Georgia fans, Howard Schnellenberger absolves you of your sin.

So sayeth the mustachioed one:

“We can forgive the fans for being wrong in their opinion of the great Mark Richt,” said Howard Schnellenberger, Richt’s coach at Miami who set up Saturday’s Florida Atlantic game at Georgia before retiring as Owls coach. “He’s a great coach. He’s proved them wrong. He’s now one of the dominant coaches, if not the dominant coach in the conference. Fans often rush to judgment.”

Who, us?



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40 responses to “Georgia fans, Howard Schnellenberger absolves you of your sin.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    See, see….now they got Richt’s old coach into the act….Cojones…where the hell are you, these people are gonna get us beat. And Senator, it’s you, too…that damn post about Franklin….I thought about Vandy…see what you did there?
    Long Snapper, Coach’s brother, Dawgs flat…Russ’s first official game….ah man, now I am scared to death.


    • Gravidy

      I like your style, brother.


    • 81Dog

      Keep Calm and Hunker Down!


      • Cojones

        Leave him alone! He’s in charge of our worrying. Please give him room. 🙂


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Shit, dude….soma these boneheads are already talkin bout running the table? Lunacy is rampant.

          Here it is Friday lunch time and I have not even picked a hat for sure.

          Somebody gottta worry.


          • Cojones

            Oh no! You’re going to start worrying about the boneheads and lunatics as well? How much Pepsid AC do you have stockpiled? You are enjoying these games one at the time, aren’t you? My beer fridge has angst medicine labeled Blue Moon, Leinenkugels and Newcastles. You are invited any time.

            Smoke’em if you got’em. Go Dawgs!


      • Chip Diller

        Remain calm. All is well! All is well!!


    • Brandon

      Willie was the biggest problem by far, once he was gone and replaced by a good DC, shazam things are looking up again. I love Richt and have never stopped supporting him in all honesty though but he was the one to blame for keeping Willie so long, you could tell after even one year that Willie was a huge downgrade at DC too bad we had to endure him for 5 years until he completely tore the wheels off the defense. It probably cost us a national championship in either 07 or 08. I think Richt has learned his lesson and won’t be so slow to fire and underperformer on the coaching staff again, he is fundamentally a really nice guy and it was hard for him but I think he gets it now. Hell after you’ve fired your best friend firing anyone else shouldn’t be too bad. In addition to Bobo who received a far disproportionate share of the blame for Willie’s shortcomings I feel damn sorry for a lot of the players from 05-10, especially the guys who had a lot of talent like Rennie Curran and gave it their all they just had no coaching whatsoever.


  2. Puffdawg

    Yes, Howard Schnellenberger has always been a huge Mark Richt fan, as evidenced by his vote in the final 2007 USA Today coaches poll:

    I guess thanks is in order for the top ten nod, Howard.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like “the great Mark Richt” 8)


  4. Macon Dawg

    “the dominant coach in the conference”

    I guess it’s possible that he’s been sleeping one off for 4 or 5 years.


    • Brian Dawg

      Well, depending upon the opponent (Tech) he has been dominant….


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Actually, CMR has a winning record against just about every team in the SEC except Florida. Without looking it up (going on memory) he’s 7-4 against Auburn, South Carolina and UT, 5-1 against Bama and Arkansas, and only lost once to UK. I think he’s won every game against Vandy. LSU may be about .500, I’m not really sure. He’s beaten Ole Miss every time and only lost to Mississippi State once. And of course he’s 10-1 against Tech. He’s 1-0 against Mizzou now and also against Texas A&M (bowl game before A&M joined the SEC). That is domination, except for the Gators and LSU.


  5. paul

    Aw heck no. I’ve never blamed Richt. He’s the man. I blame, well, um, you know.


  6. Skeptic Dawg

    “He’s now one of the dominant coaches, if not the dominant coach in the conference”…Apparently Old Howard likes to drink early and often. Richt a dominant head coach? Richt is to dominant as vinager is to sweet.


  7. Cojones

    You guys are mispelling the pronunciation of Schnellenberger’s first name. I know because I heard an announcer pronounce it for years. It’s pronounce ” ‘Hard”, just like ‘Hard Twilley.


    • shane#1

      Yeah, if you had Dandy Don for an English teacher. Trust me, my Mom was an English teacher so I know, I know, I know. Oh sweet Maggie’s drawers do I know!


  8. Macallanlover

    Our lunatic fringe gives UGA a bad reputation even if they are truly “out there” and represent just the immature portion. One has to wonder if those who would tear apart the program aren’t those inside the Trojan Horse…..mostly toward the South end. They obviously have computers in there, and radios/cell phone to listen in to, and communicate with, F’Bomb’s show. At least stop with the pretending to be a fan. Room on the bandwagon is just reserved for the loyalists. Rather take a shot head-on than in the back. Out of the foxhole scoundrels!


  9. Dawg19

    “He’s now one of the dominant coaches, if not the dominant coach in the conference.”

    Just imagine Bama fans’ faces when they read this. It’s worth it just for that…


  10. 81Dog

    Bama fans will point to Nick’s 14 SEC titles as proof of his superiority. Many of them have been awarded for future years, but dont confuse Bammers with numbers or facts.


  11. gastr1

    Doesn’t Howard have an excuse for his bias in that he recruited and coached Mark Richt? You have to give the guy an out for cheering for a former player, don’t you?