve never been in the arena. Those are kids out there. Put a sock in it or dont come back.

  18. Bulldog Joe

    Lots of QB contain work coming this week for our defense.

    Get lots of rest this weekend, Mr. Lemay.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    One weekend in, and Tennessee looks like the class of the East. Hopefully, that changes next Saturday, but I’m a lot more worried than confident at this point.

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know, the running backs looked pretty good….but the offensive line sucks…how is that possible?
    The toss is very effective when you have the right back for it…like Gurley.

    As disappointed as I was in the first half defense, I guess if you are going to have a defensive collapse, the first half is better than the second.

    Let’s all take a breath and ask ourselves just how fired up for Buffalo were WE…with a big game next week to have expected much else is slightly delusional. (oh, wait……)

    I don’t know about Connor Norman, but I thought Grantham was a genius, so he must have played the right guy….right?

    And if you really want to be depressed, watch the Bama replay wherein the Taaad eviscerates the football team formerly known as Michigan. If teams show the most improvement between the first and second games, Western Kentucky and Arkansas better get it strapped down real tight.

    And here’s the real question…..Is Buffalo better than Vandy? or Bowling Green? Or N.C. State?

  21. Doug in BR

    Looked like most of the players didn’t think they would have to work for a win. Robinson said it himself that they just wanted to get in and get out. Hope their lack of motivation fades quickly.

  22. dead crowd

    Yesterday was the 2nd home game of the Richt era to not sell out. The other was Coastal Carolina last year.

    These early kickoffs against crappy opponents are starting to take their toll.

  23. WF dawg

    Because it’s cathartic to me, a few observations, echoing SB and others:

    1. “I’m not convinced Gates is any more a true left tackle than Glenn was.” Truth. Learn quickly, John Theus.

    2. As much as we ride Bobo for not sticking with what works, he did call 3 consecutive screens, two in a row to King on the same side of the field. The man was taking what they gave him.

    3. Our MLBs looked woefully slow yesterday. I don’t know if it was lack of effort or lack of ability, but I watched CRob leave the picture on the TV screen while he was giving chase. Gilliard wasn’t particularly awe-inspiring, either.

    4. Speaking of needing Alec Ogletree back, I’ve grouped my personnel worries into three categories: 1) players whose suspension length is unknown (Tree, Rambo); 2) players with pre-Saturday injuries (Mitchell and Brown); and 3) players injured on Saturday (Theus, Malcome). My wish list for Mizzou availability would be in this order: Mitchell, Ogletree, Rambo, Theus, Malcome, Brown. After Saturday, I’d entertain a case for flipping the first two.

    5. I rank Brown last because the WRs are sneaky-good. Most SEC fans couldn’t name one of them, outside of TK, but Bennett, Conley, and Wooten are players. They won’t fly under the radar much longer.

    6. Love the new kickoff rules, simply because they help us address an area of weakness from last year.

    7. Good job avoiding penalties, esp. personal fouls. That stuff drives me crazy. Glad to see improvement here.

    8. Glad to see a DC that can make a half-time adjustment. Van Gorder used to be fantastic at that for us. During the Willie years, it all but disappeared.

    9. Pre-season happy talk is worse than weightless. “Our team, our year, no regrets.” “Like they’re keeping food from my family,” or whatever Jenkins said. Dude, if it won’t make you hustle in September, don’t repeat it to us in August.

    • Brian

      #9- WORD! So sick of all the pre season happy talk in Athens. Do something, then maybe I’ll listen.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Really with you on #5 — these guys, from last season up thru the UB game do not drop much within their armspan. This I like.

      #6 … I understand how it may be of advantage to the Dawgs, but a ball game loses a little something when no one can bring a ball out to create some havoc (ala Gurley). I’ll betcha most SEC squads have PKs that will send their KOs 8 yards deep in the endzone on every kick.

    • Bevo

      Well done. Good list and I agree with your comments.

  24. 69Dawg

    I would hope that CTG watched the Tide DL contain the greatest QB in B1G history, to hear ESPN talk. They seldom got to him but they held their space and kept him contained. He torched them on a couple of long throws but for the most part he was a nonfactor. We can’t bring the house agains a running QB or he will kill us.

