Scheduling complaint

I don’t think it’s fair that South Carolina plays Arkansas and Georgia doesn’t.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I have been waiting for somebody else to notice how we do not get to continue Georgia’s great traditional rivalry with the Hogs. The SEC just does not care about the things important to the fans.

  2. Ausdawg85

    I expect UGA will drop in the polls thanks to Arky’s loss.

  3. Russ

    However we do play both Tennessee and Florida, and the talking heads on TV tell me how great both of them are.

    Even Gary Danielson finally admitted how bad Arky is. Of course, he was only stating the obvious.

  4. Cosmic Dawg

    I hate these cupcake games – hate them, hate them, hate them. It’s almost embarrassing to see our players celebrating tackling these little dudes.

  5. Turd Ferguson

    I’m sure we’ll win this game in convincing fashion, but … color me unimpressed by our defense (other than Jarvis Jones) through 2 games and a quarter. Starting to feel like I was sold a Ferrari, but drove home in a Corolla.

    • Well, I can’t get the damn game where I’m at, but just from what I can get on the Internet, it looks like we are flat bringing the suck for this one.

      • murphdawg

        We’re watching it through the laptop connected to the TV on ESPN3. You are correct about bringing the suck through most of the first half, the defense looks like it’s taking the week off. There’s no doubt we wil win but no way FAU should score 14 on us. I expect to see us drop in the polls even with a W tonight.

        • A lot of fans are just frustrated with the weak UGA defense in the last 3 games, to my surprise voters seem to look more on the final score. If a team score more than 50 even over a cupcake you can jump up the polls. Look at FSU jumping over UGA after first week, and UGA jumping 2 positions over Oklahoma’s bye week to #5. Looks like, RICHT is finally learning his lessons on the reality of voting.

    • toggle

      Don’t insult the Corolla like that. We’re driving a Yugo right now.

  6. Scott

    Blame Michael Gilliard for that 43 yd td run by FAU. Assuming Sanders Commings was playing safety on the play, he looked out of position as well.

  7. Scott

    For such a heralded defense, we look really bad on these busted plays. FAU had all day to throw on that long pass, and the WR was wide open.

  8. The Lone Stranger

    The Ghost of Schnellenberger hovers close (even though the man is still quite alive!)

  9. The Lone Stranger

    Though it has to be said, I believe the Dawgs are playing possum here. Stick around for the 2nd half and the Owls will likely unravel much like Buff.

  10. Scott

    Now that Sanders Commings is not playing cornerback, is his new position to stand and watch, then chase yards behind the guy with the ball?

  11. The Lone Stranger

    Yee—ahhh … don’t like seeing Murray have his headgear rearranged! But hand it to AM, the helmet stayed planted on his noggin. And there it is — separation via Bennett as he screwed a CB into the turf with a double-move! Oh, nice.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hey….no worries, it is only FAU….right?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Dawgs’ll roll it up in Half #2 — somewhere along the lines of 28-0; maybe the Owls grab a FG. But, as ever, Grade-A hand wringing SJ3.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Oh….now we are happy with winning the second half against a team our esteemed Senator was bothered to even mention.

        • Cojones

          And it’s all on you. You didn’t get us worried enough about FAU’s O, their great QB and their great, fast and elusive receivers. Oh, Lord, what does this portend for us vs Tenn? My worry and angst is building up over two weeks ahead of time. And making me worry less about Vandy. Whatever will happen to us?

          By the way, has anyone noticed the O pattern that I called to your attention a couple of times before? Murray and Bobo instantly go out and score after we are scored on. It is so consistent that I’m willing to wager on it. If they could patent it, think of the loss of angst and all the comfort of sitting back and telling your neighbor in the next seat, “Don’t worry about it. We will get it right back”. And then they look at you in amazemant when you tell them it will take less than 5 minutes off the clock.

          The down side is that you return the D to the field so quickly that they forget how to play. Pin another set of tails on Bobo for fucking up a good D plan by Grantham by his selfish and greedy usage of the O to put enough points on the board that even Arky’s D could sustain to win the game. Cheez! What is Bobo thinking? I’m sure some of you dumbshits who know the game and O better than I do will answer that question for the rest of us.

  13. DawgBiscuit

    Well, SOD just went from Rocky Top hero back to the hot seat.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      The Vols just can not run the football….86 yards total sometime in the third quarter….and with pressure, Bray looks….well, not as good.

      Boom, on the other hand, went back to his roots….

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    Man….did you guys see what Vandy did to the mighty Blue Hose….

  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    Zach Stacy is probably the best running back we will see all year.

    • The Lone Stranger

      He had no trouble tearing a hole in the Blue Hose!

    • baddawg

      Better then lattimore?! Idk about that. Gillislie at Florida is pretty fast. First half we will make Vandy look good. Second half different story. Just like every dawgs game. Looking forward to it though

  16. Cosmic Dawg

    I wonder if we can find somebody among our sixty-something SEC players who can cleanly field a kicked football.

