PAWWWWLLL thinks the Dawgs are going down.

If you’re interested in such things, talking with a Missouri sports talk radio host, Finebaum’s predicting the upset.

09052012113233.mp3 (download audio link)


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67 responses to “PAWWWWLLL thinks the Dawgs are going down.

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    “…always been questionable on discipline”

    I guess Pawl would know having primarily covered Bama and Auburn for so many years. Gee wiz.

  2. fuelk2

    Shocking development!!

  3. SouthGa Dawg

    Remember, part of Finebaum’s song & dance is to take a whizz on UGA and UT whenever he can. Paul’s minions love this talk. Although he does have a point – Georgia hasn’t been relevant since the Bama beatdown in Athens. Also, don’t expect Finebaum’s tune to change if Georgia wins. Just win every week and don’t let the F-Bomb get under your skin.

  4. Skeptic Dawg

    Given the number of suspensions, the questions on the O-line, and Murray’s up and down play…a loss to Mizzou should shock no one. Now you have to question the D based on Saturday’s lackluster play as well.

    • Billy Mumphrey

      It’s not the prediction, it’s the package it’s wrapped in. Dude is just pure shock jock.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Are you are conveniently forgetting all our injuries, the large number of untalented walk-ons we are playing, and the fact that we are returning the worst special teams units in the SEC?

    • Puffdawg

      So, given the deck is stacked against us, I take it you’ll be impressed if we win? Painted into a corner, FTW!

    • Dawggonefan

      You may be a skeptic but I find it hard to cll you a Dawg Fan. I found a few last year that called themselves Dawg Fans and in the same sentence were hoping for a losing season just so Coach Richt would get fired. I suppose there are some of that group still around.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    PAWWWWLLLL, erybody knows Tigers are mucher bigger animals than dogs. It’s common sense they’d win.

  6. I hope Mr Finebaum and myself (I predicted a loss weeks ago) are both wrong. I’ll be in Columbia cheering my ass off for the Dawgs but it smells like Colorado. They ain’t just going to lay down and I expect they’re just going to want the win worse than us. PS If Rambo and Ogletree both play everything I just said is bullshit.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Don’t let the stench of Colorado color your cheering style, man! I have a feeling you will not. This one does not give me that feel. I sense that the defense is keyed for this one, and I like the toughness of the running game a good deal better.

      • Merk

        Remember that the Colorado game was coming the week after a close lose to Ark. Also we were getting AJ back, so I assume many players thought it would be a cakewalk. This game we are coming in with many starters out, so I would expect most players to see this game as a anything but.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Yup — I gotta believe the squad is locked in with focus.

          • Peteydawg

            Locked it with focus? Lol…. Point out the last game we locked in focus, also point out a game Murray didn’t crap the bed and miss wide open receivers. Bad taste in my mouth about this one boys. We need tree and bo back. Just do it richt. Evil richt rises!

      • I’m not getting that feel either from this one. Colorado, at least in my eyes, was an all time low. I think our defense, even with the suspensions, will turn some heads this weekend. I have not had a chance to re-watch the Buffalo game, but I do suspect that our defensive play calling was “dialed back” in order to mask our true abilities to handle a mobile quarterback. We really didn’t have anything to gain by a lopsided blow out win over Buffalo, but much to lose by showing our key defensive schemes.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Colorado, OK St, MSU, Boise, Central Florida…

      I feel like we’ve become the go-to “signature win” team

      • rocksalt76

        It pains me to say, but add WVU to that list as well. ESPN got more damn mileage out of the highlights of our Sugar Bowl loss to West Virginia than a Chevy Volt piloted by the Energizer Bunny shotgunning Red Bulls.

        • The Lone Stranger

          That’s nice work. And the 2005 Sugar Bowl is stilll the loss that stings most for me. Mostly because I am damn certain that had that fake punt been foiled the Dawgs were headed in for 6. Second half Big-Mo was squarely against WVU then.

          • Jim

            As much as most wont admit it, the game that preceded that loss to WVU (the SECCG where we stomped LSU) was richt’s peak. Many will point to ’07, but WVU was the beginning of our propensity to come out totally unprepared for big games.

            We know ’06 was a down year for a numner of reasons. ’07 in knoxville was nothing short of an embarrassment, ’08 against ‘bama and florida, ’09 and ’10 were disasters, and ’11 showed some hope interspersed with some real depressing moments.

