Regrets? Yeah, Logan Gray has a few.

Should we be a little surprised by this?

Q: What was your experience at Georgia like? Did you leave there on good terms?

A: I don’t know if I left on the best of terms. I just wanted to hold up my end of the contract. They paid for four years of my school and I completed my degree. That was it. I would say in the long run I had a much better experience at Colorado. That’s nothing against Georgia, but I just really, really enjoyed my time at Colorado.

Q: Quarterback can be a tough position because if you’re not the starter, you either stay around and risk not playing or go somewhere else. Was that the situation you faced?

A: Yeah, that was the situation I faced. I struggled with that for a long time while I was at Georgia, whether I wanted to try and stick around or take another opportunity somewhere else or switch positions. I just always wanted a fair shot while I was at Georgia. And they kind of treated different quarterbacks in different ways there. That was probably the hardest thing for me to grasp or understand.

I guess being the designated fair catch specialist wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


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46 responses to “Regrets? Yeah, Logan Gray has a few.

  1. Derek

    How do you tell someone that they are not good enough and then expect them not to hold some resentment? Logan had every opportunity. When he played in live games he was terrible. Just awful.

  2. Lanier manton

    Like, uh, almost as bad as Joe Cox and his “dead arm”

  3. Debby Balcer

    I don’t think he played quarterback at CO either. I don’t think CMR made the wrong choice in our starting quarterback while Logan was there. It sounds like sour grapes to me.

  4. HobnailedBoots

    Logan was a good guy, kept his nose clean and did what he could to help, but his chance at starting from the day he set foot on campus was slim.

  5. Cojones

    Does that mean that a 4-star QB from Missouri can’t make it in the SEC? Or does it mean that Logan had the goods, but froze on the SEC stage?

    Strange how this story surfaces in time to create a little “Good Old Fashioned Hate” 2 days before kickoff. And we ain’t the ones be hatin’.

    • The Lone Stranger

      To hear him tell it, CMR et al. were toying with his emotions and never shot straight about choosing the most capable QB. Huh, I’m not buying what Mr. Gray be selling.

      • Cojones

        After all, he was used in the Dingo set. Of course, since he was a running QB he was told to run it himself, never you mind that he could have done fine if given the opportunity to hand off or pass according to what he saw. Am I the only Dawg to appreciate what Logan did by wanting to play for his team so much that he was willing to field kicks? He was never really given a game chance. That could happen to Hutson and for some of the same reasons (He’s willing to be red-shirted a year with the odds not greatly in his favor that LeMay may overshadow him if the team needs a running QB or Murray elects to finish his Masters while playing next year.). Would you blame Hutson personally for feeling this way? It isn’t the fault of the coaches promising shit either. Like our team, sometimes players just get snakebit through no big fault of their own.

  6. ScooBoo

    I know we are talking about two different positions, but I don’t remember Aron White complaining about being given a fair shot.

    • South FL Dawg

      Aron didn’t start either, but playing QB if you aren’t #1 it’s just tough.

      This story isn’t really finished. Wait 20 years and see if Logan landed on his feet or what. There’s more than 1 road to happiness.

  7. Brandon

    Just sour grapes, its tempting to shoot your mouth off in a situation like this especially for a young man, its way better to grin and bear it. Richt will forgive him in 10 years but I am sure the man Logan Gray eventually becomes will want to kick his own rear end for this one day.

  8. DawgPhan

    dont think the comments are that bad. he didnt really say anything negative about UGA. it just wasnt for him…no biggie.

    • Debby Balcer

      If you read the article he was negative about UGA.

      • Cojones

        I took it as negative about the situation, not negative about UGA. The author of the article, however, turned the signoff into a Logan vs UGA. Reading for yourself is great if you don’t get swayed in how someone else interprets his words and feelings.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Well, in his view, at least UGa was good enough to pick up his four years of school. But, Colorado was cooler in the end!

  9. Normaltown Mike

    He wouldn’t have started at any school in the Big 12 (with the possible exception of Iowa State) so I don’t get the whining. He made Joe Cox look Montana-like and had every opportunity to best Mett or Murray in 2010.

    • Cojones

      I don’t think you remember his recruitment, Mike. He had plenty of offers as a nationally ranked 4-star with plenty from Big12 and certainly Mizzou.

  10. TX DAWG

    He’s probably upset because Cox was annointed as the starter as soon as Stafford left….then when Cox left Murray was allowed to compete for and win the job…so yea, there were some double standards there and although he probably wouldn’t have won the job, he should have been able to compete w/ Cox for the job….don’t blame the kid

  11. The Lone Stranger

    What, did he put in ONE power-packed season with the Buffs? And that is what he remembers most fondly. It’s just gotta be the ditchweed.

