Monday morning buffet

College football nourishment to start your week.

  • Reading between the lines, it seems that CBS is less enthused about the SEC’s new TV deals than Mike Slive is.
  • Never give up, Mark Bradley.  Never.
  • Good on ‘ya, Troy Calhoun.  Every coach voting should be doing that.
  • No, this isn’t the header for a Bleacher Report post.  But it feels like one.
  • Some Georgia fans are worried that Missouri fans may be too nice for the SEC.
  • The Big Ten’s bad week is summarized here.
  • Arkansas fans know whom to blame for the disastrous loss to UL-M.
  • A study suggests that any school that sees a jump of five wins or more in a season from its football program reaps big gains in donations and the quality of incoming students.
  • Noted truth teller Chuck Oliver suggests that the Auburn coaches have settled on a strategy of letting Kiehl Frazier take his lumps in hopes of getting better.  Occam’s Razor suggests that Clint Moseley’s shoulder problems are very, very severe.
  • More touchback percentage data.
  • Erk Russell to the big screen.  I wonder how they tell the part about Georgia screwing up his hire after Dooley resigned.


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49 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. X-Dawg

    Arkansas needs to blame themselves for the loss, not Petrino. This is what can happen when you hire a proven morally bankrupt person as a head coach. Arkansas is now reaping what they have sown.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “I wonder who will play Vince Dooley and Paul Johnson?” Sam Shepherd as Vince, Danny Devito as Da Genius? The real question is who plays Jake Scott and Herschel?

    I don’t know that Petrino will ever “fully recover” from his injuries…and justly so, maybe he will wind up doing PR at some big agency in the Northeast.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Petrino will be HC at a school in the SEC within 3 years–take it to the bank. Most likely candidates: (1) UT if/when the Vols win 7 or fewer games this season; (2) Auburn when the WarTigerPlainsmen figure out that Cheatsit doesn’t really have a clue and that 2010 was a fluke brought on by Cam Newton being bribed to go there and that the real brain behind that season is now at Arkansas State; (3) Kentucky as somebody like him is their only hope because no established coach without baggage would ever take that job; (4) Ole Miss–see Kentucky above.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I think UT gets 7 this season but after their skill players jump it will be tough for SOD to get 6 in 2013. Shula lasted 4 at Bama and it cost Bama 4 million to say goodbye. Has anyone noticed how eerily similar Dooley’s history is to Shula? I think Shula is the more talented coach. UT has cut 4 million out of their athletic dept budget. They will cut SOD in year 5 of his contract, eat the 1 million buyout and hire Evel Knievel. Papa P will like having to compete in a state that boasts the Adorables as the Hillibilly’s rivals. I don’t believe Bobby’s ego likes standing in Little Nicky’s shadow. No matter his stature Nick casts a rather large shadow. Besides, UT’s “Orange Pride” booster club has a “secret weapon” that Papa P just won’t be able to resist. A ornament to go on the back of his new Harley?

    • Cojones

      “fully recover” would mean that part of the injury he did to himself when he stepped on his dick.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    “The AJC sports columnist is a blogging fool.” And yes, we already figured out the last part. When Bradley was sitting at the knee of Furman Bisher he drank way too much of the “Tech is our hometown team” Kool Aid, which means what he sees happening on the field is never what really happened.

  4. The other Doug

    Bradley is drawing all this from a game against Presbyterian? Funny stuff right there.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. That’s like playing a HS team.

      • The Lone Stranger

        We’ll see what The Adorables can do with the Blue Hose. Tech covered (-44′) but I don’t see it in that Vandy offense after posting 13 points vs. N’Western. Of course, maybe Capt. CPJ depleted Presby’s roster with that punishing style of 20th century football he preaches (wink, wink!)

        (Still don’t know how to get those smiley faces going!)

  5. Macallanlover

    Arky is finding out even easy games (the kind the UGA schedule is filled with) can be tough. Running that mouth like the SC fans when you have no creds will bite you. Glad we don’t have them on our schedule, it would drag us down and get us ridiculed, thankfully Old Miss is streaking. For the 20th straight year Arkansas was telling everyone they had their defense fixed….again.

  6. HahiraDawg

    Kudos to the Air Force coach.

  7. Spike

    Can the Hogs blame Bobo?

  8. CitadelDawg

    Like the rankings from the AFA coach. Kudos to him for dropping Michigan, and kudos to him for ranking UGA higher than I might have myself, and kudos to him for including Mississippi State and BYU, both of which look pretty strong to me.

  9. Chris A.

    Mark Bradley: “True, they fumbled four times (losing three), but you can’t have it all” BWAAAAH. Try that against Clemson.

