“I’m feeling pretty comfortable we can get a few guys back that weren’t able to play this last game.”

I know that Richt comment was made in the context of the availability of Georgia’s injured players for this Saturday’s SEC opener, but I’d like to use it as an opportunity to riff on it to a related point – the length of the Ogletree suspension.

Obviously, Vasser and Commings aren’t playing and for the record, I think Rambo will be successful in his appeal such that his suspension will be cut to two games.  Ogletree is the mystery.  I’m optimistic that he plays, but there’s no guarantee of that.

Anyway, Richt’s coyness on the matter has opened him up to some frustration from the media, which is understandable.  But after watching the Buffalo game, I get what Richt is up to.  Georgia’s ability to police the middle of the field – covering the underneath throws to the tight end, the delayed quarterback runs, for example – is much stronger with Ogletree than without.  That’s not to say that Missouri’s coaches are idiots who can’t factor that into their game planning; of course they’re not.  But their ability to rely on those types of plays will be affected by Georgia’s choice of personnel.  And that’s not something they’ll know with absolute certainty until game time.

I don’t want to make too much of this.  For all I know, Richt’s gamesmanship could be mooted because either Missouri’s offense is good enough that it doesn’t matter who’s playing inside linebacker or Ogletree unfortunately isn’t allowed to suit up.  But in the meantime, if being tight-lipped gives Richt an edge, no matter how slight, why not?


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    I think Richt being tight lipped means Ogletree doesn’t play.

  2. The other Doug

    I was OK with not stating suspensions prior to the start of the season, but now it’s starting to feel like a distraction.

    • Puffdawg

      A distraction to who?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Ohhhhh Mr. Puff…+1 Therein lies the essence of the question.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          I can answer that…it’s a distraction to the reporters covering the Dawgs and the game. I love Seth Emerson’s reporting, generally, but you can tell he is generally peeved about the lack of information on the suspensions. I assume that goes for others reporting about the program, as well.

          It really doesn’t need to be reported every single day that there is no update on the suspensions…but yet, it is the headline story for Seth on Tuesday. It’s like he and others are trying to prove the point that Richt needs to go back to giving them the information they want (or they are smartly being opportunistic in writing something that clearly rubs a nerve).

          • fuelk2

            Really? I generally find Seth to be pretty useless outside of repeating what is said to him. His lack of insight into what is actually going on is pretty remarkable given that is his every day job. Of course, he’s a real journalist so he can only report what he properly scrutinizes.

            • Cojones

              Then you don’t read Seth and you have no say in his reasoning. He has had good and honest articles and is a homer. His work has been one of excellent reporting while he takes risks in getting us to see events outside of the usual box presented by Georgia writers.

              The “Hale Hangover” never seems to go away for some Dawgs. He now reports for the team just voted above us in the AP if you just gotta go get a fix.

              Seth is a dependable reference for the Senator on several occasions and neither deserve spurious references by the likes of you and me.

              • Cosmic Dawg

                I actually agree with both of you. Seth does an excellent job reporting the basics, and I read him often, but can’t remember reading anything particularly insightful or recall him ever taking a surprising angle on a story that made me think past the routine. But I like his tone fine, and believe his role is more of a beat reporter, so perhaps its understandable, but he rarely pushes the envelope.

                • Cojones

                  Then you missed his continuing 10-day articles on the 10 MVPs for the Dawgs this year. He included two players who had not made the team yet; Theus and Morgan, and correctly outlined why they belonged in the most valuable. Blutarsky called attention to Seth at that time. He had other players listed that showed insightful knowledge of the Dawg Team. He didn’t list a few dependable and popular players because they didn’t fit the mold of MVP, although he did like the way they played.

                  He viewed the players in a differing manner than we usuallly see in our media pablum. He took a chance of being perceived as against some fan-popular players and deserves to be taken seriously and as honest. On occasion, he has held his powder until he had the legitimate facts. His articles from his one-on-one interviews often have tidbits not read elsewhere.

