There’s game prep. And then there’s game prep.

Check out what Washington brought to today’s practice in preparation for this week’s game at LSU.


Sure would have loved to have seen the Washington players’ faces when they came to practice and caught that.



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27 responses to “There’s game prep. And then there’s game prep.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I bet they did their calisthenics and wind sprints with a little extra enthusiasm.


  2. Spike

    Fake juice…


  3. Newt

    Sark should pump in an insane amount of crowd noise and the smell of corn dogs, just to give his team the full treatment. Maybe have student trainers throw empty bourbon bottles at them during practice, too.


  4. DugLite

    Gonna be a long ride home after the game.


  5. William

    They need the angry mob shaking their bus as the ride up to practice to be authentic. IMHO.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “LSU obviously has its own tradition of live tigers.” So did Siegfried and Roy


  7. dboy

    They need to bring in 3-4 top 5 recruiting classes to have any hope. That tiger is stirring the crystal light.


  8. The 300 pound tiger is the least intimidating part of going to Baton Rouge.


    • Dog in Fla

      Amen. At least Mike’s in a cage


      • BMan

        Yep, between a 300 pound tiger and a 300 pound Cajun, I’d take the Tiger. And I’m not even talking about the LSU players.


        • Puffdawg

          So many directions to go here:
          – At least the tiger has teeth.
          – I think I could communicate more clearly with the tiger.
          – they should have brought in some local 8 year olds to hurl profanity laced insults.


  9. curiousdawg

    washington huskies trying some cajun voodoo. maybe they thinking LSU won’t cross the 50 yard line


  10. lrgk9

    Hmm Da in De Pah?
    Da Be Ah Tygah…


  11. Lucy Bobby: “So how was your day practicin’ with the team?”, Ricky Bobby: “Well let’s see. I got mauled by a tiger, I didn’t learned nothing about no football, and my Crystal Gayle shirt is ruined, and… Other than that, it went fine.”


  12. Macallanlover

    I will be convinced they are ready, and “man enough”, when they one-up Jackie Sherrill and cut a tiger’s balls off at practice.


  13. Cojones

    Didn’t say whether it was male or female tiger.

    You could throw in a bunch of linebackers and the one who castrates him, starts. Of course, if it’s female, none of them would leave until she’s exhausted.