Must see TV.

You just knew this was coming.

“I would hope that we have a conversation, which we haven’t yet, that everybody plays a game on Thursday night during the (next scheduling) cycle,” said Larry Templeton, an SEC consultant helping to put together future schedules. “There will be some schools that have difficulty hosting that game. But there would also be opportunities.”

Hey, Larry?  You can take your opportunities and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine.  Or sit in Gwinnett County traffic trying to make a Georgia game during rush hour, if that sounds like more fun.

Do these assholes want me to stay home on game day?  It sure feels like it.


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  1. I don’t know how to break this to you easy, so, they don’t give a hoot about you.

  2. Will (the other one)

    Of the (not quite) “original” 12 SEC teams, which ones haven’t played a Thursday night game? I know UGA hasn’t, and I feel that Florida, Tennessee, and Bama have not. Mississippi State and South Carolina do them a lot, or seem to.

    Mostly I’m hoping that if a majority of schools haven’t done the Thursday night game, they can gang up and tell ESPN to shove it.
    The idea of Jesse Palmer calling a UGA game gives me the howling fantods.

  3. Irwin R Fletcher


  4. Derek

    We roll on Shabbos.

  5. Cosmic Dawg

    As somebody who isn’t a big fan of jumbotrons or $200 tickets to anything except for a ride to the moon or something, I would love to see them rotate in some Thursday night games. One game a year per team would let me catch some SEC games I don’t get to see because the Dawgs are playing at that same time…

  6. Debby Balcer

    No thanks, I hope we can avoid Thursday nights. Students have classes the next day. We go to home games and that would mean using vacation days to attend.

  7. JasonC

    As much complaints as their have been about dropping attendance and keeping the game interesting for the fans in the stadium as it is for those at home, I would think many presidents wouldn’t be up for this. Additionally, even though he is leaving, I gotta think Adams would be against this.

  8. Macallanlover

    I have no problem with away games on Thursday nights, and don’t really understand the opposition to them. Would never support games at Sanford during the week, we would have to cancel school to accommodate parking.

    • HobnailedBoots

      Well let’s see – we get 8 days a year out of 365 on which we can tailgate for, and moving one to Thursday effectively eliminates one of those days, because nobody is taking an entire day off of work on a Thursday (and probably at least a half day for travel on Wednesday, possibly Friday too) to make it to a game that belongs on Saturday. It’s not a baseball game, we don’t just go “drop by” after work. Football is an event that we dedicate an entire day to, and putting a game on Thursday night pretty much takes away half the reason we love college football.

      Thursday night football is for mid-majors and programs that need to be the only game on for people to watch them.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Let’s see, if you play on Thursday night you cannot have a game on the following Saturday because there is not enough time to get ready for the game and for the players to recover from the exertion. The previous week if you played a game on Saturday you have a very short week to prepare. As a practical matter you need an off week the week before and the week after. It screws up the schedule.

      • Jrod1229

        Is this sarcasm of some sort? Literally have no idea where the first part of that is going? They can’t play a game the following Saturday? 10 days later?

      • Governor Milledge

        The previous week would be a buzzkill for the team and preparation. I could see having 10 days being beneficial in future years pre-Cocktail Party, if we can’t swing a bye week.

  9. HobnailedBoots

    The Big East: the new home of Thursday night football!

  10. I hope we never play a Thursday night game. Period.

  11. ScooBoo

    With PPV, holograms and artificial crowd noise……care about the fans, not so much.

  12. Cojones

    4.1M viewers would include a bunch of possible recruits for the next couple of years. No other audience of College Football to contend with, Instant Replay to dissect each play to see where you could fit if you worked very hard for two years, pick out a Freshman RB (QB, WR, etc..) as your hero to emulate for the next two years, etc., etc…….

    Maybe have it in Atl where a lot of Dawgs could congregate with all the Atl recruits and close enough to tailgate. Let it count as an away game. Be back in time for Fri classes and an open weekend.

