Kiffin watch: nobody loves ‘ya when you’re down and out.

Bruce Feldman captures a touching scene after Stanford beat up Southern Cal to win:

One young girl in a red Stanford sweatshirt — she couldn’t have been more than 18 — rushed up to Lane Kiffin and just started screaming, “[Bleep] you, Lane Kiffin! [Bleep] you, you [bleepin’] loser!”

Part of the plan, darlin’.  Part of the plan.


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36 responses to “Kiffin watch: nobody loves ‘ya when you’re down and out.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s justice in this cruel world. Brought a lump to my throat.

  2. SouthGa Dawg

    Wonder what the great arrogant one, Lost Angeles thinks about the game. Seriously, he does write a great blog.

  3. toggle

    Wonder if she’s related to this guy?

    • toggle

      BTW … NSFW nor sensitive ears!

    • The Lone Stranger

      You think that Mountain feller ought to back off the football worship just a tad? Sweet Gawd, these false idols are eating him up.

    • Cojones

      Thought for a minute he was doing it in his house. Bet that fire smelled to high heaven. He bought all that shit and with photos collected, he turns high worship into stoning. Wonder if he knows burning your hatred’s symbols is what AQ-led Muslims do? Would the facial scars and F-bombs mean he is self-f-facing?

  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I really didn’t expect The Implosion this soon. Maybe Stanford is just much better than I thought they would be without Luck, two NFL O-linemen, and an NFL tight end.

    Or, maybe USC has three more losses up its sleeve.

    Oh, please, please, please let it be the second.

    • The Lone Stranger

      The Tree was blitzing hard straight up the gut with multiple LBers for long stretches last night. Barkley has a full two days in the tub after that hammering.

  5. Kiffen says she was propositioning him.

  6. Aligator

    That is great! Touche’ biotch!!

  7. Remo Gaggi

    Douchebaggery, thy name is Lane Kiffin.

  8. The Lone Stranger

    Haaah —— Jimmie Cox or Derek & the Dominos couldn’t have sung it any sweeter.

  9. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Ouch. It feels to me like the sports writers — who were the ones who anointed Barkley and the Trojans to begin with — are being too quick to knock them down. Suddenly Barkley’s not a Heisman contender after a loss in September? Not defending him or Kiffey-baby or the Trojans — just pointing out that the sports writers are almost acting butt hurt that their anointed ones had the audacity to not be perfect.

    • Merk

      They were the lone hope.

      Texas is down, OU loses bowl games period, and Oregon has been beat by the SEC multiple times now. FSU could go all the way, but the ACC is just so weak I doubt they will do much. I mean the last ACC champs lost by 50+ points in their bowl game.

    • Cojones

      You nailed it CBF.

  10. Brian Dawg

    I have to say it warmed my heart to see the Stanford faithful storm the field. To me, this is what makes college football great. And this is also why I believe that playoffs will ruin it. Right now, EVERY game is a big game. Pretty soon that won’t be the case.

  11. I am heart broken, I thought Jarvis Jones will have the chance to single handedly destroy Kiffin’s golden boy which will be trully sweet revenge. No more chance. WAAAAAAAAAAA. LOL

  12. I need to wait and see how in the next several weeks Herbstreit justify his darling winning the Heisman. LOL

    • Cojones

      Barkley had a not-so-Heisman game before Stanford and they kept him as their #1 candidate, with excuses. These chrystal ball people have egos to match. If they would just present facts for fans to use in voting for Heisman, we all would be better off. Trying to make an individual or team a champion because they say so is trashy and unprofessional. They play politics with players and teams much like the national political parties play. If they could look into the future they would see fans with almost as much knowledge at their fingertips so as to render their opinions sterile. It’s pretty close to that now.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Maybe the young lady was upset she did not make the traveling squad for USC’s version of the Vol Gals and was forced, in her deep shame, to transfer to Stanford, where her momma wanted her anyway.

    I blame her momma for letting her go to USC in the first place.

  14. rugbydawg79

    Lone Stranger–I got a feelin you are my kinda Dawg-keep it coming

  15. 81Dog

    When you make your rep by being an arrogant prick, you shouldn’t be shocked when others take delight in your misfortune. Lane Kiffin is Steve Spurrier minus the wins and the winsome charm. Schadenfreude: it’s what’s for dinner in Los Angeles.

  16. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The fear that USC may lose more games is reality based. The Trojans (whether lubricated or unlubricated) still have to play Arizona, Oregon and UCLA in conference and ND OOC. All of those teams are undefeated and look pretty damn good. I can see USC losing all those games.

  17. I think I’m in love. Seriously, from what dark place does a 18-year-old Stanford student conjure up that level of vitriol? Daddy issues? I don’t care, I guess. Whatever it is, I like it.

    • The Lone Stranger

      The problem at USCw may be that The Laner has “daddy issues” as well. And presently, Arrogant U. (as they are proud to proclaim) has Golden Bear issues. As if two teams could not be more polar opposites, as Cal to Stanford, Daddy Kiffin must try to reel his defense in for the air game that is to come this weekend. The Bears threw all day against the Black Pope @ tOSU.

  18. Dboy

    I wonder if this girl got Kiffin confused with Petrino? Nah

  19. Dog in Fla

    “Erin Andrews post-game on ESPN – ‘Stanford students are really smart but they won’t be going to class tomorrow after celebrating all night…’ You can’t put anything past those University of Florida graduates.”

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It was a Saturday night game. The next day would be Sunday. They don’t have classes on Sunday–even at Stanford. What an idiot.

      • 81Dog

        maybe native Floridians think California is on the other side of the International Date Line, because, you know, man, it’s like REALLY far away. So, it’s like Monday there when it’s Sunday in Gainesville, dude. Really. Read a book, man.