Saban to media: hate us because we’re pretty.

Seriously, is there any other coach in college football who could get away with serially crapping on the media the way Nick Saban does?


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22 responses to “Saban to media: hate us because we’re pretty.

  1. Aligator

    douche …. there it is …


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    It should be obvious all the coaches are becoming bored with the same questions, week in and week out and the same assumptions and illogical tripe the traditional media continues to blather about. The constant carping about Georgia’s refusal to discuss suspensions is just one of these stories.

    Richt is a little more polite than Saban, but the effect is the same…if you ask me about something you don’t need to know, or if you write something you don’t have the knowledge to talk about, you are going to get called out.

    This is both different and refreshing. I don’t doubt its confusing to the reporters who are just re-writing what they wrote last year.

    On the other hand, I wonder what Nick’s response to Matt Hinton would be?

    “Even if his “outburst” is more of a motivational gimmick to fend off complacency than a genuine expression of frustration with a team that just stuffed Michigan’s body into a burlap sack and threw it off an overpass”

    At least Hinton is creative.


  3. FisheriesDawg

    I like how he just assumes that the Alabama beat writers’ jobs are to support the football team and help keep them in the proper frame of mind. That’s because it is probably true.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Everything Saban said during that rant is true.


  5. JAX

    Saban stands at the podium like a little dictator, at best a megalomaniac, at worst a strange serial nutjob. It’s hard to argue with some of things he says, such as working hard, staying humble and focused, and commit yourself to winning. All that sounds wonderful until you peel back a layer or two and find out this guy stretches the rules to an extent not seen in a long time. All this greyshirting, oversigning, and manipulating. Is he cheating or not?, I certainly don’t know, but something doesn’t feel “right” about him. It’s not because we’re not all a little envious of Alabama’s success (we probably are whether we admit or not), it’s because behind every facade you find the truth and for some reason, I don’t sense that Nick Saban is openly honest about himself the program. No one is perfect, not Nick and not Bama football, although he would have you believe it.

    I could be completely off with my remarks, but this feels alot like Meyer’s Gators, Carroll’s Trojans, or Tressel’s Buckeyes. If it looks too good to be true it probably is.


  6. Heathbar09

    Hmm…..sounds like Bill Belichick. You know, he did some things that were not exactly “within the rules.”


  7. mike from florida

    The media MUST respect Western Kentucky? Why? Just because Saban says so? What a joke.


    • JAX

      you’re right MIke, and when the tide turns (no pun intended), adn it always does, you can bet the media will be firing body-armor piercing bullets at that guy.


  8. Russ

    Reminds me of the “Mackovick’s Meatballs” article in the ABH back in ’79. It was meant in jest about Wake Forest, but their coach, John Mackovick(sp?) took it and used it as motivation to whip Georgia in the opener that season. Then after the game, launched into a tirade about the paper printing things like that about his team. I’d have called it “weak sauce” except (1) the phrase wasn’t around back then, and (2) WF won that day.


  9. Gravidy

    Poor, poor, Saban. I don’t know how he makes it through his day…you know, having to put up with all that positive media coverage and stuff. And to make matters worse, he has to put up with the same sort of infuriating obsequiousness from his administration and his local police force. I really don’t know how he survives under the strain of it all.


  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    So it’s OK for St. Nick to tell the press how to do their job but they cannot do the same with regards to his coaching?

    Just making sure I’m following along at home …


    • If any of those reporters in that room actually gave a crap about journalistic integrity, the follow ups would have been to the effect of “we’ll ask for your advice on how to cover your football team when you ask for our advice on how to run your football team”. The reporters in that state are a bunch of cowards because they’re more worried about being shutout by Saban than standing up for journalistic integrity.


  11. He doesn’t have time for this “positive media coverage shit!” C’mon now!


  12. Chuck

    There may be no one in America who needs to be told where to get the eff off more than this prick