The least I could do.

After Bill Connelly was so gracious to spend time over here answering your questions about Missouri, I could hardly turn down his request for a few answers, could I?

And if Bill is still having trouble getting used to his new conference digs…

(By the way, it still feels really weird being an official conference rival of UGa. A lot of my favorite bloggers either went to the school or talk about it a lot, and I have read/enjoyed their work for years without ever thinking about how it connected to Mizzou. Every time the Senator talks about Mizzou, my first response is “Why is he talking about us? Oh, right.” I’ll get used to this eventually. Anyway.)

… maybe you should pay Rock M Nation a visit and welcome everyone there to the neighborhood.


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11 responses to “The least I could do.

  1. Cojones



  2. Lee (Southern Dawg)

    From my readings over there at RMN Bill C. runs a pretty good blog, lots of interesting stuff on there and not blindly homeristic. Fans aren’t obnoxious (sure every fanbase has its outliers) and i’ve enjoyed snooping into enemy lines over there.


  3. paul

    Scooter issues. And refusing to divulge your middle name.


  4. Georgia at Missouri does not feel like a SEC game. I know it is, but it’s not, you know?


  5. Carolinadawg

    AJC s reporting that bth Olgetree and Rambo didn’t travel with the team to Missouri. Not good.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Just as an aside, I have watched the Buffie replay three times.

    It appears to me the offensive line played way better, most of the time, than any of us seem to give them credit for.

    And if you have the opportunity, re-watch the ESPN Herschel story and watch the red hats on orange hats and others. Certainly not taking anything away from 34, but man…that 80 team could block people, and I mean everybody….even the wideouts.


  7. Cojones

    Yeah, those downfield blocks make you want to watch Bennett every play.