                  Not meaning to lionize Seth, just want to put you straight when you criticize unknowingly in a manner that can hurt his living as a journalist. Blutarsky will now pass out after witnessing my sensitivity about writers.

      • The other Doug


  3. charlottedawg

    here’s what i don’t understand, if the circumstances surrounding Ogletree aren’t clear cut enough that we know we HAVE to suspend the guy, why are we suspending the dude at all much less for two games. Play the Guy!!

    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think that is the case, or at least I hope not. If CMR knows he is guilty, suspend him immediately, if not, act when there is enough info. It could be they do know and are just being secretive to make opponents prepare for him, and that is fine with me. But if we are just being cautious because we “think” something may come up, I agree with you.

      • I think he has already suspended him and that Ogletree knows for how long and everyone that needs to know knows for how long… doesn’t mean he has to tell US.

        • Macallanlover

          I agree, and am pretty impressed in this day of instant communication, and wild rumors, that it has been kept quiet.

  4. Bill M

    I think its Time for McGarity and Richt to nut up and try and win this game. I think our chances of winning are greatly diminished without AO. Lets play him and win this damn thing.

    • Jrod1229

      So in your logic if a kid has a two game suspension you think CMR should pick which games suit him best?

      I’m amazed at what ‘fans’ would sellout just for a win in a game.

      • Bill M

        How do you know he has a two game suspension? If the CMR and AD McGarity act like they have some discretion in the length of the suspension then they should actually exercise it.

        “Sellout to win for a game”? are you serious? Of course I would when theres a chance we could lose this and ruin the best shot we’ve had at a great season in awhile. I’m amazed at what ‘fans’ wouldn’t do to be great when all programs around us are willing to.

        • Jrod1229

          Guess it’s a difference in morals.. I don’t want to win at all costs. Wouldn’t feel right. To each their own I guess.

          • stoopnagle

            Do you want to be in the SEC or the ACC?

            I think what we’re witnessing here is an admission from our people that our peer group isn’t interested in being transparent about player indiscretions nor in punishing said players with restrictions on playing time. We’ve attempted to lead the conference on this issue, but we’ve been re-buffed. So, short of leaving LSU and South Carolina and Florida to wallow in their own lack of morality (purposeful hyperbole), we’re adjusting our approach so as not to put ourselves at such a disadvantage.

            Hell, we already put ourselves behind the 8 ball with our recruiting approach. Why take it to the next level?

            • Dawg in Beaumont

              Not saying I disagree, but after watching the VT kicker (arrested in the off-season for breaking and entering) not miss a single quarter, I wouldn’t use the ACC as as example. Hell, literally half of the ACC Coastal is on probation currently.

        • Macallanlover

          You can’t be serious Bill. Why do you follow UGA if you feel that way? There are plkenty of unprincipled, win at all costs programs for you to choose. I can tell you with no hesitation, I will not be a UGA fan if we become like those schools. Let Auburns, tosu, Penn State, Miami, Bama, USC, etc., sell their integrity, I would rather average a win or two less a year and show it can be done the right way. Not your father but you need to re-read your post and think about what you really are. If you extrapolate that way of thinking to society it promotes totall anarchy where you do anything to anyone to get what you want. Not trying to be silly, but it fits your stated philosophy.

          • Bill M

            No offense man but I couldnt care less about what you think about me as a person. Its College football. I want to win and It’s a little bit embarrassing that our conference has won 6 straight championships and we arent included in that. How that applies to the rest of my life is beyond me.

            How is playing Alec Ogletree selling our integrity? I completely disagree with that point. Anyway, Mizzou will be one of your “win or two less a year” that you are okay with taking. Hope you enjoy it come Sunday.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              You want to win? Put on the pads and GATA, jack.

              Oh…you mean you want your team to win. Agreed. Let’s “Nut Up” and go “All In.” War Eagle…errrr….Go Dawgs!

            • Cosmic Dawg

              Mac used kid gloves with his comment and you came back with a flame thrower.

