Post-Meteor Game wisdom

Face it, pundits:  you got sucked in by the hype.  Chicks may dig the long ball, but Tennessee still can’t run the ball and still can’t play defense (Florida’s total offense against Bowling Green and TAMU combined:  672 yards.  Florida’s total offense against UT: 555 yards.).  But you’re consistent.  What’s the most likely conclusion you’ll draw from the Gators’ win yesterday?  I’m betting on some variant of “The Gators Are Back!”.  Yesterday proves Florida is back about as much as last year’s win did.

Which is not to say that Florida isn’t an improved team.  It clearly is doing some things better than it was last year.  It’s been a very good second-half team, for example.  But all we really know about Florida right now is that it’s a better team than NC State.


UPDATE:  As a summary of the night, this is pretty choice.


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  1. Brandon

    Yes the national media will continue to see the true reason for UT’s demise: the curse of sunsphere.

  2. Florida is a MUCH better team than N.C. State. Not saying I don’t expect a solid win vs. UF. And Tennessee? Oh, goodness, am I looking forward to how they play after Jarvis slings Bray around like a bloody rag. Could UT actually borrow money to buy SOD out and dismiss him midseason?

    I will say, though, that SOD has really soft hands. You all see that sideline catch? His feet never moved.

  3. Scott

    UT appeared to be the better team the first 2.5 quarters but they wore down and got tired. I guess UT has no depth because once they got tired the dam broke.

    • The Bard

      It was the same type game as UF-A&M. After getting outplayed for over half the game, the Turds slowly gained the upper hand and were dominant at the end.
      FWIW, talent wise, UF is the only team in the SEC that approaches Bama and LSU in both numbers and quality. Also, you can tell that Muschamp has made better hires for the vacancies on his staff than he did last year.
      Last year’s Cocktail Party was like one of Grizzard’s “two mules fighting over a turnip games,” but it won’t be like that this year. CMR will have to have his team ready to play this year if they want to beat the Gators. If the Dawgs come out flat like last year, they will get run off the field.

  4. Derek

    I enjoyed listening to mark may and lou holsphtts debate who the best team in the East was: USC or UF.

    • KornDawg

      Me, too. When Davis asked the question, you almost automatically knew that Holtz was going to go with USCe. But he didn’t even mention Georgia.

      • The Lone Stranger

        F*** ’em all. Play the games!

        • G Marmalarde

          Did you also notice, despite record setting offensive numbers, despite #6 national ranking, despite every other cupcake game in the country was covered, no UGA highlights at all from college football final.

  5. sniffer

    October will reveal what Florida is. That’s a brutal stretch of games and their depth, or lack of, will tell the tale.

    I am a master of the obvious…

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      10/6 through 11/3. That’s 5 games that the Gators could lose. I include Vandy at Vandy. Vandy almost got ’em last season at the Swamp. If they start losing every week I wonder how the ESPN nattering nabobs will explain that away.

  6. JCB

    Oh, UGA fans. So much talk before playing either team. You know, two teams that historically kick your ass.

    Both those teams are vastly improved from last year. You had better realize that right now. But hey, I know a you guys prefer a big blind guys’ UGA circle jerk.

    • Merk

      Got tired of reading the Tenn msg boards?…cause a UF fan would still be rolling in the 3-0 + beating Tenn fun. Also Historically must only go back to 1990 as always. Historically UGA has roughly a .500 record against both. Meaning that we win about as much as we lose. I guess in Tenn that means we always lose.

    • Hackerdog

      UT improved on 5-7? And UF improved on 7-6? I’m quaking in my boots.

      By the history that you’re speaking of, are you including last year? Just curious.😉

    • McTyre

      “Historically” may not mean what you think it does regarding UGA vs USCJr in football. UGA 7-3 over last 10 years and 46-16-2 all-time. Perhaps you’re taking instead about another sport like baseball.




      Columbia, SC






      Athens, GA






      Columbia, SC






      Athens, GA






      Columbia, SC






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      Athens, GA


    • KornDawg

      Historically? How far back can we go? Since 2000 UGA is 8-4 vs Tenn, overall 18-21-2. Against Florida, sure, the last 20 years have sucked, but why stop at 20? Florida would still have to win 7 straight to even the overall series against UGA. Wouldn’t call that historical ass whippings.