  25. JT

    Didn’t out kick his punt coverage, sorry I have to disagree. I will have to go back and look at the TV copy but the gunners were 3 yds up field at the time of catch. The returner then has time to make the first guy miss a key to a good return or maybe my football education is off but I think the ideal punt is to have your gunners at the returners door step at the time of the catch limiting his ability to make the first man miss.

  26. OldDawg55

    My thoughts: Defensive line failed to maintain lanes..over rushed. LBs seemed lethargic or hesitant. DBs were pretty much on target..even blitzing. OL was adquate but didn’t maintain blocks well. Hope injuries there heal fast. Murrary will play and play big. RBs would worry any DCs..and they’ll get better. WRs look very good. Bobo constrained, wisely so.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      On one play I saw Herrera still with hands on knees/pre-snap position after the QB had already dropped into the pocket. The overall lethargy on display has me very concerned. But there’s no doubt this team has a lot of talent.

  27. ChicagoDawg

    These types of games are almost completely useless. They are as useful as reasing interview quotes from CFB players. At best, they are do no harm affairs (i.e. no injuries and obviosly no defeats). Just as it would be an over reach to conclude a 63-7 outcome foretells greatness it is equally wrong to think end times are near with result from yesterday. Of course, all things being equal we would want the lopsided, feel good pornfest of Dawgdom. Nonetheless, these games are not all that usefull for providing a measuring stick. Next week will speak much more to how hopeful or pessimistic we should be.

  28. I am not sure the fans were booing Georgia. Where I sat, we saw several members of the Buffalo staff trying to get the fans to cheer after a big first down for them. The students immediately started chanting U-G-A following the boos.

  29. adam

    Worth noting that we beat Marshall, another MAC team, 13-3 in 2004. Our next game was against LSU and we beat them 45-16. These things happen.

  30. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    As an FYI … Saw both Theus brothers this AM downtown going to breakfast. Nathan was in a sling and John was on crutches in a walking boot. Not sure if it’s a good sign or not, but the fact that John was even up & about I’ll take as a good thing.

  31. Merk

    ESPN reports that Shaw can barely life his arm…

    Looks like Lattimore is going to get ran into the ground before the first 3 games are over.

  32. Georgia Roads Scholar

    A few things:

    1.) I wonder if those last few drives before the half were the result of our defense being on the field so long in the first half. I feel like Buffalo had the ball much longer than we did– it seemed like every one of our scoring drives was keyed by a long play or started on a short field, and the others were three-and-out. Obviously such exhaustion isn’t good from an S&T perspective, but with better weather and more even time of possession, I hope it won’t be a problem next week.

    2.) The students have been catching heat for bailing early, but I thought their section was more crowded than last year. Maybe this is because I graduated only a few years ago, but I also can’t blame them for leaving early– standing in that heat with the sun straight on you against a weak opponent doesn’t really give much motivation to hang around.

    3.) Like everyone else has said, you can’t really take too much from this. We’ve had some really sloppy first games that led to much improved performances in game 2, and some dominating game 1’s that inflated our confidence. There were definite bright spots yesterday and definite areas of concern, which will hopefully be addressed. Next week will be a better indicator of this team.

    • adam

      Buffalo did win TOP. By quite a bit.

      • Ubiquitous GA Alum

        Getting 259 yards on 4 plays (100 yard kick return, 55 run, 67 & 37 pass) tends to skew TOP

        • DawgWalker07

          Yeah it really annoyed me that the announcers kept talking up TOP and Yardage at halftime but never once mentioned the 100 yard kick return. That equalized the yardage right there.

          • Coastal Dawg

            At the half Buf had doubled up our TOP. It evened out as the game progressed. The hurry up offense was working, almost too well in fact. I was surprised we weren’t rotating more on the d line. Jenkins and heathers traded series, but Washington, A Jones and Smith seemed to get winded.

    • dead crowd

      I don’t see how anybody can criticize the students considering the non-students couldn’t even sell the stadium out.

