Boys, you’re not in the Big 12 anymore.

Here’s the real “Welcome to the SEC” message from last Saturday night’s game:

Both teams combined to run the ball 74 times, but the officials only called holding once. The refs let them play…which makes me wonder if this will be a trend in the SEC.

Such innocence.

The disillusion that’s going to set in after Mizzou’s first Penn Wagers-officiated game is going to be sad to see, I’m afraid.


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  1. SemperFiDawg

    I was amazed at the lack of defensive pass interference calls. We had one ( I think) called against us in the second half, but for the most part the Refs seemed to let both teams play.


  2. Steve

    The writer was crying about holding not being called on Curley’s long run. He didn’t mention the horsecollar not being called on the tackle or how Jarvis Jones was mugged when the snap when over Mizzu’s QB’s head in the 1st quarter.


  3. Steve

    Semper Fi, on the 1st backdoor pass Murray threw to TK the defensive back grabbed his facemask when he was trying to recover.


  4. mwo

    Mark Richt has lost control of Penn Wagers!!


  5. Chuck

    I dunno, I really thought this was some guy who was writing about his beloved team in Columbia, South Carolina. Too many ifs and buts, very imaginative and whiny. Paraphrase: If you take away the negative yards for loss we had a respectable 3.2 yards per carry. Yep, and if UGA didn’t score, you would have won.


  6. What fresh hell is this?

    Were there any offensive holding penalties called on Buffalo or Missouri in UGA’s first 2 games?


  7. The refs not only “let them play,” but they got the ball spotted and blew the ready-for-play whistle faster than I’ve ever seen, too. Mizzou was over the ball ready to snap it with 32 seconds on the playclock once.

    I wonder if Richt is considering bringing back the true hurry-up like he’s always wanted. Of course, it would help if our offense moved the ball a little and didn’t leave our defense completely gassed by the end of the first half.


    • mg4life0331

      I was thinking the same thing. They were over the ball ready to snap much faster than UGA was and I would venture to say the referees did a much better job of that for Mizzou than us.

      Perhaps a lack of conditioning and lack of depth for the striped guys got tired when we took the field.


    • AusDawg85

      Great point. I commented on this during the game. Never seen SEC refs let the snap go so quickly…at least for Mizzou. I was wondering if they’ve changed the rules…for other than UGA, of course. PWG!


  8. Hackerdog

    I liked the comment on Franklin’s interception.
    “*Speaking of Jones, Franklin reiterated that he didn’t see him on the game-changing interception in the fourth quarter. Franklin said Monday that Jones – who lined up as a linebacker in the middle of the defense on the play – lined up the same way a few plays earlier and rushed the passer. Franklin assumed he would do the same on the interception, but he was wrong.”

    That sounds downright Coxian.


  9. WarD Eagle

    I noticed a few uncalled holding penalties on both sides in the AU/Clempson game.

    I feared for my vision and turned my head away from the AU/MSU game.


  10. Irwin R Fletcher

    Can i call B.S. on the whole ‘Sheldon Richardson got pushed’ garbage? Of course he got pushed…he was engaged with an offensive lineman. He saw the throw going (as you can clearly see he had his hands up to try to deflect the ball) and then lowers his shoulder to make a hit after the throw was off. It wasn’t dirty and it wasn’t because he got pushed…he went for a clean hit on the QB after the ball was released and in the refs opinion, got there too late.

    Regardless, tee this up at the 1:40 mark. You think that blatent push in the back after the play on 3rd and 4 would have helped change the game?

    Mizzou folks need to stop whining.