  12. charlottedawg

    As someone I know used to say: there are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth. Although looking at Richt and Bobo’s record, they only Quarterback they seem wedded to is the one that they believe gives them the best shot at winning. These are the same guys who platooned DJ and David Greene as well as played a freshman in Stafford then benched the guy halfway through a game because they thought Cox gave them a better shot to beat Colorado. So given the track record call me a little bit skeptical that Logan wasn’t given a chance to compete for the job if he truly was a capable player.

  13. Russ

    The truth apparently still hurts Logan. He was good at fair catches, but he was very bad at quarterback. He had plenty of time to show what he could do.

  14. BeachDawg

    Sounds like some of the “cancer” that Richt cut out.

  15. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Logan really had issues with completing passes even in warmups. In games, they weren’t in the same time zones as the receiver. He had more than a fair shot, but his shots were way off the mark.

  16. Mr. Tu

    I was acquainted with some of Logan’s Georgia relatives so I had a bit of his perspective while he was with UGA. From what I recall, part of his issue was with Bobo telling him he was absolutely going to play, and then he didn’t. the first time was Okie State. Another time: do you recall the infamous South Carolina game when it came out on Wednesady that Logan was going to start over Cox? Do you think that was completely made up by the media? Apparently, this was during the peak of Richt CEO time period and Bobo had made that decision, but had not told Richt. When it came out, Richt heard it from the media and Bobo decided to act like he had never even made that decision.
    After Cox left, Richt let Mettenberger play the G day game even though the decision that he would be kicked out had aleady been made. This did not sit well with Logan. There were other examples I heard at the time. None of this means that he should have played, or earned more time over others. From his perspective, he was jerked around by Bobo, and Richt was so out of touch at that time, he had no idea what was going on. He was hardly a cancer.

    • Hackerdog

      I don’t know if I buy all of that. Even at Richt’s most disconnected moments, he knew what was happening with the QBs.

    • BeachDawg

      So if he had every reason to be jilted by being jerked around by Bobo, that doesnt change the fact that he has a bad attitude about it. Cancer is cancer regardless of the cause. Ask Richard Samuel how not to be a cancer. Logan was part of the group that was labeled “cancer” by his teammates. Now he just confirmed it by his snarky remarks. To say he didnt have this same attitude or just kept it to himself while with the dawgs is delusional. How can you leave on “bad terms” and not be cancerous?

  17. Mike

    I guess hell hath no fury worse than a jilted Bulldog.

    • The Lone Stranger

      A jilted Corch scores fairly high, though in his mind (if you are comfortable in calling it that) practically everything is a “jilt”.

      • Cojones

        Let’s don’t be too hard on our gator breathren, Stranger. How about their jilting coaches; one jilted the entire team and the other jilted his alma mater.

        Did someone screw with the thermostat?

        • Mike

          If the current coach wins two National Titles before he jilts us, just like the last coach did that before he jilted us, I guess I can live with that.

          UGA should be so lucky to get jilted like that.

          • Cojones

            I didn’t bring up the jilted meme. You did. I wouldn’t appreciate getting jilted by anyone much less by a prevaricator like Crier. I would feel betrayed and second class to tOSU, screw the NC foreplay. And I’m happy for you living with that. It’s rumored that the trophy and your former coach are both made of glass.

            Between marriages, a woman companion gave me an exquisite chrstal alligator paper wt that I never used. It was related to my experiences catching and killing gators while growing up in Sowega. She was a yankee and didn’t know any better. Wanna buy it? It has never been unpacked since I left the Chicago area.

            I could put it in a contest that would see it smashed after the WLOCP, signifying an end to the glass alligator ceiling between our schools, or is that during your pig season down there? Oops! Forgot they had to pass a law to make screwing animals illegal a couple of years ago. Bet that cuts into your sex life.

          • The Lone Stranger

            As a true mercenary sports outpost, I’d expect no less a rebuttal.

  18. X-Dawg

    I think it’s time to retire Logan’s number…..(btw, what number did he wear?)

  19. AusDawg85

    For every QB who doesn’t get “his shot”, they need only look no further than Coach Mark Richt on how to handle the situation.

    /#Jim Kelly’d

    • The Lone Stranger

      And that’s an outstanding point as well; I would assume CMR knows the slings and arrows of trying and falling short at the QB position. He might have a unique vantage on what is required and what it feels like to just miss.