  33. The propensity to play to the level of the opponent continues. This is disturbing and I thought CTG would have it fixed. Obviously, Richt does not recognize the problem or, if he does, he doesn’t know how to fix it..
    It has been obvious from the pre-seasn talk, that no one,including the players, had even noticed that the Bulls were on the schedule.
    Alabama is in mid-season form or better. They threw the Wolverines around like they were chipmunks. As good as Alabama is, there’s no way I put Michigan in the top twenty.
    Prepare to hear volumes on how the mighty Irish have returned. It will get nauseating, I’ll gaurontee you that right now.
    As far as Georgia goes, things are never as good or bad as they look. I see a lot of good analysis here…thank you Senator….but I remind you all to peek at the first word in the title of this blog..”Bloviation”… We’re all good at that. Most seem at least a little dissapointed. A few are still expecting pie in the sky. Just remember, a lot happens with a team between games one and two.
    But I would really, really, really like to know how Saban gets his team so very polished this early. If you’ve ever noticed how he berates anyone who screws up (right on national TV..in front of the world) to the point of humiliation and I might even say, degradation, you might have a clue.

  34. Will AP downgrade the team again after this win just like in 2008?

  35. This is meant to be constructive…CMR is a good, Christian man. I am a Christian and I understand the gentle ideals that are set forth in the Beatitudes. Having said that, I think “turning the other cheek” (not beatitudinal, but a teaching of Christ) is proper on a personal level. But I would love to see CMR, just once, go onto the field and raise mortal hell with the referees., to stand up for his team against bad calls and no-calls by the officials. Just like in baseball. Even take a penalty if need be. Bobby Cox…CMR needs to pull a Bobby Cox and put the Mojo on these jerks. It’s not his cheek that is getting turned, it’s his players. I had an old preacher tell me to learn “to turn the other cheek” when I was a child. When I asked him what to do if they slapped me on it, too, he paused a half second and said “light into ’em!”
    But maybe I’m wrong. Tell me if I am.

    • Dawgfan Will

      He has done so, repeatedly. No, I can’t name specific games, but I have seen plenty of times where he has been in the ref’s ear.

      • gastr1

        No frigging kidding. All you have to do is watch the games, you’ll see him lose it on occasion. He tossed his headset halfway to the end zone after the SC fake punt last year, for example. He’s done that with refs before too.

        Get off the man’s ass about showing emotion. You don’t know what he does or says behind closed doors.

  36. Debby Balcer

    He was on the sidelines in the era of the ref the ref walked off and he followed but nothing happened. It looked like he was signaling that there was chop blocking going on but I am not sure.

  37. Debby, all coaches yell in the ear of the sideline zebras all of the time. It’s like water off a ducks back. It does nothing. They expect it. They probably wear earplugs. I’m talking about calling time out and seriously chewing out some ass in front of ninety something thousand Bulldawg fans and an national TV audience.

  38. AusDawg85

    Many of you need to watch a replay. The only 3 drives in the first half by Buffalo were due to a lack of holding calls, busted assignments on the right side of the D, and some lucky big runs by their QB. We do stop them at the goal line to end the half, and they do nothing until late in the 4th when the game is out of hand (don’t be haters just cuz we didn’t cover the spread!)

    And I DO blame Bobo. Seriously. Look at stalled UGA drives. The common theme is failed 1st & bombs. Sure, we hit one to Wooten that was a terrific catch, but we were about 1 for 9 or so on these. The quick hits to the flats, and a dominant running game were working…consistently. I’m not even sure why he felt the need to go deep…on first…so often. I get that it’s effective every so often. Keeps the D honest, we do have the QB and speed to make it work, etc. etc. But I think we put our D on the field too quickly at times when we didn’t need to.

    I’d swear we are the reincarnation of the old Raiders offense. Is Bobo some type of Al Davis disciple?

    • I’m not even sure why he felt the need to go deep…on first…so often.

      Because that’s what Buffalo was giving him! Seriously, if Murray’s on target early, that game is a rout and nobody’s arguing about it today.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Yep. Our guys were open downfield early. Why not go after it? If Murray had hit them, we’d have been up 3 TDs in no time and Parker Welch would have had as much playing time as Lemay did.

        Speaking of Lemay, the kid looked like a gazelle out there. Did anybody else realize he had wheels?

        • The Lone Stranger

          He is a nifty runner, but I would be more interested in admiring his throwing motion. His M.O. is as a strong-armed slinger.

        • Cojones

          Yes. That’s what sets him apart from the other QBs. He is our two-dimensional QB. Thought most everyone knew that. That would explain some diffidence shown him when some speak of Hutson. You are not alone and am glad you pointed to it..

      • adam

        Agreed, Senator.

