Georgia beat writers have lost control of Mark Richt.

From Seth Emerson’s chat, currently in progress:

Comment From Guest

Did Ogletree or Rambo make the flight

Flight doesn’t leave until later this afternoon. If someone out there is able to nail down they weren’t on the flight, that would indicate they’re out, but I would caution this: I wouldn’t put anything past UGA and Grantham on this right now. I could see them flying out Rambo and Ogletree by themselves. Do I expect that? No. But it’s why I’m hesitant to jump to conclusions.  [Emphasis added.]

Mission accomplished.

At this point, if they’re playing, I kinda hope they get loaded into a car with a GA who drives ’em to Columbia to stay off the radar as long as humanly possible.




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107 responses to “Georgia beat writers have lost control of Mark Richt.

  1. Ben

    I’ve sort of had all I can take of this poppycock.
    I hope they play, but play or not, at least this idiocy will end Saturday night.

    • fuelk2

      Agree. If the goal of this bullshit was to create so much focus on Ogeltree and Rambo’s playing status that people dwell on their actions that caused this situation to arise in the first place, mission accomplished. If I knew they were playing, I’d be excited. If I knew they were suspended, I’d be more focused on the players replacing them.

      As it is, I’m just pissed that these guys can’t stay out of trouble and have caused this mess.

      • Cojones

        That’s well-placed piss.

      • Jackie

        This should go away going forward. I really like the new approach. No more offseason news of players getting in trouble (unless they get arrested). After the 1st game, you figure out “oh- so and so was suspended.” If the policy is to not announce suspensions until gametime, from now on, all the media crap will go away.

        • fuelk2

          Yes, works great for one-game suspensions. Not so much for multi-game ones.

          • Jrod1229

            Actually.. if they hadn’t announced the situation in the first place we’d might just be speculating.. ala Zander Ogletree.. nobody talking about the fact he is suspended as well.

          • Jackie

            I don’t agree. I think the coverage is because this is the first time we don’t know going in. After a few times of “will they? will they?” and finding out at game time, this stuff will go away.

    • Well said, Ben! I feel The same way as well.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    CMR is going to have them parachute in at 7:40 at midfield shocking Pinkel causing a Missouri meltdown leading to a Dawgs blowout

    • MattDawg2010

      +10. I literally Laughed out loud in my office imagining the ooohs and ahhhs as the two land on the field. ESPN broadcasters dumbfounded and UGA fans going nuts.

  3. Newt

    Two things:

    1. Chuck Oliver said yesterday (I know, I know) that what he’s hearing is Ogletree plays, Rambo does not.

    OTOH: 2. Gurley tweeted this late last night “Free my boyz @B_easy_uga9 (Alec Ogletree) (@SandersCommings @brambo18 @33NeverStop33 @Non_Stop_Grind (Zander Ogletree) can’t wait til the whole crew is back we gonna take over”

    If I can read too much into that for a second, it tells me they’re all still suspended.

  4. Cojones

    Stop by Ark and pick Rhymer up, will you?

  5. jrod1229

    Unless they don’t play next week as well.. then it begins anew for the Vandy game.

  6. HahiraDawg

    Is this the new “fake juice”. Meant to distract Mizzou our coaches are now to play feint and jab about suspensions? I hope its not black jerseys going into the Bama game. We don’t want to talk about it, period, nuff said. I sincerely hope if they do play they travel like normal, no drama, no shenaningans coordinated by coaches who should be focused elsewhere.

    More game, less on who is playing or not or how they might or might not get there.

    • HahiraDawg

      this isn’t against you Senator, but I guess its the coffee that got in my corn flakes today. I’m ornry and want the r&b to take my ornriness out some some newbies. GATA.

  7. NateG

    I hope they are delivered to the stadium via FedEx in a comically large box with air holes cut in it.

  8. sniffer

    Can anyone speak to the current appeals process at UGa? If the appeal has not been heard or decided, are they eligible to play? Somebody surely has knowledge of the process. Senator?

  9. Gravidy

    Since we’re talking about Emerson, he wrote this a recent mailbag piece:

    “I do have to give it to Georgia fans: You guys are not sunshine pumpers. I say that as a compliment. I’ve covered some fan bases where blind homerism was all that was tolerated.”