    • Both those teams are vastly improved from last year.

      We’ll skip over the “vastly” part for a sec… I’ve already said UF looks improved. Feel like explaining to the great unwashed how the Vols are improved?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR is 7-4 against UT. “Historically” the record doesn’t back up what you said.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Better a circle jerk than doing it by yourself.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Are you going to bring back some players from the forties or something? Because recent history suggests you get your ass kicked a lot…we’re pretty good-natured around here – the Senator has a lot of opposing fans and pundits who drop by regularly and we enjoy the heck out of them.

      You’re the one going out of his way to find an opposing message board to type smack – you can’t have it both ways, but of course you won’t see that.

      • charlottedawg

        keep in mind this is a person who 1)won’t even state what team he or she roots for and 2)has enough free time to troll a message board for a team he/ she obviously hates. Oh and his/ her arguments are always factually incorrect.

  7. McTyre

    Oh, UT? Admittedly, 18-21-2 overall is a losing record. However, neither that nor UGA’s 6-4 record in the last ten versus the Vols constitutes “historical kicking of a$$.” Regardless, you must prefer the UGA circle jerk over your own otherwise you wouldn’t be over here obsessing about what UGA fans think.

  8. Cojones

    Right, Senator, FU has improved, but not enough to make the diff when their O is vs our D. Same for our D vs their O, except that the improvement in their QB is greater than their D improvement. We can beat them.

    We can beat Tenn and SC as well. Yeah, they both will play their best game against us, but I have faith that we will return the compliment by playing our best game vs them. This UGA team is not going to sit in the shade and watch others pass them as in the past. These guys will make us proud, win or lose.

    And I’m not looking past this Grantham-Vandy weekend. There’s bad blood in the water, the same as last year after 2010 Auburn. I expect the O to help the D extract revenge bigtime.

  9. Cojones

    Now that the shine can’t be put back on Bartlett, I expect Aaron and Jarvis to get their share of love nationally.

    • Cojones

      Eh. “Barkley”. Wasn’t going to change it after realizing because it sounds as if he is being diminished by misspelling his name. Please accept it as another name for Barksalot…. I meant, Babaloo.

      • The Lone Stranger

        AM ought to start getting some pub, especially after he tattoos Vanderbilt with some of those seeing-eye darts he is slingin’. The line is UGa -16 and, by God, I’m wagering the Back 40 on a number like that! But, truly, the Media needs a golden boy QB to ride in now with Barkley’s unmasking and I think Murray is the Dawg for the job.

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    I was more reassured by the petulant Tyler Bray having a lousy second half than I am worried that Driskel is growing into his role for the Gators. Ah, young Bray – in the 4th quarter with his hands on his hips, pouting toward the sideline looking like a pissy Mick Jagger finding out the ice in the dressing room was cubed, not shaved. Must have reminded his mom of his meltdown in the Chuck E. Cheese when he was eleven. If I had to root for that kid I’d seriously find another team, regardless of where I went to school. I actually feel a little bad for SOD and all coaches whose careers rely on these self-absorbed prima donnas.

    This year, if I had to choose, I’d rather beat TN than Florida…I actually think Florida is classier…(btw, my fingers froze up, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I started speaking in strange, ancient languages as I typed that). But I think Rambo, Smith, Williams, Mitchell, et al will TCB w/ the Tennessee WR’s. And Ogletree will handle that TE. In fact, I think after the TN game there will be a good chance you see Mitchell more on offense.

    If the Dawgs show up for the Florida game, I am certain our defense will hold them to much less than 37, and equally certain our offense can hang more than 20 on them.

    The only way we lose the Florida game or the Tennessee game this year is to beat ourselves. But The Mystery of Inscrutable Dawg Acts is partly why we all stick around…

  11. Macallanlover

    TN had zero yards of offense in the 4th Qtr, nada. At home. With all the Hillbillies packed in, sitting on their sisters/wives’ substantial laps. With their all world QB. With their two all world receivers. With all the relevancy talk on the radios and TVs. With Gameday there proving they were back. With their bragging on other message boards. Zero. Nada.

