Observations from the armchair, Old Man edition

For once, it was the other side that cracked in the fourth quarter.

And that, even more than Jarvis Jones’ monster game and Marlin Brown’s stunning clutch performance, was the biggest story from last night.  Credit strength and conditioning, a newfound sense of resilience, maturity or whatever you want, but Georgia was the team that ran the last 24 points of the evening. You wanna claim it wasn’t a big game, or an opponent that wasn’t top tier?  Fine, although a lot of people will disagree, but even there, recall what this team did just a few short seasons ago on the road at Mississippi State and Colorado.

Best of all, that came from a team missing four suspended players.  There are grounds for optimism.

On to the specifics:

  • Those of you who pooh-poohed Bill Connelly’s statistical analysis the other day owe the man an apology.  Both teams struggled to run the ball.  The rushing line that really jumped out at me:  James Franklin, 25 yards on 20 carries, with no TDs.
  • I really like Mizzou cornerback E.J. Gaines’ game.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a DB cover Georgia’s bread-and-butter back shoulder throw better.
  • Aside from everything else Jarvis Jones did brilliantly, his option defense was superlative.  Sure will be fun to watch Georgia Tech deal with him.
  • The play of the defensive front seven was fabulous.  Washington, Jenkins and Jones did well, but it was the linebackers who really stepped up, especially Herrera, who had a sensational first half.  One of the game’s bigger surprises was that Ogletree wasn’t missed that much.
  • Another big surprise?  Check out red zone performance:  Georgia 5-5 (5TDs); Missouri 2-3 (2 FGs).
  • Another missed 344-Fullback opportunity, damn it.
  • I don’t know about you, but every time I watch the defense chase down fumbles, my mind goes back to that 2010 Florida game.  Last night went much better, fortunately.
  • Bobo did okay.  The offense was a hot mess to start out with, but started clicking on that last drive of the first half when Bobo pushed the passing game.  Great call (and great read by Murray) on the middle screen that King broke for a big gain.
  • I had to look it up, but if you want a statistical explanation for Murray’s night (and season so far), take a look at his passer rating on 1st down (192.03), in the third quarter (200.95) and in the red zone (300.02).  Just like the opener, it took him a little while to get in a groove, but once he did, he was effective.  That first TD pass to Brown was perfectly executed, but the last one, also to Brown, was simply amazing.  Now if Bobo can only figure out how to get him untracked from the beginning of the game, maybe they won’t have to sweat things so much.
  • I don’t know where that game from Marlon Brown came from, but if he’s managed to take a step up, to say that would be a huge deal for the offense would be an understatement.
  • Cornerbacks played aggressively.  Mitchell looked good for a first college start.
  • Special teams continue their march towards competence.  Outside of Morgan’s early adventures with PATs and Mitchell’s ill-advised decision to field that punt, everything went no worse than uneventful.  In at least a couple of cases, it went considerably better than that:  Morgan’s FGs were both solidly hit and Samuel’s play to blow up the fake punt was spectacular.  (Admittedly, you could say that any Georgia stop of a fake punt is spectacular.)  Gurley continues to turn in good work on kickoff returns.
  • Biggest bullet of the night dodged?  That Missouri Hail Mary pass at the end of the first half was poorly defended, to say the least.
  • Twelve penalties, including a ridiculous number of false start calls.  That, the turnovers and the dropped passes suggest there were issues with focus, especially early on.
  • If you get the chance, take a look at how well the offensive line blocked on the play that sprung Gurley for his biggest run of the night.
  • Grantham sure looked like a happy man on the sideline as the game wrapped up.  Gee, I wonder why?

I don’t want to take too much away from last night.  Missouri strikes me as a middle of the pack SEC team right now, a team that had some noticeable issues on the offensive line once the left tackle left the game.  (It didn’t help their chances that Jarvis figured out the snap count.)  Still, it’s the kind of game we’ve seen Georgia fade in more times than we’ve liked over the past few seasons.  So it’s an encouraging sign.  It’s also encouraging that the Dawgs didn’t fall behind in the East race early on.

It’s even more encouraging that the defense should be getting a boost with the return of players this week.  Bottom line:  it’s okay to be a little optimistic today, Dawg.


