So dumb, I have a hard time believing it.

I posted yesterday about the Mississippi State defensive players figuring out Auburn’s play calling signs and wondering whom that made look dumber, Frazier or his coaches.

Now I’m wondering if it’s even worse than I thought it was.  Check out this quote:

“My teammates and I got into [Frazier’s] head and that’s one thing I’m going to do every game if you’re on offense against me,” said Lawrence, who turned in a team-high 10 tackles Saturday with one sack. “He would call out the signals and I’d tell everybody what the play was and he’d get that confused look in his face.”

Does that mean what it sounds like?  Were the MSU players announcing the plays publicly in advance such that Frazier heard them?  If that’s what he means, and nobody on the Auburn sideline adjusted for that… geez, that’s bad.  Seriously, I hope I’m misinterpreting here, because I have hard time believing that anybody playing or coaching SEC ball could be that out of it.

If I’m not missing something, then I may have to revise this.



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  1. fetch

    That makes us catching Joe Cox’s feet placement tell look rather minor.


  2. Wow, just wow. Any question now why Grantham has that poor intern holding up a towel for the entire game?


  3. Bulldawg165

    This is just a little too outrageous for me to believe that Lawrence isn’t embellishing things just a tad. Still, the way they shut down Auburn’s offense makes me believe there is at least [I]some[/I] truth to MSU figuring out what play was about to happen.

    Considering this happened with just one week of game footage for MSU to study of AU’s new OC means they’re in for a long season on the plains.


    • Bulldawg165

      Dang it. I thought html would work here. Live and learn I suppose, live and learn.


    • 81Dog

      part of it could just be Lawrence trying to screw with Frazier’s and Chizik’s heads afterwards. Maybe he didnt have it as cold as he indicates, and he just wants them to think they might as well be announcing the next play on the Jumbotron. Imagine the fun of watching the Chiz and his offensive coaches trying to figure out how they’re tipping the plays, how they can avoid tipping the plays, how they have to change calling the plays.

      They’re going to be so messed up by Saturday, Frazier may not be able to put his shoes on the right feet.


  4. AusDawg85

    I’m not all that impressed that the MSU player could read the “PASS” and “RUN” signs the Aubie coaches were holding-up for Frazier.

    What I am impressed with is that they spelled them correctly.


  5. HahiraDawg

    I remember a game back when I played at Lowndes, we were playing Tifton at their place, anyways, everytime we would break the huddle and line up, they had this lbr that would call out our play. We were so well scouted and predictable they knew us better than we did ourselves. Well, I played every other play, switching with another guy as we brought the plays in. We both told our HC but he didn’t believe us. At halftime we hadn’t even made one first down. It was miserable. Our coaches yelled at us that half and I didn’t have the strength to even argue with them they were so blind and set in their ways.
    We went out there for the second half and gave everything we had knowing that without any adjustment we were pissing in the wind. We played with our pride but no confidence in our offensive coaching or their plans. Yeah, we made some yards that half and made a game of it. An while it was a humbling ordeal, I remember thinking about how fun it was to try to beat them physically even though 80% of the time they knew what was coming. It was like we enjoyed the challenge of it on the field.
    The sideline and locker room dynamics were pretty bad though. The coaches even made us dress back out and run gasers when we we got back to our stadium.
    Later speaking with some of our o-linemen, they said they were able to convince the o-line coach at halftime what was going on but by that time the HC was so ticked the o-line coach wasn’t even gonna argue reality with him.


  6. What fresh hell is this?

    When Chizik came to the barn, wasn’t there a booster who showed up at the airport to proclaim (shout) that this was a terrible hire?


  7. Cojones

    2010 was a big surprise to me when others were giving Aub praise as a great team, yet I knew, along with many, that their D was shit as determined from play in 2009. It was no surprise to me that we were leading them by over 14 pts in the first half of 2010, but I was taken aback by Cam’s athleticism and what that did to post points on our D in the second half. We were outscored, not outdefended, except for UnFairley’s turpitude.

    My thoughts of their D last year had not improved, rather Auburn looked like a weakass sister on D (and O)before we faced them. Felt the same way this season’s start and can’t wait for the team to get there. The hiatus of Auburn’s competitive D and O going to shit isn’t going to last. Chizik is the average coach leveraged to SEC respectibility temporarily. Many didn’t think he was worth a damn from the start when several other coaches were available on the market, but Auburn inexplicably saw some great crud that was beyond my lay knowledge of football. My initial thoughts were proven correct, but none moreso than this year. Why they keep him on is beyond me since they can’t hurt their program any more by replacing him during this season.

    But please don’t replace him before we get some of that stupid ass this year because it doesn’t happen that often between our schools. Now I know how gleeful FU was when Goff was here.

    Can someone start a classless “Keep Chizik until after UGA plays them” site? Or at least start the rumor that there are electronic implants by a Georgia-friendly Dentist in at least 3 starting players and our D will be equiped with speakers inside their helmets? If you think they could discover that, you haven’t been paying attention. If one of their players speaks to the press and the intertubes report he is talking out of his ass, Auburn will immediately have a short-arm inspection, followed by a look into some bad kharma assholes while searching for devices under the guise of hernia inspections.

    Revenge, Part Deux, coming up.


  8. almightytmc1

    Hmmm…. I really think aubbo tech should fire the following five coaches.
    1. Coach Bobby Lowder.
    2. Coach Jimmy Raines (the yella wood bastard).
    3. The real Coach Pat Dye. (the man with his hand up the 5-19 coach’s ass.)
    4.Gene Chizik. ( the 5-19 coach with Pat Dye’s hand up the aforementioned backside.)
    5. Super Dooper Toopper Taylor. (AKA…Baby Daddy, AKA the towel waver…AKA the thug.)

    After that they should definately fire…..
    1.Curtis Luper. Its 3 games into the season and he still has no clue who the starting tailback is.
    2. Wayne Hall the notorious bagman from the Pat Dye era. Just because he is a douchebag.
    3. Jay Jacobs for being the worst athletic director in the history of sports.