Still Chantastic

It looks like Georgia Tech may have to reset a few of its 2012 goals.  Tough noogies.  But at least the Jackets have spiffy new unis!

Mark Bradley haz a sad.

StingTalk is its usual self.

Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog puts the blame for last night’s loss where it belongs – which is not on Tevin Washington’s shoulders.


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  1. Why does Bradley continue to call the potential victories for Georgia Tech “famous victories”? I’ve never heard that phrase before, but he uses it twice in the article.

  2. BeardDawg

    After reading that Sting Talk thread, I can see the old joke still rings true. What do Georgia and Georgia Tech fans have in common? They are both obsessed with Georgia football.

  3. Merk

    “5) I’m now officially for the first time long term pessimist on the Paul Johnson era going into the future. The triple option IS a gimmick and it IS getting reliably owned by anybody with a pulse who has time to prepare. ”

    Damn one of them finally gets it. I’m glad that didn’t take too long.

  4. Stoopnagle

    I was wondering what PJ was going to have to do this year (if anything) to not share the couch with Mark Rick (sic). Looks like it’s all in on the Georgia game now.

  5. Boring game. I thought VT’s offense mailed it in. The last drive was about the only half-way impressive thing I saw. Beamer doesn’t seem exactly on top of things. He praised his QB’s performance.

  6. heyberto

    Just what will it take to put Paul Johnson on the Hot Seat? Not that I care or want him to be, I’m genuinely curious what it will take. I see fans getting up in arms year after year.. But when does GT no longer think he does good enough to live up to their standard?

    • Macallanlover

      I have wondered the same thing, the guy has put them in a “no win” box from which it will be difficult to escape. They have recruited players to fit their offense, their offense is one dimensional and consistently loses to the better teams, and if, and when, they abandon PJ they will be evem more irrelevant and stuck with parts that don’t fit modern “automobiles”.

      I honestly thought he might try to break out some variations and “freshen” the offense to give them some hope but The Genius was beaten again and looked pretty foolish doing so. I don’t care of the nerds much, they are just pathetically annoying while not being a serious threat but I did think they were smarter than to let what remained of the GT football program fall to a point where it will take a decade to get back to anything above mediocrity….if that is possible. When I saw the same old, same old, I knew they were destined to another low level bowl. 7-5 or 6-6 is about all there is for GT fans, I guess they like it.

      Am I the only one that doesn’t get all the Logan Thomas love? Maybe all
      6′ 5″/6′ 6″ QBs get respect because they fit the NFL prototype but this guy has never shown he can deliver. I saw one game where he bulled over outsized defenders on 2-3 straight plays but that was it for his highlight reel. Admittedly I don’t watch more 3-4 VT games a year but he looked even worse last night. The announcers loved him, Beamer was OK with him, and VT callers on radio feel he should be a unanimous pick for AA. I am just glad they have him, I would hate to rely on him to lead UGA this season, in fact, I would hate to have him as our backup.

      • heyberto

        Exactly. They’ve committed to this scheme by hiring him.. they’re already handicapped in recruiting just because they don’t have the money/facilities like the big boys do and now they’re adding the triple option recruitment problems on top of that. If they ever make a change, they’re in trouble unless they find another triple option coach, and I don’t forsee them getting a better overall coach than who they have. The rebuilding that would need to take place after they part ways with the triple option would be enormous. So they almost have to stick with him, so why would there really be a hot seat? I think even the Sting Talk contingent know that ultimately they’re in a losing situation for awhile. I’m not saying he won’t squeak out a great season every so often, but it will be a surprise, and the schedule and opponents will have to fall the right way for that to happen.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I disagree. I think that the triple option can work and work well. Tech’s problem is Johnson. They thought that he was a genius but he really is an idiot. He regularly loses close games against comparable opponents by making stupid end of game decisions. Last night is just the latest example.

    • Beer Money

      You forget, people have to care about a program for their to be heat on the seat.

  7. What a contrast…the way Beamer handles discipline as compared to CMR.
    The VT FG kicker convicted of breaking and entering. Not dismissed from the school, not dismissed from the team…not even suspended for part of this year. It has (reportedly) been the source of a lot of dissension in Blacksburg.
    I guess Beamer feels vindicated after winning on a OT FG last night.
    I’d rather have convictions and self respect.
    Sadly, I believe most coaches are more like Beamer than Richt in these matters.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      In real life, isn’t this (almost) always the way? The shady, unscrupulous decision gets rewarded, and the scumbag (the B&E was supposedly the straw that broke the camel’s back in a long series of misdeeds by this guy–which is why many VT fans couldn’t believe Beamer allowed him back) gets to play the hero.

      • What fresh hell is this?