              The only way it applies to the rest of your life is 100%. Even if a person doesn’t always see his own bias or admit his own self-interest, at heart we all believe that certain things are absolutely right and certain things are absolutely wrong (stealing is bad, giving a hungry person a sandwich is good) but we make excuses when it’s *us* doing it and not the other guy. (You cut the guy off in traffic because you were late for a meeting, so it was justified, but you never think the guy who cut you off is late for a meeting – he’s just driving like a %@*#.)

              This has nothing to do with weed, by the way – most of the comments at GTP suggest a majority of us couldn’t care less if somebody wants to smoke weed. It has everything to do with keeping your word – or your law, or your rule, if you prefer. And applying that law equally to all the athletes.

              Richt and McGarity have decided that student athletes should not smoke weed. That is their belief, and that rule exists for the 2012 season. If they truly have a change of heart, independent of the situation, and want to change the rule, then I would celebrate with you. But if CMR decided to break the rule, “just this one time”, when in his heart he still believed in it, that would really disappoint me. And it would be unfair to other players who have been suspended for the same offense.

              The argument that our conference has won 6 straight championships and we haven’t won one has nothing to do with anything. If you believe that winning is the number one priority, then can we start teaching our players to break the legs of our opposition? Would you cheer for the school that did that?

              This is not simply a matter of “where you draw the line” – ie Auburn will let a booster pay Cam Newton but they will stop short of breaking your legs. It’s respecting the line once you’ve drawn it, and re-drawing it only when you’ve had a real change of heart, not just because you “want something”. “Wanting something” is the worst reason in the world for doing anything, and it’s the mindset that will eventually lead you to do anything to get what you want if the prize is shiny enough.

              “Well, we weren’t gonna break their legs…but it was the championship game, and we figured we would do it just this once…”

              • Macallanlover

                Well said, just because Bill may wear R&B, he simply does not get what it means, nor understand it would not have survived for over two centuries if it had his value system.

                I just wish he would go support another team, I really don’t want to be around people like him…ever, not just at sporting events. He is exactly what I wish would change about our society. We have to tolerate them but I don’t have to associate with them.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                Well Damn! I was being drawn to the dark side and then you had to post that. But your right.

                • Macallanlover

                  I am solidly in your camp about wanting the level playing field, that is the reason so many want to abandon our integrity. But that is exactly like the age old “but everyone is doing it Mama/Daddy” that we have all faced. You just cannot walk away from principles/value/integrity just because you want some short-term gratification.

                  Penn State did just exactly that, as have other programs, I just will not ever get there. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight hard for better enforcement and a level playing field.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    +1 ” You just cannot walk away from principles/value/integrity just because you want some short-term gratification.” Well said and you are spot on.
                    ” Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight hard for better enforcement and a level playing field.” College ball is morphing into semi-pro ball. Thank you very much Little Nicky. With as divisive as the SEC can be I see more folks following the Nicky model than the Mark model. How much can we really expect to change and not find ourselves on the outside looking in, bundled with the condolence that “we have our integrity”?
                    “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”

          • ZeroPointZero

            I love Georgia because I went to school there. I have no choice or regrets in being a GA fan. The fact is we play a game with different rules for every team out there. That is BS. Until there are rules to actually break then what the hell are we doing making our own strict rules? Just plain stupid and you can blame your boy Adams for it. Not sure what Tree did but it wasn’t B&E to get his pound of weed back. And that dude was carried off the field last night after kicking the winning field goal. Holy shit we are dumb.

      • charlottedawg

        Sorry but at the end the only thing any fan truly cares about is winning, whether they will admit it to themselves or not. short of doing something illegal, league or ncaa noncompliant or unethical (in which case playing ‘Tree is none of those) coaches and players need to indeed win at all costs. Sticking to some subjective moral high ground is a paltry prize for losing a critical game. And to any fan who says “no i care about these being good kids more than i do winning” I ask you how fondly you remember Joe T or Joe Cox, because those two were good kids, just kids incapable of winning.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I am not sure Richt has the option of choosing WHICH games a suspension applies to….so I think most of this argument is kinda moot.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Yep, absolutely. To the extent that the administration ties his hands by making certain punishments mandatory (especially when the rest of the league has different standards), then that is an administration problem that I’ve long-argued needs to be corrected.