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  1. IWanaBDaveGrohl


    Great write-up Senator. Agree with everything you said.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Sorry, but if Moo U is mid pack, where is Arkansas…or Auburn? If Moo U is mid-pack, they are certainly at the top of the middle. The only question that matters right now is: are they better than Tennessee?

    • Brandon

      If you guys want to help yourself to a little meltdown cruise over to some Arkansas Razorback websites and blogs, at first I wasn’t sure if it was a football forum or a suicide hotline blog.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Not trying to take anything away from E.J. Gaines — he’s clearly a very talented corner — but it looked to me like he got away with obvious pass interference on a few plays, including a back shoulder pass or two.

    • Russ

      Agreed. Those would have been called against Georgia.

    • What fresh hell is this?

      You mean the muggings that Millen called great coverage?

    • Cojones

      After reading the Senator’s writeup, the first comment I had was posted almost verbatim by you, Turd. Looks like others agree also. And Gaines wasn’t the only one with gross uncalled pass interference.

      I’d like to take this moment to apologize for purposely spelling your name with an “e” in the place of the “u” in the past. My evil right side took over and was divisively derisive. My left/liberal side is now in charge until after the election. That will be more eff-stars ing buttah, right?

    • The other Doug

      Great corners always ride that line. Gaines is a top corner in cfb.

  3. Bard Parker

    From the Post-Dispatch story:
    “Quarterback Andy Murray finished 22 of 35 for 242 yards with three touchdown passes. He did most of his damage in the second half. After suffering some late losses in 2011, he said he knew a strong finish was necessary.”

    I wonder if Andy is Aaron’s “old man”?
    The refs missed the horse collar tackle on Gurley’s last big run.

    • Bulldog Bry

      I was screaming about that horse collar when it happened. I don’t know how that got missed, especially the way Gurley went down. It’s still a rule, right?

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m not the best X’s and O’s guy, I could watch the replay of Richard Samuel shedding that block all day long. In a way, it’s just a grounder to second with a little stretch, but he made the play so nicely.

  5. heyberto

    Senator, you once again prove why I love your analyses over anyone else. To realize I’ve arrived at some of the same conclusions prior to reading it, just shows what I’m learning as a result of your views on the game of football in general. Thank you sir.

  6. charlottedawg

    a couple observations. i feel this team has a lot of opportunity to improve and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way, i mean that as in if we tighten up a few screws we could be a force in the East. 1) Both of Mizzou’s touchdowns came on poor coverages one by Branden Smith another by Devin Bowman. Assuming those plays don’t happen if Commings, Ogletree, and Rambo are playing our defense would’ve outscored their offense, that’s not just good, that’s dominant. 2)On the other side of the ball, as bad as the offense looked in the first half I thought the passing game once it got going looked lethal especially when Mizzou brought pressure. I was especially pleased to see Murray settle down and the emergence of our receivers especially Marlon. 3) lastly, I’m ok with trying to scoop a fumble so long as the ball is rolling away from the other team’s first down marker. But yeah otherwise I’d prefer they just fall on it. Overall a great game against a good team. Hope this is the beginning of a fantastic season or even better a new era in Georgia football.

    • Cojones

      Not sure that ‘Tree or Commings could have done any better than Herrera and company. Rambo probably would have made a little more difference (on the last td pass by Mizzou) simply because more opportunity was not available. His absence was taken over by self-destruct passing by Franklin and a missed end zone snag by a receiver.

      • adam

        Having Commings instead of Bowman would’ve been great, but having Rambo instead of Norman would’ve made a huge difference in our pass defense.

  7. BCDawg97

    I’m here to eat my crow. Congrats to the Dawgs on the big win. While the 1st half was shaky, major kudos to the strong second half and not folding to the pressure as we’ve seen in the past. I hope that some of the sloppiness was nerves, jitters and a bit of Mizzou playing with extra emotion. Good win all things considered. If we tighten up a little, great wins are ahead of us.

  8. Normaltown Mike

    Marlon Brown might be the 2nd coming of Reggie Brown: HS superstar muddles around Athens for a few years before turning into a grown-ass man.

  9. What fresh hell is this?

    MO was as good or better than I expected.

    It looked like the Hail Mary pass was not caught because the receiver was concerned about stepping awkwardly on Norman as he lay on the ground.

