He didn’t come to taint.

Excuse me if I find myself a little amused by Chris Low’s discovery that maybe Arkansas wasn’t the juggernaut the press held it up to be at the season’s start.

And while we’re at it, does he not absorb some of the blame for how bad the defense has been? I’ve never been one to evaluate somebody based on two or three games, but Petrino is the one who hired Haynes.

Also, what about some of the Hogs’ personnel shortcomings, particularly at linebacker and in the secondary? These last few recruiting classes were all headed up by Petrino.

As much as Petrino did in elevating the program, the one area where he was just OK was bringing in premium talent. The recruiting game is never an exact science, and recruiting rankings are often times a farce.

But it is fair to say that Petrino lost more battles than he won on the recruiting trail against people he had to beat on the field, although recruiting in Arkansas is significantly more challenging than recruiting in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

As good as Petrino was at developing players and calling plays, the SEC will always be about stockpiling talent.

Now he tells us.  How come nobody bothered to point that out before the season started?


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  1. JG Shellnutt

    Wow! He’s really smart.
    He would seem even smarter had he pointed this out a few weeks or months ago.
    Funny how a terrible loss makes everyone so smart about these things.


    • Yours truly’s been on the “Petrino is overrated” express for some time. It’s a lonely train. He’s one of the best offensive minds out there, but he doesn’t recruit well and has consistently had defense/special teams issues going back to Louisville.

      You can be pretty good being one-dimensional, but there’s also a reason Arkansas hasn’t cracked the West’s top-2 the last few years either.


  2. Careful Brad

    Is our schedule still weak because we don’t play them?

    I was on the road yesterday and had the opportunity to listen to the broadcasting excellence that is the Paul Finnebaum Show and I heard the following statements:
    Florida is improved
    Tennessee could be undefeated when they play Georgia
    Arkansas is much worse than originally thought
    Missouri is a good team that just couldn’t put Georgia away
    I would think the first four statements would work against the fifth but then again I don’t have my own radio show.


  3. Look at how the SEC matchup.. E vs W … is shifting.
    It looks like Alabama and LSU and then MsSt….in the W.
    In the E, it’s UGA, SC, TN and FL….and even Vandy…I think as a whole the East is stronger. Kentucky is the only really weak sister.
    In the West, Ole Miss is weak, and Auburn and Ark. aren’t feeling so well.
    I’d say Mizzou and A&M are a wash…mediocre yet competitive and not to be taken lightly.
    Top to bottom, I think the East beats the West.
    If it turns out that TN is a pretender who hasn’t really played a strong offense, then I will think again. Or if Vandy regresses to it’s natural state.


    • These assholes are doing everything they can to ignore what looks to be a very, very, very good bunch of Dawgs. Brent Munchbugger was showing how difficult Auburn’s remaining schedule was. He mentioned every team except Georgia. He just couldn’t make himself say that Georgia was a challlenge.


  4. AusDawg85

    Steve Spurrier opposes this message.


  5. The DAWGS just needs to win, and everything will take care of themselves. Go UGA IX.