    I’m going to go ahead and assume he’s talking about SC, if that’s OK with the rest of y’all. 😉

  10. Jim

    Word from insiders is that ‘tree and Rambo did not make the trip. Nor did one of the injured linemen

    • Dantzler and Houston both tweeted they’re not going. There is nothing definitive on Ogletree and Rambo yet.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Dawgs can probably slide by without Dantzler/Houston. (Of course, with them at home there are two seats free on the big bird).

      • Jim

        It may not be official, but it is definiive that ‘tree and Rambo did not make the trip

      • gatorhater27

        Rambo was just posting on Twitter as of a couple of minutes ago, so my guess is he’s at home.

        • adam

          Lots of players are posting on twitter…

          • gatorhater27

            Oh, well, shows what I know. I am not on Twitter and just looked at Rambo’s account to see if I could discern anything from that. Of course, I can’t really understand anything these kids are saying.

        • Sanford222view

          Yeah because it is impossible to use Twitter when you are mobile.

          • gatorhater27

            I assumed that one can’t Twitter while a plane is in the air.

            • I believe Delta serves the Athens airport. They have wi-fi available on nearly all their flights now. Not saying that you’re wrong about Rambo using Twitter meaning he’s staying in Athens, just saying that it’s not conclusive either.

              • gatorhater27

                Well, (from Emerson’s blog), Gurley just tweeted to Ogletree “y’all be safe this weekend….”

                • Hah. Yeah, just saw that right after I posted my comment. Welp, better GATA with the rest of the starters, I suppose.

                • Debby Balcer

                  That could be misinformation from Gurley just to keep things stirred up.

                  • Macallanlover

                    That may well be right, why would the players be so silent for so long then blow up twitter at this point. If the purpose of silence was to keep it from Mizzou, that was pretty worthless. I thought the coaches were keeping everything about conduct/suspensions private as a new policy. I doubt it changed when they reached another altitude. Ogletree is the biggest difference maker, I think we still win without him but it does make things tighter.

                • King Jericho


                  Or something like that. This is fun to me.

                  • The Lone Stranger

                    I agree — it’s like (sorta) some kind of Cold War espionage racket. Man, you think we all take college pigskin seriously, or what?

  11. Fred Sanford

    Please just don’t put them in a car with Mudcat

  12. OG

    Any chance that this is intended to smoke out a possible internal source of media leaks about player status/legal troubles/etc? No real competitive advantage to it, I don’t think, but this all could be a step towards improved image control.

  13. Biggus Rickus

    Just so I’m clear, a Georgia beat writer said it was possible that Georgia could smuggle two players into Columbia in the middle of the night? We’re through the looking glass, people.

  14. Cojones

    Tragicomedy would have ‘Tree and Rambo at Ben Epps, in uniform, waving “Bye” to the plane taking off.

  15. WFdawg

    Unless Cornelius Washington, Gurley, and others have started an elaborate misinformation campaign on Twitter, Tree and Rambo stayed home.

  16. RocketDawg

    Looks like Commings made the trip though (at least from what I have pieced together). If he can play Safety that gives us MM, Smith and Swann for CB’s and of course the underated S.Williams at the other Safety with JHC at the Star position. I can live with that as long as Herrera and Robinson play downhill at the ILB positions and fill the run gaps correctly

    • I thought Commings suspension was confirmed at two games? Secret appeal we don’t know about or just forgetfulness on the players to include him in their well wishes?

      • gatorhater27

        I would go with the latter.

        • Rocket Dawg

          Actually no. Commings tweeted something to Rambo about not being mad at him and insinuating he was on the bus to the airport.

          Of all the suspensions his is the one I could see having the best chance of being reduced.

  17. TennesseeDawg

    Ogletree is still on campus. Didn’t make the trip.

  18. TennesseeDawg

    Burnette is also out injured (Sternum)

  19. Deanna

    Two words: invisibility cloaks

  20. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I think the Missouri defense is going to get a big dose of “old man football” tomorrow. Run, run, run the ball, chew up TOP, and keep the ball away from Missouri’s offense.

    • David

      With our OL I’m not sure run, run, run equates to chewing up much TOP. Likely lots of punting.

    • The Lone Stranger

      This one has the feel of leaning on some forced mistakes by the defense. It may be The Grantham’s chance to conjur some schematic confusion. Expect exotic blitzes.

