Today, in “I Blame Bobo”…

Outside of that last throw, Aaron Murray’s performance against FAU was pretty remarkable.

Murray had his way with the Florida Atlantic defense during the Bulldogs’ 56-20 win. Murray went 14-of-19 for a career-high 342 yards and two touchdowns. His 18 yards per attempt was the highest average for any FBS player with at least 15 attempts since former Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour averaged 18.4 against Buffalo on Nov. 24, 2006.  [Emphasis added.]

So, in response to “yeah, but it was against FAU”, tell me this:  how many really good offenses do you figure have faced off against really crappy defenses since November of 2006?  And yet there sits Murray’s night.


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  1. OKDawg

    Yeah, but he’s no Mettenberger or Mason.

  2. Jrod1229

    As my roommate pointed out to me while we were watching the game.. he was just trying to get his boy a TD. He was locked into throwing him the ball to Merritt the whole time. It’s kinda like being up 30 in basketball and trying to get everyone to score.

    But obviously.. that’s Bobo’s fault.

  3. stoopnagle

    …and it still wasn’t his highest ever QB rating.

  4. NateG

    Man, I just wish Georgia had one of those high powered offenses like Tennessee or Arkansas…

  5. Brandon

    There are angry comments and snips made in Bobo’s direction throughout the first half game thread on dawgsports proving the old adage that you can’t convince someone who already made up his mind.

    • Debby Balcer

      +1. I get the feeling there are so people claiming to be dans rooting for us to lose so they can blame Bonk and Richt. I still haven’t heard one of them name a better replacement candidate.

      • Debby Balcer

        * DAWGS not dans

        • JG Shellnutt

          I was with you. I have several friends named Dan who are dawg fans but want us to lose every week, so it made perfect sense to me without the correction. I just thought my buddies had gotten to be really well known.

      • adam

        The offense had a great day. Bobo had a great day. Murray had a great day (with one blemish). I don’t think that people are arguing against those points. It was impressive.

        Oh, and as part of the generally anti-Bobo crowd, I have indeed suggested replacements before. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize a good game. There were still dumb, frustrating moments. In the context of a game, those happen. People can criticize. The standard for some folks is perfection. So, it just depends on your perspective, really.

        But yeah, the offense had a really good day.

        • Cojones

          Yeah, Adam, you’re really one of the perfectionists allright. You still didn’t name a replacement that Debby brought up. Yep, you da guy for sure.

          • adam

            I actually have named replacements before…

            These were the ones I’ve brought up in this discussion before when someone asked me who I thought could possibly do a better job:

            Bruce Arians (OC for the Steelers at the time).
            Josh Heupel (QB Coach/Co-OC and play-caller for Oklahoma).
            Todd Monkey (OC for Oklahoma State).
            Tom Clements (OC for the Green Bay Packers. He was the QB coach, not the OC when I suggested him).
            Joe Lombardi (QB Coach for the Saints with an impressive pedigree).

            Those were the ones I mentioned. I didn’t come here to trash Bobo. I’m just saying that alternatives have been suggested before.

            And I don’t expect perfection out of the offense. I think that that’s unreasonable. That’s why I said that the standard for “some people” is perfection. As in… the people who were somehow unhappy with the offense after this past Saturday. I’m not one of those people. My only real complaint was that Murray never should’ve thrown that pick. And I was a little disappointed in LeMay’s play. But that’s only because I was hoping he’d be farther along. He’s still not ready to be #2, sadly.

            We’re not always so far apart, you and I. I was plenty happy with the offense this past weekend. Bobo did a great job and so did all of our starters. I think that’s really awesome and exciting. Take a deep breath.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              “I didn’t come here to trash Bobo. I’m just saying that alternatives have been suggested before.”

              So, let me get this straight, you make suggestions as to replacements but you are not trashing Bobo….I suspect you should stop listening to ESPN.

              In fact, here’s a short list of posters I’d rather read than you, but I am not trashing you….just keep that in mind.

              1. Anybody.

              • adam

                I was responding to this:

                “I still haven’t heard one of them name a better replacement candidate.”

                But I still think that Bobo did a good job this week. So, I’m not trying to bash him or replace him right now. Just saying that the claim that no one has ever been able to suggest someone who might be better was untrue. Doesn’t mean I’m calling for his job or anything.

                I’m totally ok with Bobo continuing to improve. Hell, the best case scenario is that Bobo somehow realizes his potential as an OC and starts kicking all kinds of ass – even against the big boys. I don’t have anything against him personally. So far he’s done a really good job this year. I’m worried that the offense may still pull a disappearing act for an entire quarter or half against a big opponent. The 4 turnovers were a little weird against FAU, but 2 of them came from LeMay. So I’m not too terribly worried about those right now. I’m comfortable admitting that Bobo is doing a good job so far this year. I’m not sure if you read the posts to which I was responding, but if you did it may make more sense to you why I responded the way I did. I’m excited about the potential of the offense this year and I’ve really enjoyed seeing Bobo call some smart plays and do some new, smart things (the toss he took from LSU, the pistol, faster no-huddle,etc). Those are all good things. There’s nothing I want more than to not have a single suggestion of someone who could be better, honestly.

