Why we can’t have nice things.

I swear, for all the days that I’ve complained that Mark Richt burned through the good will he banked from the fan base, there are times when I wonder if he couldn’t do a lot better than us.  Like, say, when I read this:

A caller to Richt’s radio show on Monday night wanted Barber to wear something other than orange shoes.

“They’re not orange,” Barber said of the Nike Vapor shoes. “On the Internet, they were like solar red. They do look more pink than anything, but I love the cleat. It fits great and is really lightweight.”

Barber said his teammates haven’t said a word about them.

Richt called the color “Georgia peach.”

No word on whether Richt muttered “are you effing kidding me?” under his breath upon hearing the complaint.


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28 responses to “Why we can’t have nice things.

  1. heyberto

    Urnge makes UGA fans do and say some crazy shit.


  2. BeardDawg

    He must be a closet gator then. Just like Boom. He’s gotta be a plant, and at the opportune time, will turn around and kick the ball backwards, thus giving the gators a score in Jacksonville. The shoe says it all. It’s so obvious. Right? Right? Hello?


  3. Really, Really…this is what we are talking about on Game Day Eve? Give me some smack talk on, Auburn, Nick Satan, The Evil Genius , and the gators.


  4. timphd

    This is why I don’t listen to sports call in shows. Dumbest of the dumb with a phone in hand.


  5. Now that I have GTP, it is not necessary to listen to that crap. Thank you Senator!


  6. Nate Dawg

    Nits to be picked, Senator…


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Since we are all concerned about a technical issue on special teams, Senator, sorry to bother you but how does Vandy’s long snappah compare to FAU’s? My hat choice could be impacted by this information.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Toss on your doughboy special or something like D-Day wore in “The Movie!” ’cause this one’s going to get ugly right from Snap #1.


  8. Bobby Fenton

    Players should be free to wear whatever style of cleat they feel helps them best perform, but they should all be the same color. It’s ridiculous when these guys all come out in different colors from each other, especially when so many of them are not team colors and are just loud and designed to attract attention.

    Wear whatever style you want, but every Georgia players should have black cleats on.


  9. IndyDawg

    I blame Bobo! Mark Richt has lost control of footwear fashion! Barber is channeling the ghost of Fabris!

    Admittedly, as a red & black bleedin’ Dawg fan I have visceral disdain for the color orange. I don’t own a scrap of cloth in that color. But to call Richt’s radio show complaining about shoes? Sounds like an early indicator the die-hard Eeyore fans are thrashing about for a new meme.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    What color shoes did Spike Jones wear?


    • Gravidy

      I don’t know what color they were, but I’ll bet they were wingtips.


    • Cojones

      Scorp, the day he kicked the 80 yarder, shoe color never came up. It was a kick of soaring beauty after it caught the side of his shoe just right to become a spiral. There was humor involved when the punt receiver began back-pedaling and then turned for a full out run while the ball still soared 10 yards over his head. The goatskins came from underneath the armpits of the Law crowd I watched with that day, like secreted flasks of water by 3-day desert wanderers.

      Celebration of a punt is an inspiring fan ritual to watch. From what I can remember.


  11. Silver Creek Dawg

    Imagine if that caller had realized that Barber ain’t even wearing football cleats. They’re soccer boots. He’d have gone apoplectic.


  12. Cojones

    Gotta get a few chicken ready for the game. I dress’um up in little hula skirts of gold and black tinsel and make bets on which one the hawk will get. When they get into a spread formation, the WRs get lost to one side of the lawn and become targets. They are something else to watch when that first alarm squawk sounds and most don’t know where the hawk is. Their beady little heads with big ole eyes stretch up on that neck before their circle patterns start. When they finally see the hawk, he’s close and then they hit the panic button. That’s when the tinsel skirts start flying (literally) and The Pandemonium Play begins. The flashy skirts confuse the hawk only momentarily and he goes after one of the straggling wide receivers. I generally turn my head when the feathers fly and and the hawk’s talons sink in before he pecks’em in the head and they stop struggling.

    I’ve named the hawk “Jarvis”.