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SEC on CBS: 9/29

Georgia-Tennessee gets the coveted 3:30 slot.

Hopefully Jarvis gets an opportunity to strut his stuff on national telly.


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Mike Slive claims his second scalp.

And unlike the first time, there’s no doubt South Carolina’s D.J. Swearinger earned his suspension for this hit.

Oh, and this is nice:

According to Josh Kendall of The State, Swearinger had posted a video clip of the hit on his Twitter feed a half hour before the SEC announced its decision.  The video has subsequently been removed from the player’s Twitter feed…

Stay classy, ‘Cocks.



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Today, in “I Blame Bobo”…

Outside of that last throw, Aaron Murray’s performance against FAU was pretty remarkable.

Murray had his way with the Florida Atlantic defense during the Bulldogs’ 56-20 win. Murray went 14-of-19 for a career-high 342 yards and two touchdowns. His 18 yards per attempt was the highest average for any FBS player with at least 15 attempts since former Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour averaged 18.4 against Buffalo on Nov. 24, 2006.  [Emphasis added.]

So, in response to “yeah, but it was against FAU”, tell me this:  how many really good offenses do you figure have faced off against really crappy defenses since November of 2006?  And yet there sits Murray’s night.


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Let’s get ready to r-r-r-r-rumble!

Just curious:  what to you figure the over/under is on the number of times Richt, Grantham and Franklin and their players get asked about the motivation factor from last year’s pissing match?

Bonus question:  is that number lower or higher than the number of points Vanderbilt scores Saturday night?


UPDATE:  There are motivational stones (h/t Charles Grant, forever) dropping all over the place.

But Jenkins heard about Franklin’s signing-day comments that players who decommit after accepting scholarship offers are not “men of honor” or “men of integrity” — uttered shortly after Jenkins’ signing classmate, Josh Dawson, flipped his commitment from Vandy to Georgia — and he knows how the overall succession of events has added intensity to a previously tame division rivalry.

“This might be the game of the year,” Jenkins said after making his first career start in the Bulldogs’ 56-20 rout of Florida Atlantic. “With past reputations and stuff that transpired last year, I’m definitely expecting a four-quarter game. Vandy never gives up. They fight to the death and that’s one of the games I couldn’t wait to play.”

Asked if there is an unusual buzz around the locker room about facing Vanderbilt, Dawson said that is the case for some players.

“Between a couple of us there is — me and Josh Dawson,” Jenkins said with a grin. “He committed there and I said, ‘You’d better turn up because they’re going to be after you.’ I’m just ready for that game and ready for the team to get past that landmark.”


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Fabris Invitational results and standings, Week 3

Five of you finished 8-2, but luke2 claims ultimate victory for the week on the tie breaker.

Standings for Week 3
Rank Selection Adj
W-L Pts Tie
1 luke2’s picks 8-2 8 27-24 (*)
1 UGA-DAWG-in-TN’s picks 8-2 8 24-21
1 4boysbrew’s picks 8-2 8 24-17
1 Hogbody’s Crystal Ball Sez 8-2 8 21-17
1 Dorsey Hill’s picks 8-2 8 20-14

The overall standings leader board looks like this now:

Overall Standings Through Week 3
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
1 SilverBritches’s picks 19-11 19 (*)
1 Ross Oglesby 19-11 19
1 wncdawg’s picks 19-11 19
4 Gadgetdawg’s picks 18-12 18
4 rosey1’s picks 18-12 18
4 4boysbrew’s picks 18-12 18
4 carchasingdawg’s picks 18-12 18
4 Rhino1’s picks 18-12 18
4 reipar’s picks 18-12 18
4 DA_man’s picks 18-12 18
4 CallingtheDawgs’s picks 18-12 18
4 DawgRocker hates the spread 18-12 18

I finished 6-4, so the rest of you losers can suck my exhaust.  Seriously, I’ll be back with you guys next week.

Picks for this week should open up around noon.


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My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 3

My impression of the conference after last week’s games is that things are becoming surprisingly stratified. Which is another way of saying that the West isn’t as strong as many thought it would be.  The top is quality, but there are more lousy teams in the conference than we’ve seen in a while.

  1. Alabama.  Even as 52-point wins go, that was lopsided.
  2. LSU.  Can you say rematch?  I thought you could.
  3. Georgia.  A disinterested defense, no Jarvis Jones and the Dawgs still win by more than five touchdowns.
  4. South Carolina.  Arkansas is a shell of its former self and the ‘Cocks have a fledgling quarterback controversy.  It’s been a good week for the OBC.
  5. Florida.  The Gators look like they’re improving week to week, but are they improving fast enough to win the East?
  6. Mississippi State.  They haven’t lost yet, but giving up 572 yards to Troy suggests that’s coming soon for the Bulldogs.
  7. Missouri.  Beat Arizona State, but did so without a starting quarterback who had his manhood questioned by his head coach.  That doesn’t sound like a formula for long-term success.
  8. Texas A&M.  Destroyed SMU.  That’s nice.  It’s also more than you can say for most of the teams below the Aggies on my ballot.
  9. Tennessee.  Got pantsed by Florida.  (Man, I’ve been waiting to use that line.)
  10. Auburn.  With the win, the Tigers move into a first place tie in the Sun Belt.
  11. Vanderbilt.  Anchor Down, baby!  Hey, look what Georgia Tech did after crushing the Blue Hose.
  12. Ole Miss.  The Black Rebel Bears are kinda fun to watch on offense, but overall, they are woefully short on the personnel front.
  13. Kentucky.  Hey, at least the ‘Cats have beaten a D-1 team.  Which is more than you can say for…
  14. Arkansas.  An absolute, total dumpster fire.  But at least John L. has the money to pay his bankruptcy attorneys.


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