        If you can hit a bomb and score on the first play on every single possession, you should. The defense will get tired, but I’m willing to bet that if the other team gets down 28-0 then 35-0… they’ll eventually start making some mistakes and the D can capitalize on those as well. The goal of the offense is to score points! My only problem with the deep balls was the Murray missed. This is his 4th year. That was disappointing. We should’ve easily scored about 40 in the first half. Easily. Bah.

        • AusDawg85

          Exactly…see my response above. It DOESN’T work. Not in proportion to what does work. Where’s that “balance” he’s looking for?

      • The Lone Stranger

        But haven’t we learned, AM is almost never on target early; and then when he is (SEC title game) his WRs are so aghast that THEY go in the tank!

      • AusDawg85

        No! With a success rate of what…1 for 9 or so?…this is not a great call. And each time it failed, the drive stalled. They were also giving us 5 yards per carry, quick slants, and WR screens too. When these worked on first down, we had drives that scored.

        Finally, why go “bombs away” on Buffalo when your team needs the work? Sorry, but the “1st & Bomb” meme re: Bobo exists for a reason, and it’s not because of it’s consistent success.

        • Off the top of my head, Murray completed three passes of 30+ yards, and two of those were TDs. So I think your math’s off.

          And if “bombs away”, as you put it, is part of your playbook, shouldn’t you be working on that, too?

          • AusDawg85

            Were those 3 on first down? I only seem to remember 1. I doubt either of us will want to go back and chart the plays (you posted a link to someone last year who does chart every play I think…) and being the opener against Buffalo, I’m not putting too much angst into this. And to be real clear…if you chuck 5 downfield deep and hit 3, I’m all for it. But if you go, say, 2 for 12, AND the 10 misses subsequently lead to stalled drives because of 2nd and long situations, then yeah, I’ve got a problem with pretending to be Air Bobo when we can grind’em down.

            Let’s just agree to watch how this develops over the season. 😉

            • Cojones

              Murray WAS 57%+ and heaved it long. If you consider nerves were the problem early, what’s wrong with the overall passing stats?

              Hint: Go to the FU game last year and watch how pinpoint his passes were and how stout his nerves were. Like Bobo’s selections, it comes and goes with differing games. Run the Auburn game by if you still aren’t convinced. Trying to nit-pick Bobo because of Murray’s nervousness, no matter what down, doesn’t give me any watching pleasure.🙂

              • AusDawg85

                OK…some stats from the box score at georgiadogs.com.

                Looking just at 1st down pass plays only. I’ll define “Short” as 15 or less yds; “Long” over 15 yds.

                Short: 3 – 6 Long: 4 – 8 (50% completion rate…whew, easy math!)

                1 drive with short 1st down pass resulted in a TD. 2 drives with mix of short and long resulted in missed FG and a TD. 1 long pass drive resulted in a FG, 1 resulted in a TD and 4 resulted in punts.

                One sack…hard to say what kind of pass attempt was in play.

                Read into those as you will. The running looked good all day. 😉

        • gastr1

          Only one was on first down: the TD to Wooten on the first drive of the 3rd.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I had flashbacks to the old Raiders too. AM reminded me of the ‘mad bomber’ QB Darryl Lamonica.

    • gastr1

      A lot of modern offenses are derived from Al Davis–to some extent ours as well, I think.

  39. wileycopy

    Anyone else see a bunch of glaringly bad non-calls? lots of holding went unpenalized throughout the game.

    • adam

      And block in the back, as well. Every time Jarvis beat his man on the outside, he got pushed down from behind.

  40. Minnesota Dawg

    Good posts on here, today. Think most of my thoughts have been pretty well covered. Can’t say I’m surprised about the very average look of our OL. To be honest, Theus looked a little better than I expected (hope that ankle feels a lot better today!), while the interior line looked worse.

    Biggest surprise/disappointment from a personnel standpoint was the ILBs. They looked tentative, slow, took bad angles, got caught up in LOS piles, couldn’t shed blocks, and were just generally bad. Very Martinez-era LB play from these guys. Even though he’s irreplaceable, we miss Tree a lot more than I thought we would. IMO, it’s a given that he will miss the next game, at least. Don’t know anything for sure, but to me the fact that Richt is playing coy with his status again signifies that he is out. In the past, when a guy’s suspension has ended or he is cleared to play, Richt makes a big deal of welcoming him back publicly and noting that he’s taken his punishment well (or something to that effect). Hope I’m wrong.