      • baddawg

        In all my football knowledge. I think were able to run the ball well. That’s including the wide out screen that we will see 10 times. If Murray is on the deep ball will be there… now saying that. This will be the Grantham show. Let’s see if he is worth the money. Again. Also I would love to have tree out there balling, but I remember our ilb’s playing really good last year without him. Time to step back up. Blitzing with a spy and man coverage. Then it comes down to free safety making plays. That’s where I’m scared. … Rambo will be missed. Hope and pray not. But I see Rambo being missed.

        • The Lone Stranger

          I scribbled that in another post, the Rambo effect. It is worrisome, but insomuch as The Grantham is at the reigns I am trusting that he has ploys to account for a more 1-deep safety look. Of course, the issue that I foresee is that the Dawgs primary “cover” Safety is Rambo and Williams is used (I think?) more for run support, being the Strong Safety. So, does the suspension force Connor Norman back into the deep Safety responsibility? Or is Harvey-Clemons tossed out into the snakepit? Troubling.

          • baddawg

            I don’t think Conner Norman has it in him. You’re right. Williams instincts are too smash faces in…. last week I only saw jhc at olb. I think he is an ogletree style player. Safety seems like the right fit. But I think strong safety. Not free. More of a Blitzer and run stopper then coverage guy. Somebody tell me why Conner Norman is the only guy who can play back there?!?! I think swann could play that spot at least with Mitchell back

  21. The Lone Stranger

    Totally incidentally, having dived into this ugliness I turned to some old standards by and by. Good Gawd almighty, “Goats Head Soup” is a severely underrated LP, and I’ll scream that from the rooftops.

  22. MinnesotaDawg

    As I feared but was pretty certain of all week…Ogletree and Rambo are out. You can be sure that as soon as these guys are cleared to play, Richt will let it be known far and wide and offer them a big public welcome back into the flock. Until then, playing coy means not playing.

  23. Peteydawg

    I’ve been sweating this all week, but you know what, I’m about to pump some sunshine in here, this big 12 team can’t hang…on the Oline or on defense, we’re gonna punch them in the mouth from the start and not let up. Uga wins by 14 and the game isnt as close as the score. KTMFD.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I tend to agree with you, though these vacancies on the D have me edgy. Especially, Norman at FS. Maybe JHC sees some action on the back end.

      • baddawg

        Free safety to me is the key to winning this game. Blitz man coverage and an inside linebacker spy to contain…. corners can only cover so long before safety has to jump in and help. Guess we will see tomorrow…. I don’t think they can run on us… could they… no…. really miss boykins edge contain also. He was great against sweep runs.

      • Peteydawg

        Tra battle was a walk on too I remind you. Conner might surprise us.

  24. Dawgsense

    AJC is reporting Sanders Commings is playing. Who knows for sure but is interesting.

  25. Debby Balcer

    According Chip Towers Commings traveled so he must have won an appeal and be playing.

  26. From everything said at the time, I always thought Commings got a raw deal. His (ex?) woman was all in his face, on the street, in front of his friends, and he pushed her away. Most of the witnesses quoted said she was crazed.

    There was never any proof or testimony that he punched or otherwise abused her.

    • Peteydawg

      Yeah I heard the same, kinda why I believed the appeal bs. She attacked him hammered supposedly. Gotta love espn love for the dawgs, “why they should watch out”.

  27. Ben

    Arright, now that we know they aren’t playing, a little explanation for their exact punishment would be nice for all the crap we’ve endured.
    Also, I’d like to give CMR a little bit of advice, let’s not drug test the week after spring break. Grrrrrr. I would just like once for us to play a big game at full strength.

  28. Turd Ferguson

    This has the feel of another disappointing early-season loss. Sort of becoming a tradition for the Dawgs.

  29. Cojones

    And that attitude should be embraced by everyone because we then wouldn’t get the stupid “Fire Richt!! Fire Bobo!!” posters if we lose. Everyone can fall into an acceptance mode. If we win, then there is the NC roilers who try to get everyone worked up for a perfect season. There is no middle ground for some fans.

    Me? I’m just going to try and appreciate our effort full on. It will be good to see the Dawgs get combat-ready. If they don’t, we play again next week. If we don’t win I also won’t read the Pome ‘d Rue spewed on sites, players will return and dark skies will open.