    As good as we were at filling in for missing players at most positions, I cannot believe we do not have more quality depth at safety…. not an issue of not knowing the scheme or being out of position, but pure physical ability.

    Perhaps the most disturbing development of the night was having Matt Millen call the game. Millen’s incompetence as a GM is trumped only by his incompetence as a commentator. I’d sooner be tied to a chair, eyelids propped open with toothpicks and forced to watch Yentl, than hear that moron call a game. First we are subjected to Andre Ware, then, Matt Millen. What lies ahead…..Craig James and Brent Mussberger? Holy shit, give a guy a break.

  10. Marshall

    Well said, Senator. I thought about you on the Fullback play.

    I agree that the play of all our LBs was huge. Especially in terms of holding Franklin in check. Obviously JJ is a man among boys. I thought Murray did great considering he wasn’t getting good blocking throughout much of the game. And the one number you left off–passer rating for the year: 158.7. A 6-1 TD/INT ratio ain’t bad either.

    Big, big win. Go Dawgs!

  11. ScoutDawg

    Best feeling after a win in a minute…

  12. Lrgk9

    Nice Review Boss Blutarsky.

    Couple comments:
    1) Murray missing the short 544 Fullback is a
    s bad as a missed block allowing a sack and a fumble. Bobo certainly had tat one setup and there was no excuse for Murray to miss that pass. It should have been a little looper into the belly and he fired it point blank and high. Murray still has some growing to do – even when he is warmed up.
    2) Murray is like a pitcher that, if he can get out of the first inning, has a good game from then on.
    3) Something is going right with the conditioning program.
    4) Depth at safety has to do with who got off the energy bus.
    5) Will Friend is a keeper. Give that man a raise.
    6) Who and where was the safety on the Devin Bowman long pass. Looked like to me that was a clear safety issue.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Aaron Murray = Tom Glavine?

    • Cojones

      I’ve said it before, but will repeat it: I have no worrys when anyone scores on us because Murray and Bobo’s calls get the points right back . Happened more than three times last night. Look at any game and how soon after getting scored on that we score in return. Last night was a classic illustration.

    • Dog in Nam

      I thought the pass to the FB should have been caught, though more touch would have been nice

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ya know, TD….that bunch of kids in the white shirts…toward the end of the video when they are up in the stands with the Dawg faithful…they sho do look like a TEAM.

  13. Turd Ferguson

    Off-topic: Blair Walsh — and not Adrian Peterson — is the hero today for the Minnesota Vikings.

  14. RP

    Really liking what we’ve seen of Jordan Jenkins so far. Looks like he’s already the #2 behind CornWa in most situations.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I liked the look of his wheels on his way toward that Jarvis-inspired fumble. He’s a hard-nosed baller.

  15. section Z alum

    i think it would be legitimate to mention “Jarvis” and “Heisman” in the same sentence if he continues to perform like that. wos.

    am a wee concerned about theus in the short term. end took advantage of his haste to close the outside on a number of occasions. but he picked up some clever blitzes and stunts very well. MU brought the house. a LOT.

  16. Macallanlover

    Columbia was the snake pit I feared it would be, and their team and staff laid it all out until they ran out of ammunition. I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish last night given the very difficult set of circumstances we faced. This team/staff seems different this year in their resolve to stay on point. as if on a mission. No complaining/whining/ virtually no showboating on individual accomplishments, just down to business and “take that hill”. That part about this team is impressive, we have some limitations that will likely cost us a game or two, but we got past a big test last night and have a couple of weeks to improve.

    I don’t know that I have ever seen a more dominant performance by a single defensive player in so many facets of the game. Jarvis Jones is truly an inspiring leader that leads by example and is helping the other members of his unit get through all the early season distractions. We are blessed that he chose to come back this season, I think it was a “payback” of sorts for UGA standing by him and giving him a big stage and chance to prove his injury would not limit him going forward. It is obvious he has a bond with the coaches.

    AM seemed to provide that same confidence to the offensive unit as they looked to solve the “jump around” puzzle the Mizzou front seven threw at them. He never panicked despite the slow start and intense pressure. He threw the ball accurately, to the right receiver, and stood his ground in the pocket when it seemed the walls were caving in. I don’t know that I have ever seen him that calm under pressure before, and I am a Murray fan.