        We’ll see how that plays out in the long run now that every VT player knows that even a felony won’t get them suspended.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Beamer has turned a blind eye to bad player behavior for the last 20 years without much consequence. Admittedly, this guy’s behavior is a lot more transparent and public….but if they keep winning, nothing will change. Like some other big-time coaches, Beamer’s reputation as good guy, straight arrow is largely myth. He is very good at “managing” problems inside the program and without much public attention.

          • Cojones

            He certainly had me in the camp of “good guy, straight arrow”. Other than this kicker, what else are his transgressions against the “myth”? The reason this is even a subject of interest is because most of us fell into the “gg,sa” camp and this is his first public transgression in discipline that I can remember. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

            I am seriously asking about his other transgressions.

            • MinnesotaDawg

              Well, I’d rather not get into too much detail here, but let’s just say that there are a number of parallels to the football culture at VT and the culture that has been exposed in the last year at Penn State. Namely a head coach that does his best to have academically, behaviorally, and legally troubled players stay on the field, an administration that has enabled, empowered, and aided these efforts, and a very football-minded fanbase that (for the most part) has been willing to trust and put faith in the coach anytime such allegations find light.

              My understanding of the VT program and these issues has been more enlightened from information from a close relative, who is a former faculty member at VT, and a long-time friend, who is a current member of local law enforcement in Blacksburg. Beamer and Tech officials are apparently very heavy-handed in their relationship with Blacksburg and Montgomery County police when it comes to player-related problems and their desire to make things go-away from an official stand-point. And the local cops generally play along–unless it’s a special circumstance or the issue becomes public in some other way. Think the opposite of the A/CC cops and UGA.

              This treatment is rationalized by Beamer as being a “keep it in the family” or “I will protect my ‘family’ type deal, but it has gone on a long time. In addition, when necessary on campus issues/crimes are usually kept out of the papers/public by use of secret and private judiciary hearings. Apparently (from my friend), within the past year and half, on two different occasions, prominent members of the football team were caught with pot and the same item that ended the UGA career of a certain running back–but nothing happened–no arrest, no public attention, no suspensions, nothing. As for particular players, the Vick brothers (even before Marcus got thrown off the team) and DeAngelo Hall immediately come to mind as big-time players for whom Beamer apparently frequently covered. It’s pretty well-known in the area that Vick’s dog-fighting ring didn’t begin when he turned pro and that Beamer and the local cops were well-aware with what was going on. There was a collective sigh of relief from VT officials when Vick copped a plea for his crimes, instead of going to trial where some of this might have finally come out.

              I won’t be surprised if VT is eventually busted by the NCAA for something, maybe even cover-up related, but it hasn’t yet and may not ever. If it does, I’m sure most of the regular characters will be scratching their heads with disbelief because they thought that Beamer was such a stand-up guy.

              • Cojones

                I swear I’m not picking a fight and thanks for the info. I question how secret things are if your friend knew everything. Of course, it could be secret to the media if everyone in the VT community keeps it among themselves. Your report would counter that notion unless you were a part of the VT community.

                Doesn’t the NCAA test them for pot without warning? If Vt tested some players as positive, is there any reason to assume that the NCAA wouldn’t eventually out them? The reports of coverup could mean that some players participated in pot smoking (i.e.; Spring Break) and it was gossiped about, but not confirmed by test. That would be normal. You did say that they don’t publish secret “trials” (my quotes) concerning pot smoking and I say we should borrow that for our team. The problem would be in the punishment if you go against University-imposed rules. You imply that guilty punishment was on the sly as well. I question that being held secret and away from VT administration with so many having to know in that process.

                I too have a good friend who earned his PhD at UGA and is a big-time Dawg fan and who went to the faculty at Blacksburg where he later retired (another school in Carolina later opened up his retirement in order for him to set up a department in our shared science at their Med School). He is not aware of Beamer’s transgressions, but confesses that scuttlebutt could be right on some points (complicit in knowledge of the Vicks’s transgressions such as off campus parties in their apartment(s)), since some were publicly reported. That would be akin to blaming Richt for Crowell’s gun possession.

                Thanks for your reply.

                • Minnesota Dawg

                  You’re welcome. I understand that until someone or several credible people go on the record to out the program or Beamer relating to a particular event or player or issue, all this stuff could be characterized as rumor, scuttlebutt, or innuendo. But because something isn’t reported in the paper, outed by ESPN, or on the public record, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true or that it is super secret (I don’t think that I’m privy to anything that more than a few people already know or suspect).