    (Golf Clap from hign in the quickly deserted stadium)

    14 years from a title and counting. Tick, tick, tick…

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “oh how the mighty gave fallen”

      SEC record 2010-current
      Vanderbilt: 3-14
      Kentucky: 4-12
      Tennessee: 4-13

    • JCB

      Because there ain’t no hillbillies in GA! And because south GA is so much better than the hills! Just hysterical.

      To each one of you, in your lifetime, you’ve almost certainly seen more Ls than Ws against both teams.

      Thanks for playing.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Play with this, dick. UT has played 3 teams so far this season. The first 2 were a second division AAC team and a Sunbelt team. UT won the first 2. When it started playing real teams, the Vols lost to the first one they played. Good luck with the Akron Zips next week. That’ll be the last game the Vols win for the next 6 weeks. Get used to disappointment.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      This JCB character is a real piece of work. Bless his heart.

  12. Aligator

    Here is the deal…. The Gators have beaten three 8-4/7-5 teams and now the world wants to drink the Kool-Aid. We, the Gators, will lose to LSU, SC, GA and FSU. However we will put up a fight when we play these teams. Yes we are better, yes things are coming together, but we are no top ten team and will not be for another year or so. You should see some of the responses on the Gator blogs I have gotten. Crazy.

    • Cojones

      I hear some sensimillia clears minds, but I forgot where I heard it. That is a reality observation followed with a reality statement about the competition. I have already noted that the competitiveness of those teams will require an all-out effort when we play Vandy, SC and FU. And more than one can go another direction with a lucky break. Later, our official in-house worrier, a munsonesque memory sustainer, will warm up to those words-if he already isn’t doing so.

      With no further ado, here’s Scorpio, C3’s alter ego.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    Please explain to me why the hell we are talking about Florida and Tennessee? I thought we had other business.

    • Sorry. I thought this was a college football blog.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Of course, let me re-phrase: Why are we talking about Tennessee and Florida and engaging in idle speculation about either of them vis a vis Georgia when we have work to do before we settle either of those questions.

        Oh….maybe the answer is the same.

        • Macallanlover

          SJ3, aren’t you already through worrying about Mandy? A few hours is more than enough time for them, get to panicing on TN. It is desperation time for those who had so recently become ranked and believed they were going to the dance again. After all the air started going out of their balloon they are going to bring their best shot into Sanford. Get to it Lad, CTG will handle the annual mandy annoyance.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        According to some it is a Georgia football blog only and any deviation from that in any way is a death penalty offense.

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    Timing, Cojo, is everything.

  15. Mike

    IMO, Muschamp and Driskel are both growing up a bit.

    Muschamp is managing games better than he did last year, managing his emotions better than he did last year and making terrific half time adjustments. For the second week in a row, we saw both a Gator offense and Gator defense that looked much better in the second half than in the first. Now if we can only get him to let Pease call all 3rd and 3 or less plays.

    Driskel is growing into a SEC QB. He is learning with each game. I look for big things from him in his career. He seems to manage his emotions well, he is beginning to find his second and third receiver, even under duress, he throws a great, fast, tight spiral, he has a great set of wheels and he is courageous in the pocket. Hopefully Driskel still has a lot of upside.

    It is too early for Florida fans to declare “We back baby,we back” with this version of the Mighty Gators. But last year’s team would have been 1-2 in these games. If you recall, Florida had 4 very winnable games last year and lost all four.

    At least Gator fans can look forward to the rest of the season. As can UGA fans. As can USCe fans.One thing I like is that my team has only one more true road SEC opponent, and that is Vandy. We get LSU at home, the ole ball coach at home, UGA in our second home and the new Tigers at home. There is a lot to love with the rest of that schedule.

    This could be a WLOCP for the ages, if both teams continue improving.

    • Biggest change I see for you guys right now is turnover margin. UF finished -12 last year. Through 3 games, the Gators are +1 in that department.

      • Mike

        Yep. But that has to more to do with the offense not turning it over. The defense only has 3 TO and the offense has none.

        I guess we are regressing (or in this case progressing?) back to the mean?