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Must see TV.

You just knew this was coming.

“I would hope that we have a conversation, which we haven’t yet, that everybody plays a game on Thursday night during the (next scheduling) cycle,” said Larry Templeton, an SEC consultant helping to put together future schedules. “There will be some schools that have difficulty hosting that game. But there would also be opportunities.”

Hey, Larry?  You can take your opportunities and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine.  Or sit in Gwinnett County traffic trying to make a Georgia game during rush hour, if that sounds like more fun.

Do these assholes want me to stay home on game day?  It sure feels like it.


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Regrets? Yeah, Logan Gray has a few.

Should we be a little surprised by this?

Q: What was your experience at Georgia like? Did you leave there on good terms?

A: I don’t know if I left on the best of terms. I just wanted to hold up my end of the contract. They paid for four years of my school and I completed my degree. That was it. I would say in the long run I had a much better experience at Colorado. That’s nothing against Georgia, but I just really, really enjoyed my time at Colorado.

Q: Quarterback can be a tough position because if you’re not the starter, you either stay around and risk not playing or go somewhere else. Was that the situation you faced?

A: Yeah, that was the situation I faced. I struggled with that for a long time while I was at Georgia, whether I wanted to try and stick around or take another opportunity somewhere else or switch positions. I just always wanted a fair shot while I was at Georgia. And they kind of treated different quarterbacks in different ways there. That was probably the hardest thing for me to grasp or understand.

I guess being the designated fair catch specialist wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


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Dawgnation, Delta is ready when you are.

The airline has added an extra round-trip flight to Columbia just for us.

Delta Spokesman Trebor Banstetter says the flights, with round-trip fares ranging from $442-663, were added to meet a high travel demand for the Saturday game.

“This is all about the football game,” Says Banstetter. “We occasionally, when we see an event like this, where we figure there’s goign to be a lot of additional customer demand, and when we have airplanes available we will go ahead and schedule extra flights to accommodate those customers who want to get there.”

(h/t Saturday Down South)


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First thoughts on Georgia-Missouri

Nothing comprehensive here, just a series of ramblings and reactions to things I’ve read and heard this week:

  • I’m slightly amazed to hear some talk of this being the biggest game of Richt’s career.  Honestly, isn’t that what we heard about last year’s South Carolina game?  The truth is, if there’s a biggest game of Richt’s career this season, it’ll either be because it’s an SECCG elimination game or because the Dawgs have, however improbably, made it to the national title game.
  • That being said, Saturday is important.  It’s important because in an expanded East, getting behind the eight ball early makes it that much harder to get back on top of the division.
  • The big question about Todd Gurley this Saturday isn’t whether he’s the starter.  It’s how many touches he gets as a running back.  Richt says he wants to involve him more on offense.  Gurley had eight of the twenty-nine non-quarterback carries against Buffalo.  Assuming that Georgia runs a similar number of plays in Columbia, who does Richt take those carries from?  Marshall led the way last week with ten.  Before you say Malcome or Samuel, remember that Gurley looked like a true freshman last week in pass protection.
  • Tyler has a summary of Missouri’s offensive scheme here.  All I could think of as I read it was, “boy, it sure would be nice to have Ogletree back this week.”
  • More on that offense here.  It really is different from what Georgia has seen.   (Interesting that Franklin took something away from Zordich’s performance in Georgia’s opener.  The Dawgs’ front needs to do a better job of maintaining lane integrity this week, that’s for sure.)
  • I’m sure Faurot Field will be a noisy, crazy place Saturday night, but I’m not sure that’s going to make as much of a difference as Missouri fans hope.  It’s not as if the Dawgs haven’t played in big, loud, hostile environments before.  And as David Ching points out, they’ve done the regular season travel thing, too.  Call it Damon’s legacy.
  • Call it the battle of the beat-up offensive lines:  Missouri may be looking at a former walk-on and a true freshman starting.  Which o-line can hold up better against what should be two above-average to excellent defensive lines may be the key to the game.
  • If there’s a size issue on Missouri’s defense, it’s not on the line.  It’s at linebacker.  The Tigers also have questions at safety.  All of which makes me miss Orson.  How much Lynch and Rome stay in to block and how much they’re deployed in the passing game will be interesting to watch.
  • Marcus Murphy busted two big punt returns for touchdowns in Missouri’s opener.  How much will that affect Richt’s approach to the punting game?
  • Neither team turned the ball over last week.  Georgia didn’t force a turnover, while Mizzou wound up +4 in turnover margin.  Don’t think it’ll play out like that Saturday night.


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“He was literally crying at practice.”

I can see how what happened to Adam James scarred the management at Texas Tech permanently.

Former players have come out and told CBSSports.com that Gillispie broke NCAA rules by not adhering to practice limits. He once went eight hours in a single day. NCAA rules stipulate you can’t practice more than four hours per day or 20 hours per week.

“We practiced a lot more than 20 hours a week,” former guard Kevin Wagner told CBSSports.com.

“We used to go more than four hours all the time,” added Jaron Nash, who transferred to North Dakota after last season. “I remember that day when we went almost all day. We didn’t leave until 9 p.m. or so. It was pretty bad. A lot of guys were really hurt after it. One guy had a stress fracture in both legs.”

One source identified that player as African native Kader Tapsoba, who did not play last season while dealing with multiple stress fractures.

“He was literally crying at practice,” said the source, who was with the program last season. “He couldn’t even run and Gillispie had him running up and down the steps at the arena. I remember the doctor getting the X-rays back and coming to practice and telling Gillispie it was really bad. He’d just ice him up and tell him to go practice.”

“He shouldn’t have been practicing,” he added. “But he bullied everyone, including the trainer. He’d make the trainer make kids come back. Bodies were dropping like flies. One day I walked in and the whole team was in the training room. All the players and even the managers. He’d make them practice.”

I can’t wait to hear ESPN’s take on this.


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Saban to media: hate us because we’re pretty.

Seriously, is there any other coach in college football who could get away with serially crapping on the media the way Nick Saban does?


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