                  Not only is Beamer a pro at keeping things on the down-low, but principally, it goes back to a culture and a community that it extremely insular and supportive of its football program and its thirty-year head coach (also an alumnus) to the extent that, at a minimum, there is probably a willing blindness for those in the know when it comes to certain aspects of the program. IMO, another part of the community that knows about this stuff simply chalks it up to “this goes on everywhere” so why cause a stink. You have to understand that this football team (and, by extension, this man) has given this university a strong national identity that it didn’t have 30 years ago. And graduates, many of whom stay in Virginia and the surrounding area, take great pride in this recognition and support of their school and their team. There is not a long line of VT people who would be willing to tarnish that reputation, the program, or the coach by going on record–no matter how true those allegations were (especially after the Virginia Tech shooting when solidarity towards the school among students and alums grew even stronger).

                  As an example, my “sources” would NEVER go on record with their accounts–not only because they wouldn’t want to hurt the University, but also because they would become pariahs in the community. And I’m not personally interested in outing Beamer or detailing specific accounts or players beyond the few names I’ve mentioned (yes, some pot use, but primarily other types of criminal misbehavior). I’m happy enough to leave it as rumor or scuttlebutt as far as others are concerned. But, considering the sources, I definitely believe the stories that I’ve been told, and it has colored my opinion of Beamer and the VT program.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    With Tech leading and only :44 remaining in the game, I still would have bet good money that they’d lose. It just seemed inevitable, even despite how terrible VT looked.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      You would have thought that Frank Beamer didn’t know how to coach either based upon McDounough’s falling all over himself of their clock management.

      Why didn’t he use his timeouts? They are soooo stupid. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.

      There is a reason you save the timeouts for offense if you can. They needed all 3 of them. Those announcers sucked.

      • Cojones

        Speaking of talking heads, those guys look like they just arrived from the RC and to a funeral. If you really want to have a laugh, next time the Bozos are on camera, shut the sound down and watch. It’s a beer worth of fun each time and affords a humerus interlude to the funeral.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Right on IRF. You save the timeouts for when you are on O. If you use them on D the other team adjusts to that. Sometime calling TOs when the other team has the ball actually helps the other team. Sean McDonough is a moron.

  9. Smity

    Bradley’s headline “coulda” been used countless times for Tech since I was born at least!
    “Georgia Tech coulda/shoulda won this, but somehow it lost”

  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Of the ill fated INT in OT, Washington said, ““I was trying to throw the ball away,”

    Thing is the ball was a good 5 yards in bounds and 2-3 yards short of the endzone. Perhaps next time he should aim at his receiver to ensure that he has no chance of coming close to anyone in the field of play.

    • stoopnagle

      Actually, despite that throw, I thought the tech qb looked competent enough through the air for most of the game. They got into a “have to chunk it” situation and found success.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Say what you want, but when I heard the explanation of that play, I knew how much coaching has improved at Tech…they’ve finally learned to throw it away on 3rd down instead of 4th down.

    • Cojones

      If he was out of the tackle box, he had to get it back to the line of scimmage, which he did, but 2 yds short of target ob throw. If I remember correctly, he was being tackled at the time.

  11. VT and UGA seem to be in a parallel path. They both cannot wake for their early season games. Then they wake up and win their division. It’s probably that “old-man football” mentality.

  12. Irishdawg

    Logan Thomas looked awful until the end of the game last night. VT was clearly the superior team physically, yet very nearly lost the game due to spells of team bed shitting.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Either V.T. or Michigan or N.D. are the most consistently overrated teams each year and I have trouble putting my finger on why. Although, I suppose, the cynic in me (and he is strong) reveals that it is related to media markets.

  13. MinnesotaDawg

    This game once again provides an example of why you never want to give a team a chance for a final minute drive to tie/win the game, no matter how “improbable” it might seem. Their offense has been awful? Doesn’t matter. But our defense has been shutting them down all game! Forget about it. I know that GT didn’t have a choice here (in giving VT the ball with 44 seconds), but the final (non-OT) drive illustrates the point.

    Defensive coaches and players seem completely clueless when it comes to defending these situations. That, coupled with the offense having an “extra” down and the clock stopping after every first down, makes these situations perilous for the team with the lead.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Unfortunately, the outcome in this one hinged on one player, Sweeting #6, largely and his inability to cover up that slant from the slot.

  14. mg4life0331

    I secretly pulled for GT last night in hopes of ruining their high ranking at the end of the season. You guys forgive me right?

  15. What fresh hell is this?

    Neither of these teams should strike fear in the hearts of anyone.
    Truly pathetic.

  16. Comin' Down The Track

    Our schedule is very favorable for us to go into Mutt game with 7-8 wins. I don’t see us beating Clempsun and a Painfull Painfull [sic] beatdown in Athens awaits. Only thing that can kill my pain is Mizzo [sic] thumping the Butt Sniffers this weekend.

    Translation: You are an obsession, I cannot sleep
    I am a possession unopened at your feet