            So here we are. This game in my opinion will show whether we are on the right track or not. We have the talent and resources (we always have) but do we have the intangibles and coaching? I actually think we do, but i am also not sure i would put money on it

            • Careful Brad

              You’re right, that year we were in the national title hunt sucked. Do you know what year I think was Richt’s peak? 2012! Go Dawgs!

              • Jim

                At what point were we in the national title hunt in ’07? When the pollsters passed us over in the last week because we lost two games we should have won? Or were we “in the hunt” when we crapped the bed in knoxville? The mentality like yours is part of why we are where we are

                • Biggus Rickus

                  Ranked 6th nationally and coming off an East Division crown? It seems to me you think Georgia is where it was two years ago when that is obviously not the case.

                  • No One Knows You're a Dawg

                    UGA dropped a spot and is now ranked 7th due to last week’s performance. So maybe it isn’t like two years ago, but so far it’s certainly like four years ago.

                • Heathbar09

                  When ESPN had CMR on primetime to state his case for the MNC game. It may not have happened until that last week, but during that last week, UGA was certainly in the hunt.

            • dudetheplayer

              It’s strange that any criticism of Richt on this blog is now immediately shot down with smartsassery. I remember when the commenters here were a bit more open to dissension.

              I think you have a level take on things, and I think this upcoming game is huge barometer for our program.

          • The WVU win was the signature win of the signature wins. The John Handcock of signature wins.

      • Otto

        The go to signature win team. If Penn Wagers calls the game we can blame the SEC for Mizzou game

  7. Mudcat's Impala....

    seems to be a pretty popular pick this week in a lotta peoples eyes. Prolly not a shocker if it happens, unfortunately… We so need to get this freakin’ monkey off of our backs. Imma gettin’ sick n tired of being sick n tired…😉

  8. The Lone Stranger

    This “lax on discipline” angle is truly revelatory. If three Dawgs starters are not dressed for the Mizzourah game how do these media blowhards justify their continued coalescence around this theory? It is ridonkulous, yes! The Bama pimping by this Finebaum character is shameless, but then commentators haven’t ever determined the fight in a team or the results said team are capable of achieving.

    But it should be said that the seeming concerted collusion of media against the prospects of UGa is stark. Only one way to put paid to that Saturday night.

    I believe J.Jones runs wild, sparks the defense and it results in a 13-point victory. 27-14.


    • Mizazoou ain’t going to have an answer for UGA’s offense, by the second quarter, they are going to be trying to stop Gurley and the play action is going to break them. … and Franklin’s going to wake up in the wee hours of Sunday morning screaming because he’s having nightmares about Jarvis coming thru the door and breaking his back while he’s in his own bed. I predict a BIG Bulldawg win. This team is tired of being disrespected, knows what it is capable of, and is going to perform.
      The only thing I worry about is the energy that the Tigers will have in this historical game…it’s going to be a madhouse.
      (If I’m wrong, I’ll swear someone hacked me and typed this without my permission. So I have a backup plan).

      • The Lone Stranger

        I’m with your thinking. The Tigers have both OLine AND DLine issues as far as I can gather in reading various outlets. Should UGa be able to work their CBs in the first half and build a cushion, the ground game may well pick up the slack and grind Mr. Richardson & his DL boys into the dirt.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Because in the eyes of all Bama fans who believe that Richt is a lax disciplinarian, the fact that he punishes his players who transgress is bizarre proof that he is lax. Only a coach like Saban, who never (has to?) publicly discipline his players, is a true disciplinarian. After all, if his players were getting into trouble like Richt’s, we’d hear just as much about from the Alabama media, right? Right?

  9. BMan

    “Always been questionable on discipline…” I’d say we’ve got discipline down pat, it’s behavior that’s the problem. Of course, having the discipline to behave would help. Nevertheless, Finebaum is a prick, but this game makes me nervous. I have a feeling that the defensive lineup isn’t going to be all that different from the Buffalo game. Perhaps Mitchell makes it back, and Chase Vasser. But I’m guessing Tree and Rambo will sit.

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Pretty painless trolling. He doesn’t piss off anybody he has to suck up to, he looks bold, and gets 1 maybe 2 angry callers to cut off. Mediocre pissant.