    RSIV added to his legacy last night as a player who will not hold any UGA records but never have to buy a drink in the state of Georgia. That huge play could not have been more timely, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer man to get the recognition he deserves.

    We had some brain farts last night (MM what were you thinking?) that seem easily correctable, and we will not be a dominant OL any time this season, but we can play, and will probably be favored, in all the games left on our schedule. This was one of the most dangerous games I felt we faced, and I have officially removed The aU game from that list after watching that game against Miss State. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Glad we didn’t sell our integrity only to be stuck with a coach who looks like Bambi in the headlights. We not only play the rules, we have higher than “minimum” standards and still do very well. Those that prefer the “I would sell my soul” standard should immediately go the The Plains, there seems to be spaces available on that bandwagon.

    I still hate the helmet rule, even if it only impacted Mizzou negatively. It is so bad there should be a conference call decision this week to remove it before the next games are even played. It is even worse than the block on the back above the waist penalty, both are time-wasters and do not prevent injuries, just more regulatory interference into the game we all love.

    • Cojones

      True on the helmet. Like closing the barn door …..

      Think the word “loyalty” comes most often to mind concerning Jarvis, although his unselfish leadership steps in front of that. Looking forward to him becoming a degreed alum because someday he probably should be mentioned for high accolades at our University. He is a Dawg of the highest formative “breeding” and a future alum who has already begun his giving back to the University. That’s what we always will love about him.

  17. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wow, you know what this means?
    I got two weeks to worry about Tennessee.
    Gotta be careful not to overlook FAMU and peak too early.

    • Cojones

      Did you overlook Vandy? And FAU?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Shit, cojones…I did overlook Vandy…dumb, stupid…my excuse is all that James Franklin talk caused the coverage bust….See this fourth quarter defense thing is really confusing to me…I think its 198…..not going there.

        I thought it was FAMU that’s not the same as FAU?

        Ok, I am freakishly, fevered worried about Vandy, and that Florida thing school AND Tennessee.

        Please accept my abject apologies Vandy, I promise not to ignore you again this year. Ever.

        • Cojones

          FAMU= Fl A&M Rattlers (“Fight Rattlers, fight. Put the venom in’em”) and are located in Tallahassee (that was FAMU who killed their drum major. You might have read about that).

          FAU= Fl Atlantic University on the east coast down toward Miami.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Vanderbilt may be 0-3 when they place their necks on the block in Athens Town. Don’t sell the Blue Hose (VU’s next opponent) short — they kept it to 59-3 vs. Tech.

  18. Scorpio Jones, III

    For all you happy old men out there, here is my closing thought for the day.

    “Don’t worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older, it will avoid you.”

    • Cojones

      Sure, if you let it. But then again you are the only one to be a nasty old goat of an old fart if you have the guts for it. A soothing stroke of the hair by young female hands has a way of delaying that pain that takes the spring out of your step, but there is no excuse for letting a dirty old mind go to waste.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        See my response to yer catch above, ye dirty ole bastid.

        • Cojones

          Look again. I gotcha cleaned up on your map now where you will never forget either school. By the way, beginning a couple of years ago, FAU has been trying to hang tough with the big boys. It will be another “Check your game” like Buffalo. And don’t forget our bowl game with another team down there 2 yrs ago.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Is this the one with the old Tech coach, or the one with the son of blabbermouth?….they got so many of them…yep I do remember the bowl game.

            I am suitably chastened, and you will notice I actually admit it instead of claiming a purposeful misname.

            I guess the “old man excuse” don’t work no more.

            • Cojones

              At least we both know “no harm done” and I appreciate no smiley face after your comments. Your good Dawg comments are always appreciated and always read.

  19. Norm Peterson

    FYI – Murray needs to get “on track” earlier in games, not “untracked.” Untracked doesn’t make much sense there.

  20. AusDawg85

    Dick Sam…good on you.

    Aaron Murray haters…STFU. Now. The early “jitters” were a horrible offensive line, and unfortunately, young Mr. 71 is not ready for prime time yet. All the disruption early came from breakdowns on his side. I’m sure their will be more on this later in the week. (And as a bonus, I’ll show you how to blame Bobo for this!!) But when the game was on the line, AM stood tall in the pocket and took some hits.