          However (and I could be wrong), does the administration dictate WHICH games these players need to be suspended for? Around the country I see a lot of selective discipline by coaches according to which game is coming up. It’s a pretty blatant strategy–but frankly, I don’t really care. And are our conference brethren, who don’t even have those standards anyway, gonna bitch and moan about it? If so, once again, I don’t give a shit what they think.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Let me add some perspective…..”The SEC is special for many reasons. But at the top of the list is this: it is a ferociously competitive football conference. Nearly every school in the conference has a winning tradition, and everyone
          strives mightily to maintain it. If Ole Miss expands its stadium, Mississippi State boosters will call a hurried meeting and start raising money to do the same. If Auburn renovates its weight room, be assured that Alabama won’t be far behind. If Kentucky adds luxury boxes, all other SEC schools will quickly follow. Everybody seeks the slightest competitive advantage. Those found are quickly emulated. The biggest computer at the University of Tennessee is used by the football team to run its million-dollar video system. (See Chapter 14, The Video Guy.) Alabama’s football players live in swanky apartments, with queen-size beds. Alabama doesn’t care that much about the comforts of its athletes: the queen-size beds are a recruiting advantage.”

          I just want a “fair advantage” or a level playing field!

        • Cosmic Dawg

          I disagree, and am surprised to see you post this, given how much I’ve enjoyed some of your previous comments.

          What I care about first and foremost is having a program at my school where character is of greatest importance and a commitment to excellence in all things gives us the necessary motivation and tools to achieve a high number of W’s each year.

          Ogletree’s suspension is not the point – if he’s eligible *within the rules we’ve created for ourselves* – then of course he should play, and of course he will play. But it shouldn’t matter if he’s a walk-on or the starting QB. If he’s not eligible under the standards we’ve created for ourselves, then he should sit out.

          The “subjective moral high ground” you reference is exactly the sort of moral relativism that we are arguing against. Nobody’s saying we should put on a hairshirt, just that we follow our own rules. If our rules need changing, change them in February, not September.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          (By the way, I agree with you about not suspending kids for using weed, for instance. But the reason I agree is not because I want to win more games, but because I think weed is relatively harmless and the punishment is for a non-crime, in my opinion.

          But we’d better not start redefining what we think is bad behavior and the punishment for that behavior based on our need for W’s.

          • Cojones

            Yall know me and where I stand on marijuana intake. And many of you have no problem with it while others do, but this blog has had a great airing of that issue such that we all appreciate each other’s position on the subject. I have been most proud of the subjective Dawg opinions along with objective acceptance of where we are as a society on the subject. The subject as several of you have aptly put it, is whether we stand by the application of standards our University has set for students and players.

            It’s a question of whether you have the cojones to back your mouth play when it isn’t convenient. Yeah, yeah, we all are for us holding our flag higher than the standards of sister institutions, but why should we do that when we hurt our chances to not be visualized by others as having a NC team? It is because those standards are as much a part of what our University and it’s athletic teams are about as it is studying hard for a degree and practicing hard to achieve on the field. It is a part of the glue we alums and fans glom to in celebration of our University. Those standards for students and athletes are an inherent fixture of our character and any waffling as to it’s meaning is to demean oneself and is an attempt to pressure the University to demean itself. For what? To satisfy some Yahoo’s perverted take on what the NC stands for? Not hardly.

            The fans on this blog, not withstanding our manly exclamations of sex, cuss words, drinking and general scofflaw pronunciations, are the best in the world. We would not impose character assassination upon others (unless they attended Auburn, Tech, FU, SC, Tenn, or Vandy. And we owe Ken for two losses and Mizzou had better watch their step) or their institutions (unless it’s Auburn, Tech, FU, SC, Tenn, or the rest of’em).