  10. Dawgwood

    Read the MB post and ran through some of the comments. I have to include one from this wacky Tech fan. Enjoy!
    “This game elevates us to new heights. We beat VT, but lost the game. We know we were better than them. This game made me realize what a great team we are and that we will not be denied. We have proved we can beat anybody by this 59-3 drubbing of a really good team. VT should be ranked at least #4 in the country with us close behind in front of the mangy mutts. Our Defence is dominate. It is an imovable object while our Offence is The irresistable force that can’t be denied. We are on the cusp of greatness and the fans need to represent our awesomeness. Next week, we can make a statement against a Monster Virginia team. When we destroy them, the world will recognize our greatness and elevate us to our rightful place in the polls. Right around #7. It should be open when the dirty curs get a beatdown by an improved Florida Atlantic. I also think our new uniforms are the bomb.”

  11. Rocket Dawg

    I have yet to figure out how we dropped behind FSU last week but didn’t leap frog back this week.

    Arkansas fans and players….please shut up about how good you are and how you should be considered in the same breath as LSU and Alabama. You beat no one last year and you lost to a Sun Belt team at home.

    Spurrier needs to shut his trap about schedule especially now, if they don’t beat Arkansas it’s their own fault.

    I like trucks….Auburn sucks!

    • I wondered the same thing. How in the blue fuck does FSU get up-jumped two consecutive weeks when they haven’t actually played a game yet? The Noles have yet to play a game against an FBS opponent, yet somehow have moved up in the rankings from 7th to a tie for 5th. It boggles the mind.

      • Cojones

        We have gone over this,folks. We posted all of this current scenario before the season got started. ESPN runs us down to all their polling readers and runs up the team nearest and below us. The phenomenon has a double entendre label.

        FSU was Dawgpolled up and we were Dawgpoled down. Please catch the spelling diff because it expresses the ambivalence in the two terms used by simply dropping or adding an “l”.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I agree that there is something smelly at ESPN about the Dawgs. It seems as though all their nattering nabobs in the past trashed Georgia in unison whenever possible and that alone is fishy. When could you get that many guys to agree about anything when it comes to sports? I thought that it might end with the addition of Pollack but it continues.

  12. What fresh hell is this?

    Man, what a disappointment that Boobsapalooza 2012 slideshow was. I think Bleacher Report could have actually done a better job.

  13. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    AUB’s QB had more interceptions (2) than completions (1) at half time against MSU …

  14. Lrgk9

    On R-Kansas – Bobo or the Dread Pirate Leach are probably candidates. They gotta get an O-coach cause there is no D outh there anywhere.

    On the ERK movie – I wonder if they’ll have a Sam Mrvos storyline – what a hoot that would be. Also – Wonder if they’ll tell the truth about who shamed the alumni to put in the Trophy Case (BVG) for Erk’s GSU heritage?

  15. Cojones

    I’m truly sorry this has happened this early to Auburn. Felt we would bury them deeper than last year when we met long before they have been shown to be a paper tiger. If anything, their D has gotten more worse than their O.

    It still is to be enjoyed, but I wanted our boys to inflict 2010 revenge, Part Deux.

  16. Scott

    Ever wonder where Erk (Erskine) Russell got his first name? I lived in Birmingham, AL and the name Erskine is fairly common there and in other parts of Alabama, especially among older men. The reason why is that Erskine Ramsay (1864-1963 -a wealthy industrialist from Scotland who moved to Birmingham) never married and had no children. Ramsay offered to set up and fund bank accounts for any local mother who named a male child after him. Erk was born and Birmingham in 1926 and was one of the many males named after Erskine Ramsay. Further, many Alabama colleges have buildings named after Erskine Ramsay, who made large contributions to Auburn, Montevallo, Miles, etc.

  17. On the Mizzou fans are too nice for the SEC idea, I swear its true. Numerous Mizzou fans went out of their ways to be nice and helpful. They were so nice I inquired if there had been some kind of Chamber of Commerce media blitz and they all assured me there had not been. These were truly gracious people so much so that I am concerned they will not understand when a drunk from Marietta suggests they perform a sexually impossible act upon themselves. I warned some of their fans as best I could and the most concise response I got was we only berate Kansas fans. I explained we berate,belittle and besmirch all schools and their fan bases and we truly hate others. I swear they don’t get it and I’ve concluded it is a Midwestern/middle America kind of thing . They think its just easier to be nice,and it may well be true,but damn son that’s just not how we do it in the SEC.
    The point of this post is I hope I can convince the readers of GTP to help convince our fan base to go easy on these folks next year when they come to Athens. They act like Vandy fans when they know they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell but Mizzou fans think they’ve got a good chance. Please play nice next year and this coming from a fan whose friends refer to as the “abuse tactician”.

    • sUGArdaddy

      I couldn’t agree more. They have to get meaner. They were so nice, but I kept telling them they were about get a big dose of old man football while I looked at them like Ivan Drago in Rocky. They laughed nervously. They don’t get it. They’re standing in the way of us and a division title for the rest of my life, so…we are not friends.

  18. Macallanlover

    Had to try this :}