  17. Russ

    50 points and 700 yards offense is nice. 7-10 on 3rd downs in the first half, not so nice.

  18. Tybeedawg

    Stop whining Senator, you are beginning to sound like Steve Spurrier.

  19. We know that Saban, Spurrier, Meyers, etc would give a left nut to shut a team like this out.

    Richt ain’t made from the same cloth. He (and CTG) are trying to get their ducks in a row for the SEC gauntlet. Lets keep the faith.

  20. Scott

    I think I would rather have Malcolm Mitchell back on offense full time and have Commings back at cornerback, a position he is most comfortable with. A safety he is not.

  21. Scorpio Jones, III

    Now it really begins

  22. Skeptic Dawg

    Yet again Richt shows his true colors. This team played uninspired football for the 2nd week our of 3. There are 3-4 losses coming from this staff. Brace yourself. And yes, the Dawgs will drop in the polls yet again. This is Richt Football. Welcome to my world.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I feel ya, man. I hate it when we hold our opponents to three TDs or less and drop 40-50 points on them. It sucked all the joy out of my weekend.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Please, list 3-4 positives taken from this game. Was it the solid D? Maybe it was the stellar O-line play. Oh I know, it was how well prepared this team was. Flat , unprepared and unmotivated. This is the signature Richt coached team the last 5-6 years.

        • Dawgfan Will

          I’ll take my positives from a multiple TD victory against an over matched opponent and a much more satisfying victory against a real opponent last week. If you want to get worked into a lather about 3 beat downs, be my guest.

        • tbia

          Yet, you will talk glowingly about LSU who played basically the same exact game, against a very similar in quality opponent.

    • shane#1

      Yet again you have shown your true colors. You are a whining, moaning , crybaby, coward. You are not fit to hold CMR’s jockstrap. Get lost loser, nobody needs you.

    • Careful Brad

      Where ya been Skeptic? Don’t just show up once every three weeks. I have missed you! Please let us hear from you on at least a weekly basis.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Ya’ll take Ole Skeptic too seriously. He’s got that contrary curmudgeon act going. It’s tough to be so constantly negative, and tiring to the rest of us, but he got his reactions.

    • Anon

      Your world is dumb, and I bet you are a joy to be around.

    • AusDawg85

      For those who believe Georgia has truly underachieved in the BCS era, please take a look at these facts and answer 3 questions:

      Since 1998, there have now been 14 BCS Championship games. However, only 11 unique teams have won those games. Only 3 other teams have even made an appearance. Of the 14 teams to make it to the BCSCG, 5 were from the SEC, 3 of whom were repeat winners (LSU, FL, Bama). 9 of the teams made multiple appearances (OK the most with 4).

      9 of the teams playing had the Heisman winner for that year, although (interestingly) only 3 of the winning teams (USC, Bama, Auburn).

      So answer me this:

      1) How many times per decade should UGA appear in the MNC game?
      2) How many Heisman winners should UGA have per decade?
      3) With UGA under Mark Richt playing in a conference that has had 3 Heisman winners and 7 BCSCG winners including the last 6 in a row, what the hell do you expect?

      Feel free to expand your answers in essay form to truly show how ignorant you are about the subject.

  23. curiousdawg

    why is our D giving up all these points? i’m concerned… just saying

  24. 20 ninjas

    I bet you five whole dollars SCar jumps us in the polls on Monday.

  25. Governor Milledge

    I was at the SC game… they looked weak in the 1st half on offense until they opened things up in the 2nd. Lots of costly fouls and turnovers too

    We very well may see SC w/ a brewing QB controversy… the students were chanting for Dylan before Connor even got hurt.

    • Spurrier is used to QB contorversies. He is a master at using competing QB’s to his advantage. So I don’t really hope for that case.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Ug, you are right that SOS often has had QB controversies on his teams. It’s in his nature (asshole). But when he has had his greatest successes was when he had one QB and stuck with that guy. It can only be good for us when something like a QB controversy comes along on a Spurrier-coached team because it gives a basis for distraction and potentially could split the team. At Florida he had teams that were so good they could just play through that nonsense but at USCe….not so much.

    • Hackerdog

      That’s impossible. All other SEC teams dominate every snap of every game. I doubt we’ll even be bowl eligible this year. We should just forfeit our remaining games to save ourselves the embarrassment of winning by less than 100 points.

  26. Wish I had an original name

    Been long UGA
    32 years now
    Wouldn’t trade it
    The colors
    For the world
    Is it feign
    Fuck you then
    Red and black
    The color of blood
    And fucking black

  27. PatinDC

    Arky looked bad. Bray collapsed at the end. No fight in him. Stanford stikes again…. UK loses to WKU? Nice knowing you Joker.

  28. Cock of the Walk

    The lack of self-awareness is classic – Auburn has at least as many, if not more, problems this year than Arkansas.