              • Cojones

                Scorp, you missed the irony in his words. Three of the five he thinks are better than Bobo coach in the Pros. That’s pretty good praise from where I sit. The other two are the only ones in Div1-A ball (out of 120) who he thinks are better. That makes Bobo the 3rd best OC in CFB and right behind 3 Pro OCs. Wittingly or un, he has praised Bobo on high. I disagree on the CFB choices, but who am I to gloat over a turnaround for Bobo?

                So, Adam, I expect you will be here to sing his praises on Fri , before the game. Good go! Now we all are hunkering down together like good Dawgs, never to be parted again. And that’s only with all of Bobo’s players together for only a couple of downs. God, what’s gonna happen when Mitchell plays more than a couple of downs for his O?

                Adam, better stop that praise or someone is going to hire Bobo right out from under us just on your sayso.

                • adam

                  I have honestly been praising him as well…

                  No snark necessary. You asked for my old list, and I provided it. I didn’t realize it was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kinda deal.

                • Scorpio Jones, III

                  People who judge the work of folks working in fields where the judger lacks a certain savoir faire give me indigestion. If irony was missed was it adam’s or mine? A list of better OC’s? Is this something Brent Musburger told him?

      • Debby, this is sort of a non-starter because, as has been (accurately, I think) stated here many times, Mike Bobo isn’t getting fired unless Mark Richt gets fired. Bobo might leave for another job, but the offense is Richt’s and Bobo runs it the way Richt wants it run. There will be no change at OC without a change at HC.

    • gastr1

      Not only that, Brandon, but when we score a lot and the offense clicks it is because the players executed in spite of the coaches; when things go poorly it’s the coaches’ fault, not the players.’

      We need a name for this law. Butthead’s Razor, or something like that.

  6. BeardDawg

    Mark Richt has lost control of me blaming Bobo.

  7. DawgFaithful

    I love Bobo and A Murray. Great coach and great QB. You see that TD run outta the Pistol? Woe! Murray’s going to own all the records when he’s done. Both are damn good dawgs. Fuck all the doubters and naysayers. Glory Glory this could be s special year! Go Dawgs!!!

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    How’d he do against Vandy last time?

  9. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious here, but after a lot of thought, I’ve reached the conclusion that AM is at his best when there’s no pressure. Most of us are probably that way. Once UGA opened it up, he relaxed and performed. This is a little bit of a worry to me. I hope the running game is going to be good enough to take that pressure off of him, because when he gets a lead, he’s very good. When the game is tight he’s tight. (Contrast that psyche to the ULM’s QB…just the opposite type of guy). Aaron needs to run the ball a little more early in the game. Getting hits that he controls while running will calm him down.
    I know Bobo has been breathlessy awaiting my input on this…so there you have it, coach.

    • Cojones

      You are encroaching on the Scorp’s worrying territory. Then again he could have cleverly brought you into the worrying crowd. Congratulations! It’s great to have you among us. SJIII will be pleased.

      • I’ve been holding up my end of the worrying duty for a long, long time. I fit into that (larger than most would guess) catagory of “optimistic worrier”.
        Worrying makes me happy…..which makes me miserable….which makes me happy…..which makes me miserable……which mak

    • Macallanlover

      Clearly all QBs are better when they can set their feet and know they will not be touched, nor impeded on their throws. AM has made mistales in this situation, and even in lesser pressure situations, but there is no denyng his raw ability and his determination. The guy is a warrior and I am very happy to see him on the field, I think his biggest mistake is to come out too amped in early stages of big games, not the throws under pressure.

      I commented last week that his poise in the pocket against Mizzou was the best I have ever seen from him when a pocket was collapsing around him. I hope that ends up being the game where he turns the corner and keep his head while setting his feet and delivering the ball. Had it not been for a few drops from Bennett and Brown (who are both solid, clutch receivers virtually all the time) that game would have been over earlier. Everyone comments on the mistakes, and I agree, we need fewer of those, but just watch how many times he is money in clutch situations like 3rd down possession plays, RZ TD passes, and 2 point conversions. Not trying to make him the best QB to play the game but we are damned lucky to have the total package at QB.

      • I agree with that, and I’m very happy with AM as the Dawg play barker.

      • Cojones

        And I won’t forget his pinpoint deliveries in the FU game last year. I forgive him of any mistakes before he takes the field. He is our Moses, leading us through the swamps of cluttered unworthy egos who would see us falter with glee. He beat FU, Tenn, Auburn and Tech in one season and will get the other one in three weeks. But first he has to bathe the unwashed in his passes this Sat in order to give the Great Wrinkled Worrier his Sun rest. May the Heavens keep Moses away from the bullrushes.