            So Bill, let’s don’t be questioning the principles by which we operate and cannot change. Just sit back , relax (smoke’em if you got’em) and accept what is not to be changed in midstream, but look out for that big dick loss that’s coming at some time this season. If you feel that shouldn’t occur because we adhere to inconvenient principles, then you better spread’em wider because there is a bigger dick called life headed your way.

  5. Bill M

    And plus when has Richt ACTUALLY played someone after being this coyness in the past? NEVER. I agree with TennesseeDawg. Coyness = suspended

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I really think he was just referring to injured players (hopefully Mitchell among them), and that Ogletree doesn’t play on Saturday. And personally, I think our MLBs just had an off-day on Saturday. I expect them to look much better against Mizzou, even without Ogletree. Rambo seems to be a much bigger loss at this point, and he certainly isn’t playing.

    • Debby Balcer

      Ogletree has never been suspended for drugs so he should be back this week. The only “source ” for the length of his suspension was Rambo’s high school coach.

  7. SemperFiDawg

    Falls under the heading “Can’t hurt, Might help?”. I’m all for it, and could care less if the media is getting miffed.

  8. If UGA suspends players against the Zoo, then UGA is not at all serious in winning anything than perhaps the graces of Adams. However if UGAA and Richt already has the blessing for a grand goodbye to the Prez with a Championship then he will play all in SEC games + GT and suspend them for cupcakes + Kentucky.

    • Richt has already said they won’t pick and choose the games for suspension.

      • DawgPhan

        Is that the point of the “appeals” process? Dont appeal last week, miss Buffalo, appeal this week, play while on appeals, lose appeal miss FAU. could ADGM be gaming his own system? UF style FTW

        • No. My understanding is that Rambo was told to appeal his four-game suspension before the season in the hopes that it would be reduced to two. That’s the only appeal I’m aware of.

          • StuckNVA

            Was Rambo told the best he could hope for from the appeal was a 2 game suspension?

            Also, his “suspension” last year is very similar to Smith’s this year in which Smith was not suspended. So In effect, Rambo has served a two game suspension already.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Is this his decision to make anyway, boss?

    • adam

      Richt has already confirmed that our policy doesn’t allow him to pick and choose which games a player will miss.

      I still think these suspensions being more than 1 game is stupid. I hope they get to play.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Can’t one be serious about winning without selling out discipline?

      • Jrod1229

        Apparently not here.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          I think what ericdawg and Bill M are saying is that we need to go “All In”…because when they are arguing with their friends in suburban Atlanta or Columbus or wherever that are Auburn fans, it makes it harder on them.

          Who really cares about the development of these young men if it means I can’t wear a national championship T-shirt to my next BBQ?

          Anyway, there is a certain amount of pride in being able to wear the G and not have it associated with condoning criminal activity…as hard as the AJC has tried to paint with an ‘out of control’ brush, the simple fact remains that they can run a story about just about every other school winning using players that deserved to sit, but they can’t run one about Georgia. I don’t want to be Auburn…I want to win with dignity. I think LSU comes pretty darn close to doing that and there is no reason we can’t do it, too.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Since your enamored with LSU: “LSU’s official drug policy. First positive test: No suspension. Second: Up to 15 percent of games. Third: One year suspension. ” I wouldn’t have a problem with it and neither would my dignity. But “Who really cares about the development of these young men if it means I can’t wear a national championship T-shirt to my next BBQ? ” Who are you kidding? College football is a multimillion dollar business. And since little Nicky has come to the party it is now heading in the semi-pro direction. These players , many of them here not because they are college material but because they are football material, are here for player development. Not character development. That “character development” responsibility has been hashed and rehashed. Parents vs. public school etc. Whatever pleases you … pleases you. Name your flavor. For me I want a level playing field and we won’t get to one playing amateur college ball while the Sabans ramp it up to the semi-mark and we just watch. Nice to be noble. Those that can’t adapt to change are liable to get run over by it.

            • Cojones

              We aren’t arguing whether there should be the same rules for everyone here, we are arguing about principles and standards. We aren’t discussing our nobility, just the University’s. Does your “adapt to change” reference include pot, which is surely here to stay? Should we change our University standards midstream, would that mean you would change your family standards toward pot?

