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We went to a cupcake game, but all we got was our logo on this lousy t-shirt.

Look at the bright side, Arkansas – at least today somebody thinks beating you is t-shirt worthy.

You might want to hope that sentiment holds up at the end of the year.



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How’s his pass blocking?

Apparently, it’s good enough.


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Some random, early Meteor Game thoughts

Just a few things that popped into my brain this morning:

  • First off, kudos to CBS for passing on Florida-Tennessee to show Alabama-Arkansas.  At least Verne will have plenty to talk about after ‘Bama opens up a four-TD lead.
  • I notice that the line has moved in UT’s favor after opening as a pick ’em.  Why, exactly?  Is it that the Gators struggled in the first half at College Station?  Is it the injury to Jenkins?
  • The big news from that link is that Gillislee is expected to play.  So far, he’s accounted for more than a third of Florida’s offense.
  • Serious question:  what decent defense has Tyler Bray picked apart as a starter?  Here are his game logs from 2010, 2011 and this year.  Take your time.  Florida’s defensive passer rating through two games is 99.75.
  • While I’m on the subject of defense, anybody notice how NC State fared against UConn last weekend?  150 less total yards gained than against the Vols and less than half the rushing yardage.

I’m not predicting a winner here.  But it’s worth noting that the team with the edge in rushing yardage has won 20 of the last 22 games in this series.  If Gillislee is good to go, how likely is it that Tennessee will outrush Florida?


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Okay, it’s not how I’d welcome them to the conference.

Some hot Dawg on Tiger action for you (h/t SEC Rant message board)

I think it’s safe to assume the consumption of alcohol was involved there.  Either that, or somebody is a very, very confused dude.


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He didn’t come to taint.

Excuse me if I find myself a little amused by Chris Low’s discovery that maybe Arkansas wasn’t the juggernaut the press held it up to be at the season’s start.

And while we’re at it, does he not absorb some of the blame for how bad the defense has been? I’ve never been one to evaluate somebody based on two or three games, but Petrino is the one who hired Haynes.

Also, what about some of the Hogs’ personnel shortcomings, particularly at linebacker and in the secondary? These last few recruiting classes were all headed up by Petrino.

As much as Petrino did in elevating the program, the one area where he was just OK was bringing in premium talent. The recruiting game is never an exact science, and recruiting rankings are often times a farce.

But it is fair to say that Petrino lost more battles than he won on the recruiting trail against people he had to beat on the field, although recruiting in Arkansas is significantly more challenging than recruiting in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

As good as Petrino was at developing players and calling plays, the SEC will always be about stockpiling talent.

Now he tells us.  How come nobody bothered to point that out before the season started?


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Buckle up, fellas.

Gary Pinkel sounds a bit disillusioned here.

Quarterback James Franklin is sporting a nasty purplish bruise over his left eye, the result of getting his helmet ripped off in the pile during Saturday’s game. Franklin’s helmet came off twice against Georgia, both times triggering the new NCAA rule that requires a player whose helmet comes off on a non-penalty play to leave the game for one play. Corbin Berkstresser replaced Franklin on both plays. On the first, Franklin said his shoulder pads got popped up over his head and knocked his helmet off. The second time, he felt a player grab his chinstrap and rip it off and yank the helmet off, too. “I’m sure our players didn’t take it off,” Gary Pinkel said. “And I’m sure he didn’t take it off. It just happened. … Every single time his chinstrap was snapped off. It didn’t just slide off. So, I don’t know what to say.”

I bet he wishes his team had tried that on Jarvis Jones a few times Saturday night.


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