‘Will, you need to chill out. This is going to get you in trouble.’

The Mississippi State recruiting story is looking worse by the day.  The only reason I’d rate this Pat Forde piece at DEFCON 3 is because Charles Robinson’s name doesn’t appear on the byline.  But you figure that’s a shoe that’ll be dropping soon.

Generally, though, it’s not good when you’ve got somebody producing receipts and mentioning direct contact with the head coach and the athletic director.

It’s interesting that the booster in question is from Roswell, Georgia, though.  Makes you wonder if he had any in state time with Sheldon Dawson during his recruitment by the Dawgs.


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11 responses to “‘Will, you need to chill out. This is going to get you in trouble.’

  1. Dog in Fla

    Today’s forecast for the weather system around Dan Mullen’s head calls for severe lightning strikes. In related news, Dan has decided to no longer interview people for jobs.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Mullen should just say that Redmond is injured and then storm out of the room when a reporter inquires about him …


  3. Irwin R Fletcher

    Anthony’s is a solid restaurant. Never…I repeat…Never go there without ordering something with the spicy crawfish sauce. It is amazing.


  4. Damn… you’d have thought MSU would have had better luck recruiting with them paying so well…..


  5. Cojones

    How many major and secondary violations are we talking about?


  6. JG Shellnutt

    I don’t think Georgia can get penalized for what another school’s booster did or did not do.