              Hard questions , but probably not as hard to understand as most folks have with trying to interpret why you and I are arguing opposite sides for maintaining school standards for pot. That has to be a hoot for regular readers on here. I think the overiding factor here is that Georgia is locked into law as a part of our standards. The school has no choice but to have standards that reflect current law. If a player gets slapped on the back of the hand for pot smoking (I think you and I are in favor of that), it would reflect the institution,supported by tax dollars,as sticking out it’s tongue at the law. That would not be lost on some of our recruits and would kick us in the disciplinary butt later.

  9. To Missouri, it doesn’t matter because we play “old man” football. Let’s GATA regardless of who plays and who doesn’t.

  10. stoopnagle

    I think there’s a meme here regarding Clemson which could be applied to the media. Right?

  11. AusDawg85

    You need look no further than TAMU to see how “selective enforcement” works. Player is suspended for first game vs. cupcake U, which is washed-out. Rather than sit this week vs. the gators, player will sit-out on the future re-match game.

    Thus, the suspension was the cupcake U game, not “first” game? C’mon man. If Tree is suspended for Mizzou, Tree and only Tree is responsible for looking his teammates in the eyes and saying “I f’ed up….don’t you do it.” Don’t put this on Richt.

    • Dog in Fla

      For Pete’s sake, the Aggies are trying to beat Boom’s ass. They prefer that you call it “relocated enforcement” rather than “selective enforcment”

    • The Lone Stranger

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • Cojones

      Aus- The suspension was already set for that game before Isaac swept through and they moved it to Oct. No fault on A&M. That game he was slated for suspension remains as the game the player is to be suspended. I say ,”Let him play.”.

  12. mwo

    It must be a plot by Richt, Bobo, McGarity, Adams, et al to sabotage our picks for the Fabris pool. How do we pick a noncupcake game without knowing who will be playing? UGA is the reason I quit playing parlay cards in the 80s. Lay the points, and they barely squeak by, take the points, and they blow them out.

  13. Jrod…I can’t speak for any other UGA fan, but you should be aware that UGA’s policies regarding suspensions are the most rigid and damaging in the NCAA. If all of our opponents suffered the same playtime consequences, then nobody would argue about our sitting stars. However, in the interest of cosmic justice and balance, I would allow them to play in the games of our coaches’ choosing.
    Also, self righteous comments like yours irritate me. You must be a closet Auburn waggle

    • Jrod1229

      You got me… obviously I’m a closet Auburn fan.. was so difficult to hide.
      And yes I am aware of our policies.. love you phrasing that we have the worst in the NCAA (not true at all), yet 2 other schools in the conference have our same policies.
      At the end of the day if UGA were to sell it’s soul for a NC and get that way by having suspended players and thugs running amok on the team.. I’m good (I take pride in not being like Florida). I grew up in Kentucky and today still support the basketball team.. obviously some would say they have a known cheater as the head coach. Believe me when I say if you sell out and don’t win, life sucks way worse. Even when you do win you wonder, or wait for the hammer to drop.. or maybe I do, cause to me there are more important things than winning.

    • Jrod1229

      Ask one question.. would you want Urban Meyer leading this team right now? Cause thats basically what I’m seeing.

    • Jrod1229

      One final note.. I’m extremely against our current policies (but Richt can’t change that).. and in general I’m hugely against any suspension for weed (see previous post).. but given the rules I don’t think we should selectively enforce them.. thats all. I like that we are consistent across the board.

  14. Will Trane

    I have never understood why a coach suspends any player for a school or team violation. Who do you punish? The player. Yes. But you also punish the other players, coaches, supporters of the program, and the University at large.
    For me their punishment would not be for a game or two. I’d take away some of their free time and put them is some kind of class, program, or activity for the balance of their commitment.
    Change the culture, but that is very difficult today.

    • Dog in Fla

      “I have never understood why a coach suspends any player for a school or team violation.”

