Let’s get ready to r-r-r-r-rumble!

Just curious:  what to you figure the over/under is on the number of times Richt, Grantham and Franklin and their players get asked about the motivation factor from last year’s pissing match?

Bonus question:  is that number lower or higher than the number of points Vanderbilt scores Saturday night?


UPDATE:  There are motivational stones (h/t Charles Grant, forever) dropping all over the place.

But Jenkins heard about Franklin’s signing-day comments that players who decommit after accepting scholarship offers are not “men of honor” or “men of integrity” — uttered shortly after Jenkins’ signing classmate, Josh Dawson, flipped his commitment from Vandy to Georgia — and he knows how the overall succession of events has added intensity to a previously tame division rivalry.

“This might be the game of the year,” Jenkins said after making his first career start in the Bulldogs’ 56-20 rout of Florida Atlantic. “With past reputations and stuff that transpired last year, I’m definitely expecting a four-quarter game. Vandy never gives up. They fight to the death and that’s one of the games I couldn’t wait to play.”

Asked if there is an unusual buzz around the locker room about facing Vanderbilt, Dawson said that is the case for some players.

“Between a couple of us there is — me and Josh Dawson,” Jenkins said with a grin. “He committed there and I said, ‘You’d better turn up because they’re going to be after you.’ I’m just ready for that game and ready for the team to get past that landmark.”



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64 responses to “Let’s get ready to r-r-r-r-rumble!

  1. That number would be the same as Vandy scores on Saturday Night.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Good lord, if the question total is less than Vandy scores we’re in deep kimchee. The question total’s gotta be in the dozens, maybe hundreds.


  3. rugbydawg79

    I’d say the question total is already past 14 with all week to go-Lets hope question far outscores points


  4. FCDore

    I come in peace. Georgia was very impressive in working through the emotions of the game at Missouri, and while I believe Donovan and Shoop (our coordinators for those who believe CJF has no assistants) do a great job with some decent talent at the skill positions (Matthews, Stacy, the freshman Kimbrow), I think it’s just as simple as this: we’re going to have trouble controlling the line of scrimmage against you guys, and that ain’t a good thing if you’re wearing black and gold. Our days of getting blown out by teams not named Alabama may be over, but given that we don’t even know if the starting QB will be Aaron Rodgers’ little brother or the former WAC freshman of the year, it’s tough to feel confident without a barrage of UGA penalties and turnovers.


  5. mg4life0331

    When are they going to start asking the Vandy coaches and players? All Ive seen thus far is UGA personnel.


  6. fuelk2

    I feel the same way about this game as I do about Tech. We should beat them and beat them pretty bad. But I’d take any sort of win that doesn’t result in an injury to one of our guys that results from their cheap shots.

    I see three games this year (this one, GA Southern, and Tech) where we’re at high risk for injury based on the playing style of the other team.


    • Cheap shots my a__. Have some respect for Tech,Vandy and Ga. Southern. Those guys play smart football. They just don’t have the talent we do.


      • Brian

        Go back and look at the shot that knocked Tyson out of the Tech game last year or the numerous complaints of chop blocks by ACC coaches.


      • Joe Schmoe

        Chop blocks aside, there was the blatant cheap shot that the Vandy player took on one of the UGA D-Lineman (Tyson i think) where he dove into the backs of his knees as he was chasing a play to the sideline. The refs didn’t call the Vandy player but penalized Tyson when he responded by taking a swing at the Vandy player (again my recollection may not be 100% accurate).


  7. MUDawgfan

    Seriously – I just want to know if this is the game when Rambo and Tree’ are back and playing.


  8. IndyDawg

    I think the bigger question is how many yellow flags hit the turf? I believe the refs are gonna be trigger happy. The object of fan fury will quickly shift from Vandy and Franklin if Wagers or Curles is assigned to “control” this game.


  9. Beer Money

    All I know is that I am taking no prisoners on Saturday. Franklin better be careful about all of his “bravado” and chest-beating. Vanderbilt has thrived in their moderate success on sneaking up on an opponent and taking advantage of turnovers, keeping it close and hoping for the best while the more talented teams of the SEC yawn their way through homecoming. UGA has certainly had some close calls with Vandy over the years as well as three of the most horrific performances in the last 25 years of UGA football (’91, ’94, and ’06–only Kentucky ’09 or Colorado ’10 being equal or worse). Vanderbilt better watch out now that they are the hunted instead of laying in the weeds.


  10. Spike

    Coach Franklin… A man has to know his limitations….


  11. Cojones

    Wait…wait a minute. The R-R-R-Rumble is supposed to be on the West side. This is the East side. Aren’t we supposed to R-R-R-Rassle?


  12. Spike

    Athens Homer Dawg.. A tip of the hat from Spike..


  13. Macallanlover

    I think Franklin is a scumbag but if his lack of control last year helps fire us up, I am all for it because I only think about them once a year and I want our guys focused and not getting hurt. I think Stacy is a good, and dangerous, RB but I think our defense against the run will contain him well enough. I always worry about the pass and any mobile QB, especially with Ogletree out. The way we contained Franklin at Mizzou gives me some confidence that we will keep Vandy in check.

    They played SC pretty tight in the opener so it will be interesting to see how our offense does against their D. Good time for a checkup on our OL. SC was one dimensional against Vandy, can’t see them containing all the different options they will throw at us. I think we win by 17-30.


  14. The Lone Stranger

    For any of you riverboat gamblers out there, the game opened at -16 and has since dipped to 13′ at some outlets. I don’t generally put much stock in the gambling Public having accurate meritable insight into much of anything Big Picture, so this is looking practically delectable.

    The Fightin’ Franklins may not cross midfield after halftime. Plus, I sense that the VU secondary can be abused.

    Only mitigating factor to this exuberance is the QB Carta-Samuels. He may be a better all-around quarterback than Rodgers. Sometimes I follow Wyoming when things get slow and during his two years there he proved a tricky rushing threat to go with 60% accuracy.


    • Macallanlover

      Let it keep going in that direction and it might get too tasty to resist. One that has already lured me in is Buffalo minus 3 at home Wednesday night against the Golden Flashe(r)s of Kent State. Anyone who can get trounced by Kentucky this year has to be awful. Taking the home team for a nice start to the week.