    Coach Richt loves his players. I mean really loves ’em.

    Jarvis Jones…my Gawd….securing a top 5 draft pick and a big ticket on Sundays.

    All PAT’s from the 20 yard line and we’ll be fine.

    Was the speed on the field one of the fastest games you’ve ever seen? Everything seemed like a blur, and often ESPN2 couldn’t keep up.

    For whatever reason…maybe sensing Mizzou tiring…there was no feeling of panic midway through the 3rd. Bobo always gives us 30+ppg, so what was the worry? No, really…we had it in hand.

    I smell…DESTINY! (if we can get the OL some further help, that is)

  21. HVL Dawg

    somebody’s made a great highlight video

  22. The Lone Stranger

    I’m not so sure UGa struggled to rush the ball so much as Keith Marshall struggled to rush it.

    • hunkerdowndawg

      3:17 Merritt Hall’s block on Gurley’s short TD run. He damn near drove a man through the end zone.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Just re-watched it: that’s what we call Old-Man strength. He didn’t seem prepared to let up on the dude until they were both out on the street.

        • Cojones

          If Hall only knew how much we all are cheering for him, he probably would have dumped him over the goal posts. That “344” out pass was his big chance to really get better known as earning his FB position. His blocking has earned him more chances for that play.

    • One of these games, Marshall will manage a run through the line w/o someone touching his feet, and we may see his speed.

      But so far, he reminds me of early DickSam, going down with the slightest contact.

  23. Brandon

    We can try and make it more complicated but the main thing is we are playing championship D again (or at least we did last night). We gave the Missouri offense a short field several times early in the game last night, a few years ago a team like Missouri would have promptly cashed those opportunities in for 6 and then Willie and Richt would have whined later about the defense having the short field. Championship D’s stiffen their spine when put in a bad position and that’s what we did all night last night especially in the first half where if we had the 08-10 defenses we would have been losing at least 21-0 midway through the second quarter. When a team gets that far behind their offense has to often abandon their game plan, a la Tennessee 2007, 2009, Alabama 2008, etc. and become one dimensional and its damn hard to catch up. Our D kept us in the game and allowed our offense to stick to its game plan and they got on track and put us ahead and then Jarvis put us in a position to pile it on. So you can say maybe strength and conditioning or attitude or whatever but the main difference is defense. I can’t wait to see how vicious we are when Rambo and Ogletree come back. Also I rarely recall seeing a Georgia team just full of damn physical specimens like we are right now, we look like freaking LSU usually does.

  24. Stunningly good evaluation there Senator. Three things and a question.
    1)I like several posters here I’m eating crow because I really saw this as a trap game…I called this one wrong ,not the first nor will it be the last.
    2)As great as Jarvis played, the single play that made my jaw drop was Motel 6 running down James Franklin in the backfield . The people in my section were just stuck silent for about 3 seconds as we took in what we had just seen…a 356 lbs nose tackle catch what is a top tier QB as he ran away from him. That is just scary and I’m glad Jenkins is on our side.
    3)The Mizzou fans were totally gracious to the DawgNation , I bet I was asked 15 times if I was having a good time and told how happy they were to have us in Columbia,MO. . The only booing I heard(besides Micheal Adams’ introduction and some terrible officiating) was when a kid in a Gators T-shirt walked past the Bulldawg tailgate. We let him know we thought his mother dressed him funny.
    Now my question for the Senator or the assembled masses is this.. Was that first half play calling just Bobo sticking to a script that would hopefully run more clock or was it horrid execution? It looked vaguely like Bobo had scripted the first 20 plays and what ever the D may be giving us be damned he was going with the short game. Just a perception and I don’t trust my eyes or my brain when I’m drinking,,a, er …traveling with my buddies.

    • Cojones

      Joe, Murray stated that the game changed in the second half when Bobo began making the calls personally, beginning with the under pass thrown to Tavarres. Sounds to me like Bobo saved the game and ran up the points on his play calling. Murray told it like it was and the way we don’t seem to get it. Bobo’s O is why we are here.

      While the O and D won the game together, too many people are seriously deficient for believing the Bobo negative shit and not believing their eyes when looking at the scoreboard. Bobo’s name should be mentioned ahead of Grantham’s when it comes to consistently enough points that , if defended, win the game.