    Finally, I hope our lack of RB screens was a result of keeping the playbook extremely limited rather than a sign of our inability to run these plays. The one attempt that I saw on Saturday looked awful and potentially disastrous. An offense like ours really needs a few of these type plays to keep fast, aggressive defenses from pinning back their ears with abandon. Thought this was a significant void in last year’s offensive scheme, but am still hoping we can/will spring this on Mizzou, or whoever, as needed.

  41. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Sometimes, talented teams play up or down to the competition. That catches up to you eventually. I think this team believes in itself, but I wonder if they understand what they are capable of or what it’s going to take to realize that potential.

    What I love most about CFB is the way teams can grow (or in the case of rivals, unravel) over the course of the season. Whichever way it goes, I think it’s going to be a compelling story line.

  42. Turd Ferguson

    Watching the game again now … and damn, Dallas Lee got pushed all. over. the. place. That’s discouraging.

  43. Ginny

    Didn’t Alabama give up 21 points and over 300 rush yards to Ga Southern last year? I wouldn’t put too much stock into this game. Loved me some Gurley though. So excited to see him progress.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Me, too. I guess you could call me a “Gurley Man!”

      Thanks, I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

  44. I’m confused….Why is it not OK for fans to boo at college games? The players did not show very much effort, how else are fans supposed to show dissatisfaction? Not clap? Leave? Boos let the players know their current effort is unacceptable. If it is suppoed to be because they have given 100% “effort” on every play and it doesn’t work out, almost every post I’ve read on here is about lack of effort. It’s not the same as a test or quiz.

    As fans, and those that think they somehow have more “rights” b/c they are alumni, I say BS. I’d bet a majority of those in the seats at Sanford are fans not graduates. You guys sound like Techies with that crap.

    Bottom line effort on Sat was poor. Is the talent there, yes. The rest of the season will hinge on that effort.

    • Rhymer Dawg

      The reason fans should not boo at football games is because the kids that are playing are just young adults. They are allowed to make mistakes and they have coaches that know better than you or me how to get them in gear. They are paid to do those types of things.

      Just because you buy a ticket or even season tickets does not give you the right to get down on the team. It means that you sit there and encourage the players and be there for them when they play well and when they don’t play well. Your responsibility as a viewer, fan, or even alumni of the school is to support your team regardless of what happens on the field.

      I am shocked that adults just don’t get it. It goes both ways. You have to get up and scream your head off FOR your team. That pronoun is the most important part of this diatribe. Being negative FOR a bunch of college aged kids serves no purpose. You want to express your dissatisfaction then don’t come to the games. Conversely, being positive FOR your team is what generates matters. You want to express your satisfaction for a job that was well done then keep buying tickets and screaming your head off for the defense and telling players that they will get it next time.

      But before you get all upset over what I have said ask yourself whether or not you really are a fan and be honest. Because the definition of the word fan has no room for being negative and booing is most assuredly negative.

      • Rhymer Dawg

        Sorry, “…being positive FOR your team is what really matters.”
        Why I wrote “generates” boggles my mind.

        • Cojones

          Great post and it should be said after every game. You don’t have to be an alum to cheer the team, but if you are a fan, you don’t boo. It is the team of the schoo lwhere alums graduated with pride.

          CM, if you don’t respect our team, you disrespect us, hardcase..

      • boo bird dawg

        Are the fans “allowed” to boo the coaches? How about the refs? And who makes the determination of what is acceptable booing?

        What a ridiculous post.

        • gastr1

          Just stop the booing already. I’ll put it another way: You are booing college students who are playing without getting paid and to represent your university. Do you boo at a high school game? It’s not that much different. Show some class and just sit on your hands when things aren’t going well–the players get that silence is bad too.

          • boo bird dawg

            Good lord…let me try stating this differently.

            The boos aren’t for the players.

            • gastr1

              You know what a “distinction without a difference” is?

              • gastr1

                I’ll clarify: When fans boo the refs it is pretty obvious who the target is. How in the world are the players supposed to know you’re booing the coaches? Maybe that time they run the ball on 3rd and 20, yeah. All the rest of the times the coaches get booed it is indistinguishable from booing the players (and I’d say most are booing the players anyway. Like this past week. That was for the coaches? How was anyone to know?).

