While you were out watching the games, they were inside preparing to slice the pie.

The wheels of commerce keep turning, people.

BCS commissioners meet as a group for the first time since assembling a playoff beginning Tuesday in Chicago.

On the agenda is how to distribute that financial windfall from a playoff. Two sources have already confirmed to CBSSports.com that conferences involved in the Rose, Champions and Orange bowls will keep all the revenue in years those bowls don’t pass through the national semifinals.  [Emphasis added.]

Sucks for you, mid-majors.

Oh, and speaking of the Orange Bowl, they’re about to lock that sucker up tighter than a drum.

The Atlantic Coast Conference and Orange Bowl are finalizing a deal that would pit the ACC champion against either Notre Dame, an SEC or Big Ten team starting after the 2014 regular season, sources told ESPN.

The ACC champion, or another team from the conference if its champion qualifies for the national semifinals, will play annually in the Orange Bowl. How the ACC’s opponent will be selected from Notre Dame, the SEC or Big Ten is still being determined.

First thought:  my Lord, in just how many high tier bowl games is the SEC gonna place a team?

Second thought:  isn’t it ironic that the new playoff structure is going to be the excuse to direct even more football revenue to the power conferences?

Third thought:  scratch “ironic” and substitute “inevitable” in second thought.


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14 responses to “While you were out watching the games, they were inside preparing to slice the pie.

  1. Brandon

    College football as we know it is over. Wait until the bitching starts when the media feels some team should have been in the top 4 but wasn’t (which will be the first time 4 teams are assembled for a play off. Then it will go to 8, 16, 32, 64, its inevitable, like the collapse of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. There ain’t no going back.


  2. Cojones

    I think we will go to 8 and we’ll leave it at that.


  3. DawgPhan

    just interested to see exactly how much more money the playoff is going to bring to each team in the SEC…1mm? maybe 2mm..I guess a 5-10% raise aint bad these days, but was it worth selling our souls?


  4. Gravidy

    So…Notre Dame is about to strike deal where they get to play in the Orange Bowl against the ACC champion – you know, the conference they “joined” with a wink and an elbow nudge. When news of ND joining the ACC broke the other day, I said I thought they were making out like gangbusters while the ACC is being used and abused. This is more evidence that I was right.


    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s as pitiful as it is self-serving vis-avis Notre Dame! I thought it difficult to muster the fire to pull harder against those guys, but there you have it. And yet, Catholicism continues to wane throughout the Land. It makes one consider that the whole cloak of religious purity was a mighty ruse (No —really!!)


  5. Paul Webber

    We should just back to old bowl system. I hate the idea of a playoff because it takes away from the regular season. Also, who cares if a mid major does not get in or equal access to revenue. They are not as exciting to watch as the big boys. (well besides UL-Monroe.)


  6. That’s sort of a bummer. While I’m not ignorant of the motivations of leagues or bowls, I do wish that the slots in these games weren’t dedicated to specific leagues. I would keep the BCS as it is if it only required the top teams meet the top teams instead of giving bowls leeway to select whomever they want (i.e., 1 v 2 in BCS, 3 v 4 in Orange, etc).

    I know that’s terribly silly and blue-eyed of me, but it would be nice to have the top ranked teams facing off in the best match-ups possible. Oh well.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Thinking about money during football season is like drinking in church.


  8. Tom

    Playoffs are pure evil. The BCS (which contains a playoff) is as pure as new fallen snow. That is all.