Dawgnation, Delta is ready when you are.

The airline has added an extra round-trip flight to Columbia just for us.

Delta Spokesman Trebor Banstetter says the flights, with round-trip fares ranging from $442-663, were added to meet a high travel demand for the Saturday game.

“This is all about the football game,” Says Banstetter. “We occasionally, when we see an event like this, where we figure there’s goign to be a lot of additional customer demand, and when we have airplanes available we will go ahead and schedule extra flights to accommodate those customers who want to get there.”

(h/t Saturday Down South)



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16 responses to “Dawgnation, Delta is ready when you are.

  1. AusDawg85

    Wow…Mark Richt has lost control of the airline schedules?



  2. Jrod1229

    Why would we go to a game that we know we’re gonna lose?


  3. Rhymer Dawg

    I live in Northwest Arkansas. I have two tickets that i am willing to sell at face value. Or if someone is coming through and wants to give me a ride then I can give you one of the tickets for a ride to and from.


    • Cojones

      Bejeezus! You are close enough to walk if you start now. Rodgers? Fayettville? Eureka Springs? I have a Porker brother-in-law in Green Forest. He will gladly give you a ride to see UGA lose. Otherwise he will try to put his hand on your leg and try to tell you how no one measures up to him. If you like judgemental assholes, he’s your guy. Get ready for a seemingly longer trip than if you just walked, but it will get you there.


  4. Bulldawg165

    It’s mind-boggling that you are able to find some of the stuff that you blog about. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s terrific and I thoroughly enjoy reading about it, but how in the world could you stumble across something posted on the website of a Missouri radio station?


  5. Funny, b/c it won’t be the other way around the rest of the season..(DAL with extra round-trip flights out of Misery)!


  6. By Georgia We Did It

    Not an airline guy by any stretch, but wouldn’t a smart airline look at football schedules when they came out and been prepared for situtations like this? Maybe they decided this a while ago and it’s just now getting some pub.


  7. Salwater Dawg

    Remember. It’s Delta, so you will connect through Atlanta, and you need to go a day early. Unless you only want to catch the 2nd half. If you’re lucky.


  8. DugLite

    Yeah when I was booking flights the non stop flight from ATL left at 7am on Friday and the return flight was 7am on Sunday from STL. NO THANKS. I am going from Columbus to DFW then STL. I hate layovers but to get a 7am flight you need to leave earlier than I wanted. Gonna be loud and proud.


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