You can’t win in the SEC without labelling your clothing.

I came across this photo of Bobby Petrino in happier days here (and Petrino to Auburn is a suggestion chock full of awesomeness… but I digress):

(via Auburn University/Todd Van Emst)

… and I can’t help but wonder whose idea it was to put Petrino’s initials on the pants. His? Tuberville’s?  I mean, I know all those white sweatpants look alike, but still.

You think they were keeping track of the coaches’ underwear the same way?


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32 responses to “You can’t win in the SEC without labelling your clothing.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    You are giving Auburn way too much credit. Obviously, those are his Biker Pants.


  2. X-Dawg

    It was just to let everyone know that he was a “Big Prick”


  3. BMan

    He doesn’t have those anymore. His wife has decided to wear the pants in the family for the forseeable future.


  4. He has recruiting coordinators to help him keep track of his drawers.


  5. Spike

    His wife owns his boy parts and everything else he ever had or will have..


    • Gravidy

      My guess is she’s lost whatever interest she ever had in his boy parts. She’s squarely focused on the “everything else” part.


  6. hunkerdowndawg

    He got those sweats as part of a fill up promotion at the gas pump. It was the sweats or a car wash.


  7. Dante

    I think he sends girls home with a Jeter-esque gift basket that includes authentic Petrino sweat pants that have actually been worn at a practice or game.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    Those were made for Biff Pocoroba twenty years ago.

    Auburn bought a bunch of surplus equipment from Ted Turner that he kept after the sale to Liberty.


  9. Dawg in Beaumont

    Petrino on the plains would be wild.

    Cant spell “Uh-oh, probation!” without BP and AU


    • Normaltown Mike

      It’s a win win. Auburn gets a proven winner, Petrino gets a level riding surface for Sunday cruising on his hog, er bike.


  10. Spike

    These comments are getting good….


  11. Cojones

    He found them at the beach, washed up from the Gulf.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    I’d crack a Scarlett Letter joke, but then I might imply that someone at Auburn reads.


  13. Irwin R Fletcher

    Clearly all the Auburn coaches at the time had white sweats from Walmart and their initials tagged to the pants by the local little league uniform supplier.

    The inside joke was that they all could be some sort of physical reference or potty humor…

    Actually…I heard Petrino was a big fan of Big Pun and wore those pants out of respect for the fallen hero.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      BTW- the worst part is clearly under that windshell, there is a matching white sweatshirt with the same letters blazoned on it.


  14. Cojones

    Oh my God! He looks so pale. What happened to that red face with the bright red nose in the middle and the red rivulets coming from his scalp? He either stopped drinking or went on a diet. That’s not a bandage on that right hand, is it? Did he fall boom? Oh, that’s to cover the taser burn marks on his arm given him by his wife? No more “Sooey Piggy!!” for him. BP=Burnt Piggy.