  11. collegeparkdawg

    Finebaum is no doubt trying to generate UGA fan calls (which I don’t he gets many of) by stirring the pot. I also think he runs UGA down so much b/c over a quarter of the Alabama team is from Georgia more than any other state besides Alabama. Alabama cannot win without the state of Georgia’s players.

    Incredibly those GA kids playing for BAMA from the same challenging neighborhoods as some of our recruits who have strayed, never seem to get into trouble in T-town. Wonder why? Either Saban is truly terrifying with his draft and discard program or T-town police are as crooked as they come. Probably a bit of both. BUT if you are trying to tell me its b/c Saban runs an honorable, disciplined program I have some ocean front property in College Park, Georgia that you might interest you.

    The good news is that Finebaum is awful at actual analysis (he might be right but it won’t be b/c he knows diddly squat about football) and success is a sure way to shut him up.

  12. Spike

    Finebaums show makes Jerry Springer look good.

  13. UGA needs an early score and shut the crowd down. After that play D and run the darn ball!!


    F-bomb was once a Coach Richt supporter. He saw him speak in Bham and praised him. Then we had to go and have a blackout and let bama know about it a week ahead. He has pissed on dawgs ever since.

    • Macallanlover

      Anyone that listens to FBomb’s show deserves the ignorance they are forced to wallow in. I have no idea why satellite radio continues to give them space for what is nothing more than a local radio show filled with scumbags who have lower IQs than dims.

      I agree announcing a special uni in advance makes no sense at all. It is to be used sparingly to motivate and excite our players, the fans need not be notified ever again. That said, I hope we use the black jerseys again, at least once every two years, perhaps every year, whatever CMR desires. Those unis are pure bad ass, wish we had worn them in the Dome against Boise or LSU. (The uniforms we wore against Boise should be burned, and never brought back.)

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The black unis were fake juice, Mac. Like the unis from the Boise game, they should be torched as well.

        • Jrod1229

          Except one was essentially forced on us…

        • Macallanlover

          Couldn’t disagree more Mayor, that uniform goes beyond “fake juice” and is has been used by many teams, including Dooley’s. It just so happens that the beauty of our Black Jersey uniform makes it an addition we should use occasionally anyway, imo. And if that inspires our team, even better. I liked the energy we had for Auburn, Hawaii, and Bama, when we wore the black tops, the overreaction to the Bama game was due to a “roof collapse” first half due to mistakes. The jerseys may have inspired bama but that was due to the silly pre-game announcement.

          Just come out of the tunnel in them, don’t worry about what the fans wear. All I want is to see UGA fans celebrating after the game, doesn’t matter if they are wearing white, red, black, or blue.

  15. CoachSpurlock

    I’ve always held the belief that Finebaum runs down UGA and Richt in particular to aid Alabama’s recruiting pure and simple. He is beholden to Saban and will parrot whatever meme he is told to.

    • Macallanlover

      Agree. It is deliberate BS designed to help Bama, I think he/they are more worried about a strong UGA than a strong LSU. FBomb doesn’t have enough intellect to do things on his own.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      There probably is also something we don’t know about. Some insult real or imagined that CMR committed against Finebaum–like not being willing to come on Finebaum’s ridiculous show or ignoring Pawwwwwl at some football function, something like that. Finebaum strikes me as a pretty small and petty person.

  16. Heathbar09

    Summary of the comments in this thread:

    Disneys: We win 49-3. Jarvis has 14 sacks, Gurley runs for 250 on an overmatched D, and Aaron hits T King on 6 deep balls on a defense expecting the run. Mizzou is nothing and worthless, even though historically they’ve been a decent team.

    Doomsdayers: Mizzou wins 35-7. Our defense plays flat again. Isaiah Crowell rejoins the team, only to fumble each of his first 4 running attempts. And Aaron goes 0-25 passing with 3 picks and 3 fumbles because he doesn’t know how to take care of the ball and his 4th string back up is better. Jarvis causes a fumble and returns it for our only score (because even doomsdayers know JJ is good). Richt is the worst Coach ever, we won’t win the East, and he will cause the Arch and Chapel Bell to fall simultaneously and break.

    I will be sane and stay in the middle. I think we win this one, but it’s a nail bitter. Dawgs 31, Mizzou 27.

    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think I saw anything that extreme on either end but your prediction is very reasonable, and where I was earlier in the week. I think we end up a little more dominant than that now but I can see a game where both are in the twenties score wise.