      According to MFA and his publicist, it’s all made up and self-flagellating

      • Good grief, WT…ninety percent of the suffering in the world is because somebody else couldn’t do the right thing. What are we going to do? Let everyone out of prison because it’s punishng their moms, kids, friends, etc? In the end, having rules and enforcing them is what we call civilization,(well, that may be an overstatement, but I hope you get the point). Redemption and consequenses are the left and right track of a straight road..Plato (he was big on train metaphors).

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Does this mean that some of our SEC brethren are uncivilized? 😉

        • The Lone Stranger

          I tend to go with Duderonomy: ” Ever thus to to deadbeats.”

          • Cojones

            Damn, Stranger. You gotta quit drinking the Old Methuselah.

            • Macallanlover

              I don’t know about that, if it is old and drinkable, I am probably going to be in that line occasionally.

              • Cojones

                Post combat medicinal whiskey is brewed for the Armed Services. When in the Army, I had a drink of whiskey with the label: Old Methuselah. It had just been reprieved from our company safe where it had been kept throughout a 2-month Alaska manuever called Operation Polar Siege. You don’t have to think very long to know what we were doing simulating combat in Jan and Feb. ’65. (beating the commies to the draw at ground arctic warfare). We were a medical support unit for the field manuever along with a MASH unit in support of us.

                The manuever was ended and we partied with Princess Patricia’s Canadien Light Infantry (with plenty of Canadien Club), the MASH unit (with plenty of hot nurses) and the supply support group (who furnished the fresh orange and grape juices to be mixed with the grain alcohol) by liberating the 1-gallon can of grain alcohol (used to mix cough medicines) and the bottle of Old Methuselah from our safe. Great whiskey taste shared with other troop commanders and the doctors in my unit as well as the Mash surgeons. Our after-action report would show that the safe was left open inadvertently while trucks were in convoy and the following truck ran over the booze containers. We had the flattened gallon can with 2 1/2 ton tire tracks on it as proof of the accident that was used to rerequisition the grain after returning to our Post in Wash St.

                Old Methuselah also is a bottle size of about 6 liters, it refers to aged whiskey of all labels, but for the life of me, I cannot find a distillery or label by the name of Old Methuselah. I remember the label as plain as day, with a grizzled white-haired Moses-looking character on a dark background of trees/mountains.

                DIF, your father may remember it after bomber missions. Every plane had a bottle in their safe that was usually shared by the crew after some missions. Now it’s just a distant taste memory that can only be satisfied if someone sends me a bottle of really old stuff.

                Mac, you would have really appreciated it. It had a God-awful proof that made you dizzy just smelling of it (or it seemed so at the time).

                • Macallanlover

                  That sounds like tough stuff, guess I am glad I missed that particular mixture. I like consistency and sounds like that libation would taste different every time you tried it because the ingredients would vary. The hot nurses have great appeal though, and variety enhances that thought greatly.

  15. Mudcat's Impala....

    FWIW…since we can only travel with 60 players per SEC rules, Imma thinking if Rambo & ‘tree board the plane Fri. a.m. they’ll play…

    I’m sure the AJC, ABH, Seth etc. will be at Ben-Epps to see who gets on the plane & report it Friday…JMHO…

    • Macallanlover

      Are you sure about that? I thought you could only dress 60 players, didn’t know there was a limit to who got on the plane. You may be right, just thought there was a time when players traveled that were injured and couldn’t play but that rule may have changed since then.

    • Governor Milledge

      Still… if they’re being this coy, why couldn’t O & Rambo board the Adams/McGarrity separate plane?

  16. I say let em all play. It’s just a little weed for goodness sake. I’m serious. I’d rather win, regardless.

    • Cojones

      Most of feel that way, but the rules on substances are from the University and not Richt. He has to adhere to UGA rules. Tell your story to Adams.

  17. I think part of the contract renewal to play in Jax was the city of Jax paid for the team to fly out of Ben Epps to shorten the time it took the team to get down to Jax. No bus ride to ATL, get on the plane, flight down, bus to World Golf Village etc. That way it more closely matches the gator ride in from Gainesville.