      And don’t drive while drinking. There’s a tendency to litter when you don’t know where to place the empty.🙂

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        “And don’t drive while drinking. There’s a tendency to litter when you don’t know where to place the empty. :)”

        Gary Pinkel has a really good lawyer if your still in CoMo. 😉

      • adam

        Murray and Marlon said the offense changed because Bobo finally started calling passing plays. Bobo had some great calls. He also had some really bad ones. But overall, he had a good night. To me it looked like Murray calmed down and Bobo pulled his head out of his ass and that made the difference on offense. Still, overall, not a bad game. I think it’s frustrating that at the end of the second quarter we pulled a 180 on offense. Basically a “why weren’t we doing this earlier?” moment.

        And I think you’re alone in thinking that Bobo is better at his job than Grantham is at his.

        • Cojones

          Nope and it’s not because I don’t appreciate both. Grantham has taken the responsibility when his D calls have contributed to game loss and for fatigue in the 4th. Many convoluted that reasoning to implicate Bobo, whereas level heads have prevailed lately. We have been so happy for the tick up in the D game, that we don’t look objectively at both sides of play. Overcompensating our emotions for better D play that we are now seeing is no excuse to denigrate another coach who puts enough points up that, if defended well, will lead to wins.

          I vote for the team as a whole. DGDs, one and all, and that includes all our coaches that make us proud.

      • Thanks Balls, I had not heard Murray’s interview and while helpful it does make me wonder,if Bobo only started making the calls personally in the second half who or what was making the calls in the first half ?

        • Cojones

          I haven’t reread it the interview, but Adam (above) makes the distinction that Murray was talking about more pass plays called by Bobo, not that Bobo waited until later to make calls. Could be my misinterpretation of the same words. If so, acept my apologies for misleading.

          • JEEZ if I apologized for every oversight that trivial I’d be apologizing all day long. That apology was unnecessary but appreciated anyway.

      • I love how no one in Dawgnation seems to remember 2000-2004 *at all*. We could never, ever score more than 21 points, and any time we did we knew it was a win. Now a days, even with our great D, we still sometimes need to score 35-45 points to win. And we do. That’s what’s amazing, we do. I say Bobo deserves some credit for that.

  25. My thoughts on the game: Only good thing about the first half until the last couple of mins was both punters. Theus is definitely a work in progress, as he should be as a true freshman. False starts and got run past by some pretty basic spin moves, but he seemed to settle down in the second half as I at least didn’t notice guys running right by him.

    I’d really like to see Gurley get more carries. I dont mean that we should have run more because the passing game was working. I just haven’t seen near the upside from Marshall to warrant him alternating series…seems to go down at first contact. I understand having Malcome in the rotation for his pass protection and size, but personally I’d be happy to see just him and Gurley splitting carries for now.

    Receivers looked pretty good..as already mentioned nice game by Brown. Bennett having a few big drops surprised me only because he’s usually so money. TK looked good on some plays as well.

    D played great though having Rambo back will be very nice. I posted on my blog last night that I have a mancrush on Jarvis…hell of a game from him. The only thing I didn’t mind about Millen was the props he gave to JJ.

    My only concern after the game is that the two big boys inside aren’t nicked up too badly. When I saw Big John Jenkins(and I vote that he must always be referred to in that manner) down and then limping off I had a scare..especially after Kwame got nicked up earlier.

    Anyway, Gooooo Dawgs!!! Nice game.

  26. W Cobb Dawg

    The AM pick (that luckily only led to a FG) was a quick reminder of how we usually lose on the road. I believe we were 0 for 7 (or worse) on 3rd down converstions at one point. The strong 2nd half was a welcome change, particularly on the road. This was a pretty big win. If we play the rest of the season like we did in the 2nd half, this could be a very good year.

    • adam

      We were indeed 0-7 at one point. And our defense had only allowed 1 conversion on third down. The offense woke up eventually, but they were leaving the d out to dry for a while. That killed us in several games last year. We got through it last night. That’s a good sign. I’m not sure we would’ve won that game last year.

  27. Debby Balcer

    Where was Conley last night? I looked for him when Bennett had the dropsies.