    Now, for the good things about it…….. 🙂

  13. mp

    Nothing wrong with a Thursday night (road) game coming off a bye week. Long weeks on both sides of the game.

  14. Windogger

    Florida lost at Miss State on a Thursday night when Shane Mathews was QB. I believe it was in ’92. I remember because I enjoyed it so much! Maybe y’all meant they never played a Thursday night home game. Hope the Dawgs never play one at home or on the road.

  15. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “Consultant” is the operative word with this guy. Someone who understands nothing about SEC football and what it means to fans and the community-only that it works in places like Atlanta and Orlando.

    As others have alluded, a Thursday night game would greatly influence who could attend and how (and how much) money was spent. It would cost local businesses a significant amount of revenue, some of which depend on home game weekend crowds to survive. I can’t imagine many of the SEC ADs going along with the idea.

  16. toggle

    Upon further review …

    One of the most exciting games I’ve ever, ever, ever, ever attended was the 1971 (To Hell with) Tech game. Thanksgiving night, their place, national TV. If you don’t know the story, Google it.

    Spolier alert … we win. My mother had her leg broken in the celebration.

    Not advocating Thursday nights, just sharing a great memory.

    Woof, dammit, woof!

    • Russ

      Thanksgiving is different. It’s meant for football. And yes, I remember that game. One of the most thrilling ever.

      And I hope we never play on a non-holiday Thursday. Leave those for the weak sisters that NEED the eyeballs.

  17. The Lone Stranger

    Gawd I knew I should have bet the farm on this abomination of a game!

    • Macallanlover

      Bet anything but the farm my friend, going to be muy valuable. But to your last point, even I, early in the season, could not watch much of that game. Pitt looks ACC ready to me.

      • The Lone Stranger

        If the Panthers don’t dump that walkin’/talkin’ tackling dummy of a quarterback they seem to favor this is a 4-win season. Rarely has there been such a baldfaced case of creeping grandfathered nepotism at work. The old man of QB-Sunseri played LB on the ’81 Pitt team that took out UGa in the Sugar Bowl. Good to see the Dawgs will get their shot to repay him (albeit indirectly) in his capacity as UT D-coordinator.

        • Russ

          And Sunseri was running his mouth in the paper before the Sugar Bowl about having a dream where he squared off against Herschel 1-on-1 and smothered him for a loss. When he actually got his chance, Herschel shook him off like a rag doll and broke off a nice run. Oh, and letting Marino hit that long TD at the end of the game was simply Willie-esque!

  18. Didn’t Damon say we’d never play on a day other than Saturday when he was the AD? Do you think we’d have a problem getting our current AD to say the same?

    • DCB Dawg

      Our current AD would do anything to provide for an easy home schedule. Embarrassing.

    • AlphaDawg

      I remember the same thing and I also remember Adams supporting his comment. But one is gone(thank God) and the other is leaving in less than a year(thank you Little Baby Jesus).

  19. Keese

    Damn pragmatism!

  20. Spike

    Who the hell is Larry Tempelton?

  21. Think of the fun! TWLOCP on Thursday night!
    The World’s Largest Lay Out Of School and Work day on Friday!
    This is the sort of thing that kills the tradition, color and pagentry of college football. These people are morons and need their collective asses kicked.

  22. PatinDC

    Good points about the tailgating. I do miss the Thanksgiving day games. I remember always having the game on at my grandparents house in Toccoa.
    (We rooted for GT as my Dad and his brothers all went there).

  23. AlphaDawg

    I flip flop on this often. I would hate any SEC game being played on Thursday night. But if I lived close and could make the game, it would be an automatic 4 day weekend in Athens, so I can see the pros and cons. Thursday night is already the biggest night to go out in Athen, add in game day and tailgating, it would be wild(in a bad way). I can see the quad destroyed and lots of arrests.

    Not sure how I feel. If it was 1st game of the year against GT maybe. If we’re playing Buffalo hell No.