Everybody wants a legacy.

Congratulations, Sheldon Richardson.  You’re a hit on ESPN.  You’ve managed to create this year’s SEC punchline.

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By the way, best of luck against Alabama.



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  1. ScoutDawg

    I bet good ol’ Shelly doesn’t make it through the season.


  2. Brandon

    Last night was one of those games that in the Willie era we would have been losing 28-0 in the first half. It is so nice to have a defense again which can give your offense time to get on track because every team has games where their offense isn’t clicking on all cylinders, they kept us in the game though. I shutter to think what the defense will be like when we get Ogletree, Rambo, et al. back. By the time we play Auburn, Tech etc. we are going to be a force to be reckoned with I think, if we can only stay unscathed until then. Love what McGarity has done with the schedule, we’ve got a chance to do it.


    • adam

      I’m just glad the offense showed up in time. In several games last year, the defense held up their end of the bargain while the offense went 3 and out over and over. Sometimes they threw in a 1 or 2 play scoring drive as well. By the time the offense really showed up, the defense was exhausted. But last night, they showed up in time. That was a relief.


      • Is UGA in a trend completely opposite of we have seen in the last 2 years, where it does well for the first half on “Big games” just to collapse and loose in the 2nd half.


      • Brandon

        I don’t think the defense held up their end of the bargain in many, if any of our losses last considering we gave up 35, 45, 42, & 33 in those losses while scoring 21, 42, 10, and 30 respectiviely. Understand I’m not saying there was no offensive culpability either but I hang a loss on the offense if and win we lose 13-10, 9-6, etc. Our offense was shut down most of the Boise game and the LSU game and frankly both of those teams were better than us, the only chance we had to beat LSU was with a defensive struggle and some turnovers that went our way, we might could have done better with Boise towards the end of the year but they were more than a handful for us in that first game. Our defense certainly did their part to lose the other two games though.


        • ScoutDawg

          Yeah right. When your O puts up 3 and out after 3 and out, Superman and his buddies would eventually wear out. So the first half of the SEC championship was the aberration?


        • Cojones

          The D lost the MSU bowl game as well. Grantham said as much. Our O puts enough points on the board to win if they are defended well. People also forget that ‘Tree and Rambo played in most of those losses. I’m just trying to humanize the game for our players’s sake.

          This team wants us to think of them as a team, win or lose. We should honor that desire by being less divisive and criticize mercifully.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Hey fellas, Old Man Richardson looks grumpy


  4. BMan

    What Missouri went through in that game was a microcosm of what all SEC teams go through in a season. Start strong, get beat up, limp to the finish with whatever personnel you have left. Even with the Dogs having less than 85 on scholly, they looked deeper all around. Mizzou started going down and just couldn’t hang.

    That, and Jarvis Fucking Jones.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sorry, but I just gotta say this again:

    “In case anybody is unaware of the spectacular irony at work here….Russ, his masters said, could not be UGA…..he was too fucking old.”


  6. What fresh hell is this?

    Did anyone catch Richardson gimping off the field hunched over like an old man? Hopefully the WWL will include that in the highlights.


  7. Irishdawg

    Mizzou has nothing to be ashamed of, though (although maybe Richardson will learn to shut his suck). They fought UGA tooth and claw, we’re just better on defense and finally got our O unstuck.

    Judging by the stadium shots, they have SEC quality coeds, too.


  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    So, how long until the NCAA passes a “no white board trash talk” sideline infraction penalty?

    Loved the sign.


    • Skeeter

      The refs have their car in gear as the clock hits 0:00, so I doubt they see it. But, yeah, the suits will find another way to suck the fun out of the game.


    • Dante

      I originally read that as “no white trash talk” which I oppose as it would be completely unfair to both Florida and Auburn as they would have no means of spoken communication available during games.


  9. JG Shellnutt

    The Missouri fans were crazy nice. We were THANKED for coming (not just welcomed) by dozens of people. Also, not just little old ladies, but by the college kids themselves. They are a civilized people. Just give them time, we’ll make them hate us.
    A lot of them commented that they had never seen so many visiting fans come to Columbia.
    Columbia was a lot like Athens in a lot of ways but bizzarro Athens. It’s the little differences. You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese? A royale with cheese.


  10. Irishdawg

    “The Missouri fans were crazy nice.”

    I’m not surprised at that. Midwesterners are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Their local food sucks, but they’re really good people.


  11. Chuck

    I know they were doing the sign on the sideline, but what would have made the sign really great would have been to use the Georgia “G” logo in the word Grown. They might even recognize that in Montana. 😉


    • mwo

      I have seen a mock up for a t-shirt with that very design. It will probably be for sale by the end of the week somewhere.


  12. Richardson looked like a scared rabbit as he knelt on the sidelines with the clock ticking towards zilch. He clearly didn’t look like a young man (catch the adjective there!) who was going to enjoy mixing it up in congratulatory rhetoric with the victors. Playing after bloviating has consequenses. Georgia won, Richardson suffers the consequences. I honestly hope the Dawgs took it easy on him. Maybe CMR told him something like, “Don’t let it bother you. Your comment wasn’t really a factor, but learn your lesson”.
    That’s the kind of class CMR usually shows.