        OK, smok’em if you got’em.

    • will

      did you watch the Mizzou game? Every time Mizzou scored, Murray systematically drove us down the field with the short passing game. As a later poster commented his night would have been even more impressive had Marlon and Bennett caught some routine passes.

      Re-watch the game and notice how Murray responds big every time Mizzou starts to ratchet up some pressure on the dawgs.

      I agree Murray seems amped up, and I agree that he would perform better with less pressure and a good running game (who wouldn’t??), but so far during this year he has settled well and put up spectacular numbers.

    • The Bruce

      I believe the announcers for the game Saturday touched on the fact that Murray played some D in his younger days and actually enjoys contact. If i remember correctly, they were saying something about how getting hit early in the game actually helps him get into the flow. So that would corroborate what you’re saying about him running early.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Now I am officially worried people are quoting TV weasels, which, in my experience, is a very bad habit to develop. Worrying is much better.

      • Irwin R Fletcher


        Awesome…just awesome.

        I happen to think Murray is a special player. The fact that he is a junior and that we already have such a wide body of work to draw from is incredible.

        2010 was awful. Just awful…the glove in the Liberty Bowl was the cherry on top. But even in that year, think about the drive Murray led in Columbia in his first SEC game to put us in scoring position when the score was 14-6. He threw a great ball to Durham. Washuan fumbled and we never got a chance to get that close again, but I’ve always hung my hat on that moment. He absolutely rallied the team against Arky and Florida that year.

        i just wonder what his 1st half and 2nd half splits are. That’s what gets me…he seems to come out too amped.

      • Snake Plisskin

        Murray played SS only briefly his sophomore year, tore up his shoulder (labrum), and had to get it repaired…he made an amazing recovery and was ready for 7on7’s that summer…he also tried punting for awhile, however the chance of some knot-head going after his knee, changed the coach’s mind pretty quickly…I’ve watched him play since pee-wee ball and he has always been always excitable, not really amped, but he needs to get into a rhythm…take notice to how well he moves the ball when he’s in the shotgun and picking apart the D, then all of a sudden, bam they get away from it and try to run it up the middle…not too bad this year with #3, 4, and 24 in the backfield, but in the past it was a rally killer…I like the team this year, because they’re playing like a team…no egos, just all pulling to get to Miami

    • Jacksonville is starting to look like the real pressure cooker now, ain’t it?

      (Honestly, how good are aggy and Tennessee? Not sure ’bout aggy, but UT isn’t that great).

  10. AusDawg85

    HA! The record was set against Buffalo…and Bobo/Murray didn’t beat it, even though we played them. Total Failure!!!

    Plus, we scored too fast and kept our D at risk of having to actually play a lot. That’s just a mean and spiteful tactic on Bobo’s part for CTG stealing Mitchell. Need proof? Once Mitchel played on offense, notice how Bobo slowed things down to a crawl.

    I’m sure Grantham’s planning so many 3 and out’s for Vandy, Bobo’s going to have to reach deep into the playbook to find a way to kill time on offense.

    Follow me at: #/deepinsightfulanalysisformorons

  11. FtWorthDawg

    Yeah. And Bobo calling all those running plays to give our freshman 100+ yards a peice probably cost Murray a shot at the Heisman. Way to go Bobo! Man, what a terrible OC. ……..ROTFLMAO

    • AusDawg85

      THIS^^^!! You didn’t see Lane Kiffen calling a draw on 4th and 19. Barkley for Heisman still lives because of that!

      Mark Richt has lost control of our ability to get mad at Bobo…for now.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        No I did not see Lane calling a draw, but I did read about him staggering off the field with a little girl screaming really ugly things at him.

        Cause Stanford kicked his ass.

      • Cojones

        You meant Barfey, didn’t you Aus?

        And that little girl that Muschamp guaranteed a Dawg victory grew up fast after having to move to the west coast..

        • The Lone Stranger

          After all the injections he likely took to get over the thumping he was administered, you could just as easily call him “Barfly” today.

  12. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s easy to talk smack after kicking ass on a lousy team. When CMB starts racking up points against top 20 D’s or teams, then you can brag to your hearts content – and I’ll praise him too when he truly deserves it. But the win/loss record against good teams, particularly in the last few years, isn’t anything to brag about – and a big reason is the O either not showing up or screwing up.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Were the 42 points against South Carolina last year the result of Mike Bobo being an idiot?

    • RocketDawg

      Top 20 defenses are Top 20 defenses for a reason…no one scores or effectively moves the ball against them. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the playcalling but you have to give credit where credit is due. Bobo is doing an outstanding job this year and should be commended for it.

  13. 69Dawg

    Arron still can’t throw a swing pass, just saying.