  28. 1. You are dead on about the redzone being a huge key. 5 trips for us 35 points. 3 for them and only 6.
    2. I don’t know about end of season awards but there is not player in the country I would trade Jarvis Jones for.
    3. If the WR’s continue to play the way they did last night then once all of the suspended players get back the coaches have a tough decision for where MM should play the most. He would help us at WR but I love the idea of how deep our corners can go with him in there. So much so that Commings can play safety as needed to give us depth behind Rambo and Williams.
    4. The Ol had its share of mistakes but is coming along and should be pretty good by the end of the season.
    5. Samuel is one of my all time favorite Dawgs. He has not let anything get him down and found a way to contribute to the team despite all the position changes and being religated to a backup. I would not be surprised at all for him to be named one of the “permanent” captains after the season.
    6. Pregame warmups need to allow defensive players to hit Murray a couple times. He always seems to play better have he has taken a hard shot. He did step up big though soon as we got down by a TD.

  29. Rocket Dawg

    Great game last night! I feel like this team (and maybe the program) has turned the corner with the victory last night. We certainly got Mizzou’s best shot and then some and managed to walk out of there with a 3 TD win. Quite honestly that has to be the closest 21 point win I have ever seen! The only two gripes I have are the two long TD passes we gave up (that should remedy itself with Rambo and Commings returning to action) and the fact we didn’t line up in the I with a FB and pound the rock the last quarter. I thought we ran entirely too much out of the shotgun (it was almost like Bobo was trying to “out Big 12 a Big 12 offense”). Other than that no complaints at all, the defense played amazing and the offense held up their end of the bargain as well. I think the fact that we pulled away in the 3rd/4th quarter (as did the Gators against aTm) shows the new programs that they have to recruit depth. Their 3rd string DL has to be almost as good as the 1st string guy so there isn’t as much of a drop off. Also unless you have a Tebow or Newton clone, making your QB the primary runner isn’t going to work in this league. Mizzou is a good team and I predict that they will beat UK, Vandy, the Hillbillies, and either Florida or SCar.

  30. Normaltown Mike

    was TK’s lack of production a function of them having a really good DB?

    No complaints, it allowed Bennett & Brown to shine. TK looked really good on that inside slant.

    • I think TK is one of those boom or bust kinda guys. I don’t know if it’s just that him and Murray don’t quite have their timing down or what or if he’s just a guy that’s gonna run deep and look great if you can get him the ball and kinda disappear otherwise.

  31. The Lone Stranger

    It was more a function of the sticky Mizzou CB Gaines that was in TK’s pocket most of the night. He was placed on more than a few preseason All-Conference teams, so he is no stiff.

    And it appeared AM was locating the favorable matchups that Brown created against safeties and their nickel backs.

  32. Are we calling King “TK” now because the (admittedly awesome) tv show Necessary Roughness?

    If so, I approve.

  33. Heathbar09

    Not related to the game, but the media doesn’t have time for Nick Saban’s shit.


    • Cojones

      Don’t know Gutierrez, but should. Not dull, no extras and good straight talk. Nicky deserves those and more.

      By the way, you’re the creamer in my coffee. No kidding! A commercial Heath Bar creamer, combining that toffee flavor with chocolate, was used in my coffee this morning. Great combo!

  34. Only fitting that the Gators and Dawgs went into hostile territory and showed these new little punks what they are dealing with. Chomp Chomp. Yeah I said it. Go Gators. Everything is still right with the world even though I said that. Just think if the Aggies and MIZZOU had won. Shit. S E mothe x’cuse me Senator C.

  35. Spike

    Let Jarvis Jones play tailback.

  36. Lake Oconee Dawg

    Could not beleive that Joe Testicles was calling our game. All we needed was Penis Wagers on all would have been right in the universe!

  37. Rob Perry

    (a) Yes, Bennett had a few drops but he also made some amazing catches
    (b) The false start penalties have to end …
    (c) I don’t think we win this game without Jarvis Jones’ performance
    (d) Keith Marshall will come around … remember he’s a true freshman
    (e) Did Bobo forget about Gurley in the second half?
    (f) Can’t wait to see our D then the suspended players are back!
    (g) I know he’s a freshman, but who misses a PAT in major college FB?
    (h) Non-CFB related … I think Robert Griffin III may end up being better than Peyton Manning Junior.