  29. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch escaped with help from the refs.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Wherever that guy goes the refs help him. Why?

    • The Lone Stranger

      I can only believe that the whole “who-gets-the-breaks” theme generally breaks down to a business deal. tOSU is much more “important” as a brand than Cal and, as such, has the referee/conference/network Bund working in its favor. I get more conspiratorial by the week, and it is exhausting.

  30. JG Shellnutt

    The league office is clearly showing favoritism. The SEC office likes SC more than they like Georgia. There is a conspiracy. South Carolina is allowed to play Arkansas and we are not allowed to play them at all this year. This is unfair. Waaah!

  31. The SEC West is two giants and the rest, with the possible exception of Mississippi State, pretty unimpressive. I’ll say that if Vandy were in the West, they’d be the third or fourth best team. I might even say that about them in the East.
    I still don’t know about Florida or Tennessee, even after watching the game last night. Was TN that bad on O? Was FL that good on D and O?
    I THINK, Florida has a very good defense, and a pretty good offense.
    Tennessee has a weak running game, a QB who often tries to “aim” his throws (he looks like he’s playing darts on his short passes) but throws it deep very well, complimented by a defense that can’t play four quarters.
    This season is going to be velly intelesting to say the least.
    SC looks a lot like recent UGA squads…sputters, shows periods of brilliance interuppted with self inflicted wounds.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Missouri looked good for three quarters against Arizona State. If they can figure out how to close out a game they might make a little noise in the East. It’s tough to take anything away from the Florida-Tennessee game, because Florida is in their heads like they once were (I hope) in the Jacksonville series. Oh, and SOD is kind of a crappy coach.

  32. collegeparkdawg

    Went to the game and thoroughly enjoyed it. Skeptic must have been watching a different team. Yes defense was vanilla and there were some misses but the offense looked like they are clicking. Happy to see Marshall break out. Murray threw some beauties to a host of receivers. Bennett was great. Yes Lynch had one bad move but he also had a touchdown and it was nice to see the TEs be more than extra blockers. UGA may be older but he has some fight and chaffed at the big collar!!! All in all a beautiful night in Athens!!

  33. Dawg rage

    This scheduling is totally unfair! We’re getting screwed by the SEC!

  34. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m feeling much better about our schedule now, but those of you who aren’t completely misinformed know that our beef has nothing to do with Arkansas. It’s always been about you getting to keep Ole Miss and to get out of playing Alabama, while we had to give up our home game against Miss. St. while keeping LSU. You’re being disingenuous at best if you keep throwing smokescreens about Arkansas out and can’t acknowledge the reality of the situation.

    As far as the game last night goes, Shaw was clearly in pain even before he took the hard hit. He wasn’t putting much zip on the ball, and he was clearly afraid to run. He’s not ready to come back yet, IMO, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out for a few weeks. Thompson played well in the second half, but it was UAB, who couldn’t cover our receivers. It’ll be very interesting to see if Thompson is capable of maintaining strong play against Mizzou, should he get the start.

    • I hope you realize my post was thoroughly tongue in cheek, brother. Nothing’s really changed for me – I still think the East is going to come down to which team wins in Columbia.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Interesting choice of words, Senator. I agree with you. Next year it may be a different Columbia though. Mizzou gets UT, FU, USCe and A&M in Columbia, Mo. Win all those and the Tigers are a legitimate contender for the SEC East.

      • You’ve stated as much before, so my post wasn’t really directed at you. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I’ve talked to way too many UGA fans, though, who either just don’t get or aren’t willing to get why we were irked about this whole thing to believe that it’s tongue-in-cheek for the rest of the crowd here.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      From what I’ve seen so far this season Mississippi State would dust the ‘Cocks.

      • The Miss. St. that almost lost to Troy yesterday? Give me a break. I take it that “what I’ve seen so far” means the Vandy game? If we based what we know about UGA on the Buffalo game, you could say that Miss. St. would dust UGA, too. But you and I both know that Miss. St. wouldn’t beat either USC or UGA.

    • The984

      Why did we keep Ole Miss and miss Bama while you lost Miss State and got LSU? One answer: Arkansas.

      It’s fairly clear that the SEC emphasized keeping the permanent inter-divisional opponents on their regular schedule. For instance, we hosted Auburn last season and travel to them this season. Y’all were at Arkansas last year and host them this year.

      Now, that alone wouldn’t solve it. However, if you look at the East teams, it’s clear that the SEC tried to keep it so that every team hosted three home divisional games and went on the road for three divisional games. With that in mind, y’all were already set with three home East games and one home West game. You couldn’t get your return trip from Mississippi State this year because that would have given you five home SEC games which truly would have been unfair scheduling. Since LSU was already coming up on your schedule, it seems they decided to just keep it that way for y’all. Since we had an away West game already in Auburn, the SEC probably emphasized finishing out the Ole Miss home and home rather than going way out there by having us host aTm or jumping Bama into the schedule.