                • boo bird dawg

                  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on. There are plenty of times when players can mistake booing the refs for booing them. A good example is when the defense is getting shredded and ends up giving up a touchdown or two. But during the same sequence, the refs also made 1 or 2 questionable calls. The fans are letting them hear it. But who are they booing?

                  • Cojones

                    It’s a game, dumbass. Between schools, not between pros. Many players were in HS last year. At what age is your cutoff for booing amateurs?

                  • gastr1

                    Yeah, who ARE they booing? You just made my point: sometimes it’s clear, but the vast majority of the time it’s not, and I dare say the players and coaches don’t give a shit about your intentions when you boo in their general direction. You’re booing the whole UGA sideline because nobody’s sitting their analyzing the metrics to see which fan booed whom.

                    You get it now? Stay home and boo at your tv.

                    • boo bird dawg

                      And thanks for proving my point that you really think nobody should ever boo no matter what.

                      I’ll continue to boo when I want. Thanks for your concern.

                    • gastr1

                      No, I think fans should boo when it is painfully obvious that they’re booing the referees or the other team. Other than those times, STFU, in my opinion.

        • Rhymer Dawg

          You can boo who you want but you just look like an A**hole when you do it. You don’t have control over anything in the game, coaches, refs, or players so why do you feel to the need to interject audible swill. Your boos do nothing. Do you think someone is going to say, “Oh, man they are booing me, I should do something differently,”

          The sheer, or shear, fact that you can imagine that your boos actually mean something to anyone other points to nothing other than your egotistical narcissism. Get off yourself and realize that you don’t mean that much to the team, coaches, refs or other fans. Your boos are like opinions and opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. But it is your choice to show it. To borrow a phrase with a little twist from Abraham Lincoln, “It is better to be thought an a**hole, without opening your mouth and removing all doubt.”

          • boo bird dawg

            Yep, voicing displeasure towards a guy who makes $3+ million a year based in large part on fan donations is definitely not cool. Voicing displeasure towards the refs who have a direct impact on the game does no good. Yep, makes perfect sense.

            Now, do your words only apply towards opinions expressed at the game? Or can they also apply to opinions expressed on a blog?

            • Rhymer Dawg

              Once again they are opinions that you can to share with the world. Do what you want with them. But just know that what you say shows who you are.

              • Rhymer Dawg

                Besides I don’t see you getting on this blog just to say “Booo!!!! the refs.” Rather you seeming want to make some cogent argument which contains words other than a vomiting of the vocal cords. So do ask me if opinions can be expressed on a blog, that is ridiculous and a red herring. Rather you should be asking if it is okay to “boo” on a blog. That would make more sense and fix your argument. But it seems that you would rather fight with incoherence rather than actually try and see that what you are doing might be unproductive.

            • Dawgfan Will

              If refs cared about the opinions of fans, they wouldn’t be refs.

              And the only thing that would make any difference to a coach who gets paid as much as Div. I coaches do is if you (and everyone else who was dissatisfied enough to boo) don’t come to the game. When asses are no longer in seats, then the target of your dissatisfaction becomes obvious.

              Booing. Does. Nothing.

              • gastr1

                I think it’s ok to make the referees uncomfortable when appropriate. They may not care but they also might be influenced just the slightest bit the next time.

              • Tuck

                I couldn’t disagree more. The coaches hear it and they know what it means. And as for the immediate/long term good/bad it does is almost impossible to measure.

                IMO, your overwhelming desire to get people to stop booing is clouding your judgement.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Simple. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t motivate anyone to do better. All it does is create resentment in players against fans and make us look like a bunch of whiny pricks to visiting recruits.

  45. James Stephenson

    I know the defense did not play up to par, but Buffalo does have nfl sized linemen and at least the RB and Neutz will get a look on the pro level. Hell I liked both the Oliver and Neutz a lot, they are players.

  46. Rhymer Dawg – By your logic, if my “boos” mean nothing and have no effect on the game or players, then conversely my cheers will have no effect. You can’t have it both ways.

    I don’t think anyone “boos” the outcome as much as the effort, or lack thereof. After the SECCG last year I was proud of the team for the effort and way they played. BUT I certainly wasn’t the only one to “Boo” Crowell when he kept taking himself out of the game. Again, effort not results are what are booed IMO.

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